Tuesday 6.18.13


True…Very, Very True.

Freddy Krueger
Kettlebell Swing (70,53)

Enjoy. I mean, Post Score to Comments.

All I heard was the fans of CFNE. All I saw was RED.

All I heard were the cheers from CFNE. All I saw was RED.

A Message from MDV…

Have I not walked without an upward look
Of caution under the stars that very well
Might have missed me when they shot & fell?
It was a risk I had to take – and took.

These thirty-five words of Robert Frost intrigue me. I read Frost’s Bravado as a cautionary tale about living life too carefully, too conservatively.  Without walking with your eyes gazed toward the cosmos, you will never see the shooting stars. It moves me.

On July 1st, I will join the training staff at CrossFit ReebokONE.  This is an unrivaled opportunity to grow as a professional and an athlete in the world of CrossFit. I did not take the decision to leave CrossFit New England lightly; however, this is a risk I had to take – and took.

I am extremely grateful for my time at CrossFit New England. For the past two years, I’ve lived and worked in a compassionate, supportive, and fun environment.  It was truly a privilege to work within the walls of 15 Tech Circle.  I’ve visited affiliates across the country and one thing is certain – CFNE is different.  There’s a feeling of belonging, comfort within our walls.  Our gym is filled with individuals that genuinely care about one another. In any capacity, that brand of compassion is rare.

Perhaps the greatest gift bestowed upon me by CFNE is the relationships I’ve formed with so many of my fellow New Englanders.  I cannot thank you enough for the joy you’ve given me. I am truly blessed to know each one of you.

To the members of CFNE… Thank you for your love and friendship. It was an honor and privilege to coach you. I can say without hesitation that I learned as much or more from you.  So, thank you for coaching me as well. I will miss everyone so much.

To Ben & Heather…. Thank you for setting a stellar example as parents, partners, and leaders.  You are my friends, mentors, and family, and you graciously shared your lives and your home with me.  Thank you for the awesomeness that is Maya, Jonah, and Bode.  And, of course, thank you for sharing this amazing community with all of us.

To my fellow coaches… Thank you for your constant support and pushes toward excellence. We have an unbelievable bond. You are my best friends, and I’ve learned so much about coaching and life from all of you. Thank you for all your support and guidance.

To the Turkey… Just kidding! I ate him. He was delicious.

Thank you for it all.

<3 MDV



  1. Big Mike

    And let me be the first to wish you well. I started my CFNE experience with Mel and Ben but in reality-I became a cross fitter under you coaching. You will be missed but hopefully you’ll still get up early and swing by on some cold winter mornings.

    • Big Mike,

      I’ve seen you go from realllllly Big Mike to Big WodKilla Mike. It’s been an amazing journey! Haha, I’ll try and wake up for 530am — I forget what that feels like 😉

  2. Christian


    I haven’t had the privilege of having you as long as some of the other members, but I’d like to think I’ve gained from you in several months what would take years to gain from others. You’ve been nothing short of a fantastic coach and a great friend to all of us. I’m really happy for you and I hope you come around CFNE as much as possible. It’s both a gift and a curse being here sometimes because we have so many great coaches that are just so great everyone else wants them. Congrats on the new opportunity and I wish you nothing but the best in the future!

    • It’s been insanely motivating to see you work through and around your injury. I’ve enjoy every minute of coaching the 530pm. It’s been an amazing time.

  3. Sara C

    Matty — you know how I feel. You are such a damn great coach and I’ll miss you tons.

    One of my favorite quotes…it’s Walt Disney:

    We don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

    • SaraC – thank you for making me look halfway decent in all your awesome photos. I will miss your candid nature and candid photos!!

    • Maureen B.

      Loveee that quote sara!

  4. Geoff L

    “He made the call”

    Lets get right to the point… I’m really gonna miss you bud, especially the great times we’ve shared at CFNE both as athletes and Coaches. Walking out onto that floor at regionals knowing I could follow your lead and that no matter what, you had my back was a feeling I’ll never forget. I’ve learned a lot from you both watching you perform at the next level but also as a Coach, assisting classes with you. I will always strive to be 1% better everyday and along that path I hope I can become half the coach that you are today!

