Tuesday 6.18.13


True…Very, Very True.

Freddy Krueger
Kettlebell Swing (70,53)

Enjoy. I mean, Post Score to Comments.

All I heard was the fans of CFNE. All I saw was RED.

All I heard were the cheers from CFNE. All I saw was RED.

A Message from MDV…

Have I not walked without an upward look
Of caution under the stars that very well
Might have missed me when they shot & fell?
It was a risk I had to take – and took.

These thirty-five words of Robert Frost intrigue me. I read Frost’s Bravado as a cautionary tale about living life too carefully, too conservatively.  Without walking with your eyes gazed toward the cosmos, you will never see the shooting stars. It moves me.

On July 1st, I will join the training staff at CrossFit ReebokONE.  This is an unrivaled opportunity to grow as a professional and an athlete in the world of CrossFit. I did not take the decision to leave CrossFit New England lightly; however, this is a risk I had to take – and took.

I am extremely grateful for my time at CrossFit New England. For the past two years, I’ve lived and worked in a compassionate, supportive, and fun environment.  It was truly a privilege to work within the walls of 15 Tech Circle.  I’ve visited affiliates across the country and one thing is certain – CFNE is different.  There’s a feeling of belonging, comfort within our walls.  Our gym is filled with individuals that genuinely care about one another. In any capacity, that brand of compassion is rare.

Perhaps the greatest gift bestowed upon me by CFNE is the relationships I’ve formed with so many of my fellow New Englanders.  I cannot thank you enough for the joy you’ve given me. I am truly blessed to know each one of you.

To the members of CFNE… Thank you for your love and friendship. It was an honor and privilege to coach you. I can say without hesitation that I learned as much or more from you.  So, thank you for coaching me as well. I will miss everyone so much.

To Ben & Heather…. Thank you for setting a stellar example as parents, partners, and leaders.  You are my friends, mentors, and family, and you graciously shared your lives and your home with me.  Thank you for the awesomeness that is Maya, Jonah, and Bode.  And, of course, thank you for sharing this amazing community with all of us.

To my fellow coaches… Thank you for your constant support and pushes toward excellence. We have an unbelievable bond. You are my best friends, and I’ve learned so much about coaching and life from all of you. Thank you for all your support and guidance.

To the Turkey… Just kidding! I ate him. He was delicious.

Thank you for it all.

<3 MDV



  1. Congrats MDV!! Well deserved. With your intelligence, focus and determination, you will succeed doing whatever you set your mind to. I’ll miss your being at CFNE – you know I have a thing for Chaminade boys….

    • One of the strongest willed women I know. Judi D love your fiery nature and your no-bs from anyone attitude. That is awesome. Love examples like that!!!!

      And who doesn’t have a soft spot for Chaminade Boys! I’d love to sit with you and Mr. D one day and talk Chaminade!

      • You are amazing answering everyone’s post with a personal message. Kind of says it all.

  2. rich t

    Freddy Krueger – 6:03 Rx

  3. Susan S.

    Matt, Congratulations to you! Your pursuit of excellence has been obvious in everything you do – from law school to Crossfit coaching and you never waver in your support of others. You are a mainstay and It will be strange at CFNE without you, but your pursuit continues! Best wishes at Reebok One!

  4. Braatz

    Freddy Krueger: 4:30 Rx

    • correction: 4:27 (I was judging for him)

      Way to go unbroken Bratz

    • Braatz

      Thanks… must’ve been blinded by exhaustion for a few seconds.

  5. Andy M.

    Matt, knew this day would come. Very happy for you and want to wish you the best. Thanks for everything!

    • Thank you, Andy! Miss you and the 530am’rs a ton. We shared a lot of great mornings listening to Country, Bruce, and Frank

  6. Tricia D

    Freddy Kruger: 4:39 (35#)

    Thanks to Sarah W for keeping me moving and reminding me to do last 9 burpees!! Good idea to partner up, I was in a blackout so great not to have to count.

    • Heather O

      Great job girl! :) Looking forward to Sunday. 😉 xo

    • Sarah W

      You were in the zone. Nice job going unbroken, Tricia. I like my partner.

  7. Congrats MDV! Although you will be missed, I wish you nothing but the best!

    • Thanks, Alex! I love the fact that you competed a few weeks ago…and CA-RUSH-ED it! You are a fantastic athlete and a pleasure to coach!

  8. Heather V

    Freddy Krueger: 3:56 Rx (1 sec PR)

    MDV: good luck to u! Sad to see u leave. Even w/ your creepy winking. *grin

    On another note: Tattoo Nightmares, spike TV at 10pm tonight. Dave will make his debut. Thank gosh his creepy tat is covered now!

