Tuesday 6.18.13


True…Very, Very True.

Freddy Krueger
Kettlebell Swing (70,53)

Enjoy. I mean, Post Score to Comments.

All I heard was the fans of CFNE. All I saw was RED.

All I heard were the cheers from CFNE. All I saw was RED.

A Message from MDV…

Have I not walked without an upward look
Of caution under the stars that very well
Might have missed me when they shot & fell?
It was a risk I had to take – and took.

These thirty-five words of Robert Frost intrigue me. I read Frost’s Bravado as a cautionary tale about living life too carefully, too conservatively.  Without walking with your eyes gazed toward the cosmos, you will never see the shooting stars. It moves me.

On July 1st, I will join the training staff at CrossFit ReebokONE.  This is an unrivaled opportunity to grow as a professional and an athlete in the world of CrossFit. I did not take the decision to leave CrossFit New England lightly; however, this is a risk I had to take – and took.

I am extremely grateful for my time at CrossFit New England. For the past two years, I’ve lived and worked in a compassionate, supportive, and fun environment.  It was truly a privilege to work within the walls of 15 Tech Circle.  I’ve visited affiliates across the country and one thing is certain – CFNE is different.  There’s a feeling of belonging, comfort within our walls.  Our gym is filled with individuals that genuinely care about one another. In any capacity, that brand of compassion is rare.

Perhaps the greatest gift bestowed upon me by CFNE is the relationships I’ve formed with so many of my fellow New Englanders.  I cannot thank you enough for the joy you’ve given me. I am truly blessed to know each one of you.

To the members of CFNE… Thank you for your love and friendship. It was an honor and privilege to coach you. I can say without hesitation that I learned as much or more from you.  So, thank you for coaching me as well. I will miss everyone so much.

To Ben & Heather…. Thank you for setting a stellar example as parents, partners, and leaders.  You are my friends, mentors, and family, and you graciously shared your lives and your home with me.  Thank you for the awesomeness that is Maya, Jonah, and Bode.  And, of course, thank you for sharing this amazing community with all of us.

To my fellow coaches… Thank you for your constant support and pushes toward excellence. We have an unbelievable bond. You are my best friends, and I’ve learned so much about coaching and life from all of you. Thank you for all your support and guidance.

To the Turkey… Just kidding! I ate him. He was delicious.

Thank you for it all.

<3 MDV



  1. Alison

    Congratulations, MDV; you’re following your own excellent advice in finding your “escape” and changing it up. Reebok One is lucky to have you on their team, you are an amazing coach.

    Thank you for all you’ve done for me over the past couple of years; you’re always ready with the perfect cue and tip. I’ve learned so much from you from proper poster chain engagement to outrunning the pain in a WOD to double under technique (finally!!).

    It’s been great to watch your evolution as a coach. Your WOD management at the AM Mayhem was stellar; you made orchestrating 33+ athletes in WODs that included multiple elements look easy. You inspired, cajoled and coached us well with your dry, and often dirty, sense of humor.

    Best wishes – I look forward to seeing you around (although I’m confident that it won’t be at 5:30 am.).

    • This is my *escape. You are 100% right. Alison, you’re one of the originals. You were and are a pleasure to coach.

      ANDDDD I was taking my humor cues from you and Ronda. You guys set the tone 😉

  2. Hey everyone! I came over from competitorswod. I did this today. It was my first wod in a couple of months. WOOF!

    9:00 RX

    I love kbs and burpees
    they were hating eachother

  3. Krystle

    Em Dee Vee I’ll miss your great taste in music, but I definitely won’t miss your signing. Only maybe a little! Your classes have been some of my favorites at CFNE, you have a way about you where you can say one simple thing that makes my next attempt at a movement improve, “feel right,” or say gets me a muscle up! Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

    • MY SINGING! Hey. what the heck.

      I love the way you spelt out MDV. Stealing that, pint sized badass. Watching you crush Gwen and get your muscle up on your first attempt….so freaking cool.

  4. Rebecca

    MDV – Congratulations on beginning a new and exciting chapter. You will certainly be missed at CFNE. You are an amazing coach and all the new people whose lives you will touch just don’t know how very lucky they are yet. Best of luck to you.

    • Remember when we had our moment at Morse! hahah you and Justin are awesome. In my brief stint at the 530/630p very very early on it was so cool to coach you and see you evolve, challenge yourself, and conquer.

  5. MDV- best to you! And thanks for all the coaching and leadership.

    Hotel WOD 21-15-9
    50 lb DB swing- Burpees . Not sure of time, just went as fast as I could.

  6. Eugene

    As someone who has also recently left to do something new, exciting and slightly scary, congrats on the move. I know you will kill it there. Frankly, I have so much confidence in you as a person that I know you will kill it anywhere you go. The Reebok guys are lucky to have you.

    Thanks for all the help over the years…I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me improve all the way around (even though I still starfish on cleans, and I know it drive you crazy, at least the starfishes happen at more weight than they used to!). The 5:30 am will miss you (yes everyone, I still consider myself a Mayhemer). Even Chad Froning will miss you. When he’s not doing his own programming.

    • CHAD FRONING hahahahaha. Such a good nickname.

      Ha-uge-Eug. Thanks for always being in my corner. Helping me when I needed life and career advice. Always around to offer a kind word. Always willing to lend your ear when I know you had far more important things to do.

      Thanks for being a great friend.

  7. Big Bri

    “Freddy Krueger” – 3:46 Rx’d

  8. 3:25rx

  9. FK 3:52 53#

  10. FK – 5:something. with something other than Rx in #. only Stephan knows. Had to break it down into air squats and push ups. And still couldn’t do the PUs.

    No fun at all.

    But I get to do this.

    MDV: I hardly knew you, but owe you dinner at Neptune. Have the best of times, the best of luck and kill it like we know you will.

    • Hahahah Taxi! Im holding you to that dinner. Can never get in that place. Keep crushing it!

  11. Freddy Krueger: 4:48 (35#)

    Matt: congratulations – we’re happy for you but we will miss you. We never would have survived those first 6 months at CFNE without your patience and support. Like Rae said tonight – it felt like you had eyes in the back of your head correcting our form at all times!

  12. 3:46 rx

  13. Geoff L


  14. 3:38

  15. Maureen B.

    FK: 4:20 (35#)

  16. Dan C.

    FK: 3:06Rx

    Congrats MDV! I appreciate all of the coaching tips you have given me these past 2 years. The gym won’t be the same without you.

  17. Freddy Krueger: 5:02 35# – whoa.

    Post WOD 100 ab mat sit ups; OTM10 4 kipping pull ups, 5 push ups

  18. Amanda S.

    MDV, congrats and good luck! You are a fantastic coach and clearly everyone else thinks so too. Reebok is lucky to have you!

    Freddy Krueger: 5:36 Rx
    Thanks for the push at the end Geoff!

    • SO sweet amanda thanks for the well wishes tonight at the 630 — way to crush Freddy today!

  19. Freddy Krueger: 4:48 53#

  20. Rachel E

    Freddy: 4:04 (45#) :16 PR

  21. Lil Tony

    Freddy Krueger: 3:58rx

  22. think we have a record for most comments ever in a day.

  23. FK: 4:16 Rx. This was a actually a PR of 1 sec from April of last year. I’ll take it considering it’s my first wod in 30 days. Also first time in a class in months. Felt good to be back. I plan to come often the next 5 weeks, especially if I get to draft off of Dan C. 3:06 was sick!

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