    Thank God you’re still living in Natick so we can go crush pizza at Bills every once in a while

    We ride together, we die together….

    Love ya bro

  5. Brian L

    MDV- Congrats on the opportunity! Thank you for all the time you’ve put in at CFNE. Your style of coaching during those 630 am classes, has made my first year and a half of crossfitting one of the most positive experiences in my life. Thanks and good luck.

    • Bri, I remember when you walked in. I didn’t think you’d be here for long. Boy was I wrong. You are an insane athlete, and it was a pleasure to help you along your journey.

  6. Liz P.

    I must say, I got a little teary reading your post Matt. I was hooked on Crossfit during your elements class and I am so happy with my progress. Slow and steady. I wish you so much love and success in your life. And since we are doing quotations here, I will end with one of my favorites: “Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter — tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther. . . And one fine morning—- So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

  7. MDV We’ll always have early morning Born to Run. Thanks for everything bud and that knowing cheshire smile. Sean

    • Sean, thank you for all you advice and counsel as the bumps and bruises of CrossFit caught up with me over the years. It was always fun to see how short your shorts would be in the morning. You still don’t have Brandon beat though.

  8. MDV,
    I really cannot tell you how much we will all miss having you at CFNE. You brought me through Elements a year and a half ago. I remember telling you that “I may add this to my fitness routine once or twice a week”. SEE YA LATA! That didn’t last long. I now work at CFNE and I believe a large reason I do is because of your passion. You’ve been a friend and a mentor to me and I cannot thank you enough. I’ll echo what Leard said, let’s crush some Bill’s and some sushi. Love ya bud.

    • hahahaha — “Eh, this is ok. I think i’ll do it once or twice a week.’ I believe my actual response was … ‘Ok buddy, see you when you work here.’

      It has been awesome to watch you grow as an athlete and coach. You’ve made UNREAL strides. Keep getting that little bit better everyday.

  9. MDV,
    Could not be more excited for you. This is however very bittersweet. You will be missed greatly, but it’s reassuring to know you are just down the road. One of the most sincere, professional individuals I’ve met in CrossFit. Like what the others mentioned – your passion for CrossFit is contagious, and has benefitted this community to a degree that can’t be put in words.

    • The nicest dude in the game.

      I’ve learned a lot from you Harry. I’ve learned how to see the best in everyone and every situation. It is still a work in progress for me but I am trying each day…WWHPD.

      You are an fantastic example for everyone as a coach and leader. We will bro out. Often.

  10. MDV thank you for your coaching. Good luck in this new opportunity, no doubt you will keep doing great!
    And please add me to the list of T-shirts “MDV team/MDV fan” 😉

    • Oh I like that idea, selfishly haha.

      Sonia. You are a champ and have some of the greatest resolve I’ve ever seen. I am constantly amazed by what you do. Keep it up! Don’t ever lose that hunger!

  11. Dave N


    I hope nothing but the best for you, “Those who dare greatly achieve greatly”, and you deserve that.

    Since the day I walked into Crossfit almost a year ago you have been the one who has motivated me to be better and although I still trying to achieve my goals you have taken me to a place I could not on my own. From coaching at 5:30am, to our stretching sessions at night and even a visit to my house to get my diet on track you have been the one that beleived I could make the changes even when i did not. You made me want to be better and because of that I have made strides at CFNE that have made me a better husband and father outside of CFNE….nothing means more to me than that. I dont mean to get soft on you, but you have made that much of an impact on me.

    Good luck, hopefully someday I can repay you.


    • Wow, David. I am honored and flattered.

      You and I have a great bond and friendship. You have helped me through tough times and given me such great advice and guidance. I am glad that I was able to impart some of my knowledge and experience to help you in the same.