  9. Mike R.

    Congrats on the new opportunity, Matt. Best of luck to you.

    Freddy Krueger: 5:59 Rx – Oof.

    • Thanks, Mike! Going to give it my all and try to crush it. Everyday try to get a little bit better and hone my craft.

  10. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone!
    Got in a 5k this am and 75 push-ups and 100 sit-ups. Though I’m looking forward to the BAA 10K this Sunday I’m also looking forward to taking a running break! :)

    MDV you have been such a wonderful coach and person to share the early morning hour of 5:30 with. Thank you for your patience, for being such a great teacher and for being one of the reasons why I love CrossFit and more so, CFNE so much! Best of luck to you in your future endeavors and I hope to see you around CFNE again soon! :) You will be missed very much.

    • Heather O. another athlete up there for the award of most dedicated. I remember rolling up almost every morning and seeing you already a mile or more deep…and it wasnt even 5am. You’re dedication is enviable! Congrats on all your successes in and out of the gym!!

  11. Andy L

    FK: 5:41 Rx (did this in oct 4:30 and 45#) first time using a 70#kb!

    MDV best of luck – thank you for your energy and coaching!

    • Using the 70# today — hell YEA! Thanks for all the great mornings my dude!

  12. LOL. That has gotten me in trouble before. Like with dudes being like why did you just wink at me. And me being like ugh I don’t know. Hahahah.

    Tattoo nightmares!? What was the original nightmare.

  13. Brian L

    Freddy- 4:18rx

  14. Dave C.

    Freddy: 4:43 Rx. 35 seconds off my PR from almost 2 years ago, but felt great nevertheless.

    Great working with Bob this morning. Smoking fast as always.

    Big Mike set a blistering pace for Heat 1 as well. Impressive.

  15. Big Mike

    FK: 4:24 Rx (13 second PR)

    What Not To Do: Fever on Sunday, feverish on Monday, stay up late to watch Bruins, get out of bed at 4:30 because you were coughing and waking up your wife-then go do Freddy Kruger. Could barely get my arse off the ground on the last 9 burpees. Thanks for the broccoli Harry and sorry if someone’s lunch is a little bit salty.

    • Sarah W

      I haven’t seen a post WOD fetal position assumed for that long. I was rehearsing the chest compressions and two breaths in my mind’s eye when I saw you on the way out. Glad you are okay. I recommend working out to the record I brought in this morning for the next few days to stay toned and maintain those thin thighs.

    • rich t

      you were flying. nice work Big Mike.

  16. Rick W.

    Matt, Thank you! You are a great coach and you have taught me so much about the technical side of lifting and I think more importantly you taught me about mental toughness. I was thinking today about the last time we did this workout and your advise to “chase the pain” – Thanks brother! Big things are ahead for you!

    Freddy: 4:26 Rx – 0:36 PR

    • Rick, it has been cool to share almost every morning for the past two years with you. You’re a great CrossFitter and an even better dude. You have some of the best work ethic I’ve ever seen. Keep that up.

      When your head is in the right place, you can accomplish anything!

  17. Sarah S.

    Matt, like all the others who’ve posted, you will be greatly missed! We would be even more upset if you did not push yourself just as you have pushed each and every one of us. I have had the honor of training in the early morning hours with you for a year, and I have no doubt that I would not be as fit, as strong, or as healthy as I am today if it were not for your coaching. You have left an erasable mark on all of us! Best of luck to you!

    • I will continue to do my best to make CFNE proud and spread the message of what Ive learned over the years.

      It has been so cool getting to know you Jared and mini Jared — love mini Jared! I feel like it was only yesterday I was taking Jared through elements with Potsy. Then getting to know the entire family. It has been an absolute pleasure.

  18. Sammy B.

    Freddy: 5:35 russian swings

    Quad burner.
    What’s the record for number of posts in one day? Just askin’ ….

  19. Freddy K: 5:25 Rx (1:22 PR from October)

  20. Freddy Krueger: 4:47Rx

    did it in 3:37 with 53# KB in October. Next time will go unbroken on the swings.

    MDV, Thank you. I echo so many of the sentiments expressed already. A little quote/mantra I learned years ago and remember every day…

    Don’t be afraid
    Don’t resist
    Don’t delay
    Be what you are
    There is nothing to be afraid of
    Trust and try
    Experiment honestly
    Give your real being a chance to shape your life
    You will not regret it

    • Eddie.

      That mantra is awesome. I live by a similar one!






      I will incorporate yours. Thank you for all the kind words and all the early mornings asking what the skinny is!