      I believe in you. Always will.

  12. Annmarie

    MDV – congratulations on the awesome opportunity of working at Reebok and being able to share your knowledge and love of Crossfit! As Liz P said I got teary eyed reading your post, I’ve learned a lot from you these past two years but I’ll especially miss seeing how happy Bode gets when he sees you! Best of luck!

    • Ah the first Bode reference! Ahh, my buddy.

      Annmarie, it has been a pleasure to coach you and all the Deckers! I had a blast working with you and your family. Working with you on your pullups and seeing you get them (with some of the bloodiest hands ever) was so so inspiring. It was truly awesome.

  13. Megan B

    MDV, it’s been such a delight watching you develop into the amazing coach you are today. I remember your first couple of months of classes, as you worked to get your rhythm down and find your voice, and I have been fortunate enough to be in many of your classes in the intervening years. The difference between now and then? You run a class like clockwork, you give feedback to everyone, and the cues you give to athletes are different enough from the other coaches that people actually listen to and HEAR them. CFNE is losing an awesome coach, Reebok Crossfit One is gaining an awesome coach, and I’m going to miss the hell out of you. Good luck and keep being awesome!

    • Ah the early days haha. Let’s not talk about the early day :)

      Megan, those are some of the nicest things anyone’s said about my coaching. I can safely say that the reason I tried so hard is because I wanted to be better for all of you. I love having you right there..up front to my left..moving like melted butter. Makes my job very easy when you’re up front leading the way.

  14. Best of luck MDV ! A great coach, great athlete, great example and great guy ! I hope our paths cross X fit in the future.


    • CHIEF.

      You are a fighter. I’ve seen you dig deeper than anyone. I’ve seen you work harder than anyone. Sometimes it may feel like an uphill battle, but let me tell you– You have changed so much physically and mentally. I am honored to have been there with you!

  15. Oh, man! I can hardly imagine CFNE without you MDV! It was always so comforting walking in and seeing you at the front of the class…I knew I was going to get some great nuggets of coaching, small tweaks and tips that made a huge difference. On the few days when my double-unders felt great,, it was thanks to your expert coaching. If I lose those DUs, I’m applying for a job at Reebok, so don’t be surprised when I show up crying with a jump rope. Congrats on an exciting opportunity, you deserve all the best. Your brains and incredible work ethic will take you far!

    • Cindy, you better come visit! Bring some of that amazing FFF!

      It has been really nice getting to know you over the course of the years. We’ve shared lots of conversation on life, business, and CrossFit. I’ve always appreciated my time with you and will miss having such quick access to FFF! We will have to change that :)

  16. Braatz

    Well shit. The selfish part of me is disappointed and doesn’t want to see you leave us. Like Big Mike articulated so well, I feel like I became a CrossFitter on your watch and because of your coaching.

    But, the CFNE part of me is proud and excited that you have these great opportunities, and “get to” take them. I travel all over the world, visit other CF boxes as much as possible, and you are a core element of the CFNE standard to which I hold all other CrossFit coaches. Articulate, decisive, knowledgeable, encouraging, wickedly funny and, without a doubt, in command. That’s the MDV we all know and will miss tremendously.

    Stay in touch, and best of luck!

    • Whats the skinny Eddie??

      That is very very humbling, Braatz. You’re quietly challenging Harry for being the nicest dude in the game. It was a privilege to wake up that early to come in and coach people like you. I really never felt like I worked a day in two years. That’s pretty damn cool.

  17. Katie c

    Matt, you’re a fantastic bundle of energy, encouragement and quick wit. Great things await you and this sounds like a truly wonderful opportunity. We’ll miss you tremendously at CFNE. Thanks for making us better crossfitters and always challenging us to push harder. Go get it! Xo Katie C

    • Katie Champ…I mean Chip :)

      Loved seeing my good buddy crush the paleo challenge and win it! You are a special athlete and person. I love helping you work through the pre-wod adjustments where you start with a pvc to find ourselves if not at RX very darn close. So funny. You are strong, so strong. Never forget that.

      • Katie c

        Thank you, truly means a lot. Reebok One is lucky to have you!!!

  18. Rich P

    We will miss you terribly. You are a good solid dude in every possible way. Nothing but the best for you…

    • I’m just saying I cherry picked WODs where I knew you would be there running or rowing. haha. Rich I will miss you and your intensity greatly. It was awesome to coach you and the rest of the 530am crew. We had some good freaking times.

  19. rich t

    Thank you for the great coaching over the years Matt. You will be missed.

    • Rich. Haha we’ve had some great times and some great laughs. The protien shaker bottle from the top shelf will always be my favorite. Gonna miss you a lot dude! You are a warrior. Inspiring WOD performances all the time. I’ve learned how to fight and grit my teeth when I’m faced with something by watching you. You don’t know quit. That’s awesome.

  20. michelle

    Aw, Matt! We will really miss you. Thank you for all you have taught me. Best of
    luck to you and your future! x m

    • My first client! You’ve come so far with your approach and skill. You are an inspiration to many at CFNE, including me. I will miss your cheery smile and warm greetings everyday!

  21. MDV… are you going to take your “most mysterious” title with you or can I take over?
    Your a great coach and just as great of an athlete. You’ll be greatly missed.

    • You’re the real winner of that. You were too mysterious to even be named most mysterious. Gonna miss your humor, Harut. You are one of the funniest dudes I know.

  22. Atta boy MDV!

    Very excited for you.

  23. Matt – We’ll truly miss you. You’re an excellent coach and have some unique tips that really stick, and you know just when to prod and when to back off.

    Ben & Heather – Let’s evaluate who you let post the WODs. First Mel, now MDV. It’s like a training ground for future RCFO coaches. Is WordPress magic??

    • Laura c

      I was thinking that too!!

    • Best sweat angels ever over here! haha

      I has been a ton of fun coaching you. Love your banter during mobility. Will miss all your jokes — especially the crass ones!!

  24. Matt–wow, such a great opportunity for you
    And it’s important to take those risks to help
    Us continue to grow. BUT–you will truly be missed
    So much. You are a great coach–knowledgeable,
    Professional, and a great athlete and role model.
    You have been so respectful and supportive of me,
    Of everyone. Thank you and beat of luck to you,

    • One of the strongest and bravest individuals within the walls of 15 tech circle. I’ve learned so much from you.

      I miss the days of helping out Ben in the 830. That’s quite a crew! Wild bunch!

  25. sarahw

    Matt, like the late James Brown, you are The Hardest Working Man in Show Business. You deserve all the good things in life. Congratulations, friend.

    • That nickname is taken by Dave Hamel!

      Thank you, Sarah. I will miss you at the 530am — being the cheeriest person at 530am EVER. Let’s catch up soon!

  26. Matt-
    What a great opportunity!
    I have the following quote at the end of all my emails, it is how I try to live.

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a ride!”
    Hunter S. Thompson

    Sounds like you strive to throw caution to the wind too. See where life takes you, I know that you will do well!!

    PS-thank you so, so much for your kindness towards my kids. I truly appreciated it!

    • Pete & Brian are so so so awesome. I truly consider them the little bros I never had (along with Jonah and Bode and Max).

      I will miss you and Jan so much. You both have been so kind and generous over the years. Amazing people. Amazing parents.

    • Karen, that’s a damn good quote.

  27. Susan Stein

    Matty- the 9:30 will never be the same! I’m so excited for you, but at the same time so sad. Thank you for being such an amazing coach and person. If not for you, I would not have done nearly so well on the team challenge, nor would I have cleaned and jerked 95# during the Open. (By the way, I not only cleaned it during the Throwdown, but front squatted it 5 times!) You will always be in my head reminding me to: keep my chest up, eat real, whole foods, and to always give it that extra intensity. I wish you all the best at Reebok and know it’ll be an amazing experience. xoxo!