  21. Patti Jeanne

    We are going to miss you and Reebok ONE is so lucky to have you. You are a great coach and I can’t express how much Liam and I are going to miss you. Best of luck to you at your new gym.
    Best of Luck,
    Patti Jeanne

    • Patti thank you. I will miss you and Liam. Liams one of the nicest dudes Ive ever met. He is so genuine and so kind. That speaks volumes about the job youve done as a parent. Thank you for yours and Liams friendship!

  22. Craig B.

    Freddy Krueger – 3:40 rx

    Matty, Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. Rock n Roll Brother!!

    • Gonna miss this morning crew so much — Mike G and the B Bros. Such nice, genuine people. Thank you for being such great friends!

  23. Greg D


    I have to echo the sentiments of Big Mike and Braatz. I truly became a crossfitter and athlete under your tutelage. I always have a running dialogue in my head of the ques that you have taught me over the last couple of years. One of the most important things I ever learned from you was about “focused practice.” I often think about it while doing the barbell warm-up.

    Good luck in the next chapter of your journey. I appreciate all that you have done to enrich my life experience.

    • Greg, thank you for all the good times that you and Tricia have provided me. You and I got to know each other very well over the years. I am in awe of your dedication — 90 day self imposed Paleo Challenge — whattttttt. You’re a great dude with a great family. We will have to have a few visits to the morning mayhem to check in.

  24. Freddy K: 4:48 RX

  25. Andy L

    FK: 5:41 Rx (did this in Oct with 45# and 4:30) first time using a 70#kb!

    MDV best of luck thank you for your energy and coaching!

    • Thanks Andy! Been awesome to wake up each day and coach for a living. Never felt like a job. It was always just my passion :)

  26. FK-7:16 Rx

    First time doing this RX..perfect start to my day!!!

  27. Lisa L

    Matthew Della Valle !!Did I spell that right??

    Reebok one takes another CFNE’r…. grrrrr!!! I’m super bummed that you’re leaving but I’m ecstatic for your future. They will be gaining a seriously good coach and crossfitter. Just know that you’re always in my head reminding me to do mobility, do mobility…as the K-Star of CFNE.

    Go get ’em with yer creepy winks! 😉

    • Hey! Again with the winks! We’ve had a LOT of good times getting after some serious mobility. It’s been awesome to work with you and see you change, move better, and continue to improve :)

  28. Annmarie

    Freddy Krueger: 5:08, :10sec slower then last time 35#KB

  29. Jenn S

    Congrats MDV! You will certainly be missed.

  30. michelle

    Freddy Krueger: 5:11 rx. Angelo, you made 70# look light! Way to go.
    Such great energy this morning, thank you Ben and Harry!

  31. Colleen (C4!)

    power walk 4.6 miles (girl friend time :) ; run 3 miles; 1/2 hour rest; Freddie Krueger 5:03 w/ 35# not a PR.

    This is worth double sharing: my MDV tribute song, to the beat of “Fergielicious”

    MD Vicious, he’s so delicious.
    He’s up in the gym, just workin’ on his fitness.
    He eats nutritious.
    He eats P-A-L-E-O and he’s going to The Show.
    MD Vicious.
    No noodles or ricotta in any of his dishes.
    MD Vicious.

  32. Matt – you will certainly be missed, especially by the newbies like me!!

    Freddy K…6:something. 35# and burpees began to look like one of Freddy K’s victims.

    • Ron! You are no longer a newbie! I enjoyed working with you over the months we spent in the 530pm. You came in everyday with such a great attitude and willing to give your all.

      I have to say I love seeing Owen crushing the kids class and his privates with Max. That stuff makes me so proud to be a part of CFNE.

  33. Sarah W

    Freddy: 4:09 at 45#

  34. Ashley R

    Freddy Kruger: 4:18 45# KB. In my book I made a note to go RX next time..I didn’t listen.

    MDV- You could be one of the smartest and well spoken people I know. (and you aren’t even 30!!) You are an old soul though and an awesome coach. You will do great at Reebok and you will be missed here :( All the best to you from the Ranaldi’s!

    • That’s flattering, Ashley. Thank you very much. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and Bob. You guys are awesome and really talented athletes. Good people. Really really really good people.

  35. Chad M

    MDV I was in shock when I read this, I didn’t see it coming at all. I was going to bitch about it but then I remembered, we’re leaving too. It was great getting to meet you and as everyone else has said all of your coaching will not be forgotten, good luck to you at Reebok.

    • hahahaha you can’t be shocked — you’re leaving too! I was shocked when I heard you were leaving.

      I will miss you Liz, Grace, and Logan. You guys are such an awesome, fun loving, supportive and kind family. Another great example of a family that Ive learned so much from.