    • Ah the 930am hot mamas + Jon. haha.

      You are a different person from when you first walked into CFNE. You have taken yourself and many around you to the next level. We will have to do a 930am breakfast again soon. Pretty sure every old dude in Natick was jealous when I rolled into Central Street with 15 fit, hot mamas + Jon. Haha I love that.

  28. laura c

    Matt…. My first memory of you was one of my first days at CFNE there was this guy who had his shirt off (you were the first one I saw like this…..) and he was so fosused and doing these crazy pull ups (butterfly) – you were so intense….it was darn impressive! Who knew I would be coached and learn so much from you! Thanks for your patience and your expertise..and fantastic cue-ing. I have your voice in my head often during my lifts/moves …. yes, I am keeping it clean here:)! I still will not call myself an “athlete” but I have become so much stronger and more skilled with your coaching and mental talk. I only wish you the best things in life. You have so much to offer and you will acheive greatness – no doubt. Selfishly is stinks but fantastic for you. And the day I FINALLY get my muscle up, you will be the first person I will tell – but you may hear me yelling all the way in Canton:)! Thanks Matty for everything:)!

    • That muscle up is happening LC! You are an athlete. You will get it.

      Who knew so much power and pazazz could be packed into such little frame. It has been a pleasure watching you do things that people your size just shouldn’t. That’s awesome.

  29. What? Wait! No!!! WTF. I had to read that post so many times to believe that was what you were really saying. I will miss you so very much. Even though this is probably a fabulous opportunity for you and I am, of course, happy for you, I am sad for myself and the cfne community. I think of your serious, professional, warm, supportive and extremely effective coaching every time I do a pullup, double under and front squat. You have helped me more than I an express and I know that you will continue with great success. Hugs and kisses.

    • Whoa dont know where to start with SMW. FIrst, LOVE the nickname. Who knew initials could make such an awesome moniker. Second, you’re an inspiration to me and so many others. There’s no other way to say that. I hope to one day have 1/10th of the strength and courage as you.

      You and I will still be working together on your quest for the 2014 Games. We will be at Cali next year.

  30. Big Bri

    MDV! You’re an awesome coach, a more awesome human being! Big bro hug coming your way soon. Good luck buddy!

    • BIG WORLD. Most dedicated and driven athlete I know. Looking forward to that bro hug. Also, we need to hit Luckys for Sinatra Sundays.

      One of my favorite Big Bri moments was when you walked in and I was lifting to Frank…’what the *%$@ is this shit’. haha.

  31. Colleen (OC)

    MDV. Pllllllbbbbbbsssssssstttt.

    First you leave us at 5:30 am, and now you’re leaving us for good? I don’t like this one bit. My heart can’t handle any more of this, between you and Mel and the Messina’s leaving. When you leave, who’s gonna be our resident double under ninja?!?!

    OK, fine. Naturally, you’re going to kick ass over there, and we all know it, so maybe that makes your leaving a little bit easier to take. Best of luck and thanks for helping me become the athlete I am today.

    • I’m just down the block on good ol 135 in Natick. You and the rest of the 530am crew can come workout in the driveway. I may not wake up but you guys could technically do that.

      Bourbon. Soon.

      The OC. Gonna miss that early morning swagger.

  32. Chris L. (Bruzzo)

    Good for you Matt!
    Change is good!
    You were always willng to help without asking…
    You have/provide an unrivaled energy which is uncommon at best!
    You will be successful in whatever you decide to do.
    The traits are there my man.

    • The Bruz! Yes. Thanks for your constant support and encouragement. You have also proved to me that you can be damn strong and wear pink socks! Haha. Thanks for the well wishes Chris!!

  33. MDV, I still remember that you were the very first person I met when I walked into CFNE nine-ish months ago.

    I have stood in awe of your focus and intensity during workouts and I will always be thankful for your guidance and help as I began my CrossFit journey in the 8:30.