      Thank you for your help, guidance, and adjustments. You were always there when I needed you most. Thank you Chad!!!

  36. Freddie K: 4:51 @ 53#

  37. Freddie K: 3:52, 35#s and subbed pushups for burpees

  38. MDV, Godspeed bro. Way to leap!

    Burlington, VT hotel fun:

    100 sit-ups for time: 3:48
    100 push-up for time: 7:15
    100 double-unders FT: 2:20

    5K: slow

    • former lawyer doing not lawyer things. trying to make those still lawyers jealous. haha. continue to give big mike &^#% please!

  39. Melinda

    FK: 4:30 Rx

    Thanks Paul for being a great Freddy partner.

  40. denise sullivan

    mdv–good luck!

    fk: 4:11 30#

  41. Susan Stein

    Freddy Krueger: 4:34 (35#)

  42. Matty Pants – this place won’t be the same without you. I will miss your calm and witty presence here everyday. Please don’t be a stranger. The Fosters all wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. Go crush it! XOXO

    • Hug it out tomorrow at the front desk??? Please :)

      Love all the Fosters. You guys are such a kickass family. ANOTHER kickass family. Jeez there’s something in the water at CFNE.

  43. Sara C

    F@$K: 5:06 @26#. Hard WOD…loved it.

  44. Curt V.

    FK: 5:09 (2 second PR) 53# KB

    Go MDV! Good luck! Onward!

    • Curt, awesome talking to you today at the gym. Thank you for all the well wishes and kind words!!

  45. MDV — When you wake up at 5am in February, it’s pitch black and minus 8, and you roll over to go back to sleep, please remember the little people. You are an excellent coach and the Reebok One rat-bastards are lucky to have you (no offense Mel). No matter what you do, the fact that you left lawyering to take up crossfit full time makes you ok in my book. You only yelled at me once for disrupting class and I count that as a very low hit rate knowing what an unruly mob stalks CFNE at zero dark thirty. Best of luck –I will miss you my friend.

    • Heather V.

      OMG… I just remembered the times when MDV made us do burpees for not listening. Haha. I am sure it happened more than once.

    • Saint, Im only coming back to do Clovis! Hahah. Taking a page from Brandons revisit schedule — oh burn!

      Love the cut offs, the boots, the jean shorts, the chew, the camo hat, the neon hunting vests and whatever else you wore in the back of the room. Thanks for keeping me entertained!

  46. Matt – You will definitely be missed. I wish you all the best!

    Freddy Krueger: 4:07 Rx

  47. Paul P.

    MDV…WTF!!! You have helped to change the lives of so many people and Michelle and I are so excited for your opportunity. You’re talents will be missed but I’m sure we’ll see you from time to time. Remember we will always have Jessica Simpson.

    Every single step towards your ultimate success starts with a new leap of faith. Time to Jump!!! ( Just made that up)

    Wishing you well buddy!!

  48. Fake Doug Bell

    All the Doug Bells will miss you.

  49. Favorite Matthew DellaValle moments:

    *My 1st elements impression – “holy crap, it’s a smaller, yet stronger version of Wes Welker”
    *My 2nd elements impression – “if this little guy can make it look that easy, then it must be easy.” Well it’s still not, and will never be as easy as you make it look.
    *Putting bear crawls into class warm-up. For that alone you are my favorite person.
    *Seeing Annelise warm up to someone at CFNE finally. You were the first!
    *Muffins & Sweatpants for a WOD name
    *The look on your face during dinner Saturday night in the meadowlands
    *Dave Hamel impersonation. You might do Dave Hamel better than Dave Hamel does Dave Hamel.
    *Taking the pullup bar at the meadowlands and singlehandedly pulling us from out of contention (24th) into 3rd.
    *Pep talks
    *Final sprint at the end of 2013 Regionals Event 7. I can still see the weight belt hitting the ground and it seemed you were already 20 meters away.

    You have a great eye for detail and are fantastic at articulating complicated details in simple, easy to follow terms. This is what I most love about your coaching style.

    I am lucky to have had you as a coach and teammate. Godspeed.

    • Damn man. That list made me a little teary eyed. All such awesome memories. Looking forward to more with you and the boys. You’re a tremendous dad and a tremendous CrossFitter. Look up to you for your courage during regionals and your ability to WOD, be an awesome dad and continue to WOD.

      I’ve never seen anyone eat the undercarriage of a chicken. WOWWWWWWWWWWW (in Dave’s voice)

  50. Freddy Krueger: 5:29 with 45#. About :30 sec slower than last time with same weight.


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