    Thankfully the CrossFit community is extremely close. I’m sure we all know this isn’t goodbye, so I’ll just say that I wish you the bet of luck in the next leg of your journey.

    • Joe, you’re another who is a completely different athlete than you were a short time ago. Your intensity and your focus have paid off. You are a great dude, with a great sense of humor, and a whole lot of passion. Lucky dude to be able to hang out with that 830 crew! You and Nystrom, very wise.

      I am looking forward to wearing my band with pride!

  34. Sammy B

    Noooooo. Say it isn’t so!!!

    But it’s hard not to feel happy for you. Your determination and focus will always pay off, my friend.

    I too remember your first few days at CFNE … There was that scary video of you posted doing DUs like a beast and then you took over the 530 from Mel and none of us knew what to expect. The first time I knew you were a different kind of coach was when you admitted your weakest movement -HSPUs at the time. Then your personality started taking over and the 530 was rockin’. You are one smart, caring, dedicated human and you will always be a part of CFNE.

    Not to be outdone on famous quotes, my favorite is Theroux: “Live the life you’ve always imagined.” Go get some, Matt. You know where we are when you need us.

    • Sammy and my boy Bernie! Thank you for all the great times, all the great conversations, all the coffees and all the coffees to come! We will stay marvelous friends :) I mean how couldn’t we? We share that Expedition bond!!!

      Thank you for everything, Sammy!

  35. Matt,
    Congratulations on this great opportunity! I am so excited for you and sad to see you go at the same time, you will be missed. I wish you all the best in your new adventure!!

    • Thank you Lori! I will miss you warm smile and laugh everyday at CFNE. You and your family are an inspiration to me and a fantastic example of the awesome power of CFNE. That positive energy in there is special and you’re a big part of the reason why.

  36. Marcus

    Congrats, MDV. Best of luck to you. Really appreciate all the help over the past 2 years.

    • Marcus, thank you for your constant guidance, support, and counsel. There’s been too many times to count when you’ve offered your time to me. I really appreciate your patience, time, and energy. Thank you!!

  37. Matty Noits


    I have really appreciated your focus on excellence, your humor and your attention when I needed it most. I am sure we will see you plenty, and of course, I wish you great success in this next chapter. Your gain is really CFNE’s gain too. As your world expands, so expands the world of those who have had the pleasure to get to know you.

    I look forward to your success.

    Matty N.

    • Matty N. we’ve had a lot of really great conversations in and out of the gym. You’ve been through more than most and you’re still going strong. Coffee is on you or Gabby next time haha. Thank you for your support!

  38. MattyyyyyyyPANTS! You are one of my besties and Im so proud of you for taking on this new adventure, and for taking this risk. Not an easy thing to do, but its something in life that I believe is really important. By taking risks, it takes all the “what if’s?” away. We will miss you tons. I will especially miss our work sessions sharing Bennys desk, me annoying you while you are trying to concentrate, our breakfast and coffee breaks, heart to hearts and you teasing me on just abouuuttt everything. mmmmYEAH! Hugs and kisses and best of luck you little Dentist.

  39. Carrie H-G

    Matt –
    The 930 class will not be the same with out your impeccable coaching and encouragement :(

    Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared (Buddha)

    I guess it is our time to share you…shine bright!! So happy for you!!

    • The 930am crew will have to have several reunions. Some of them need to take place over breakfast. CHG it has been a pleasure watching you grow and mature as an athlete. I am envious of your mobility! It’s always so easy to say, look at Carrie…she’s got it down.

  40. MDV

    Good luck in your new job!! Please stay in touch!!

    • Of course, Joe D. Your performance during the 5k in that heat was one of the most inspiring performances I’ve witnessed at CFNE.

  41. Wait, I’m back. I couldn’t sleep so I checked back to see if you changed your mind. No? Damn. Ok. I still miss you. Best of luck.

  42. MDV, there’s a little hole in my CrossFit heart knowing you are leaving our box. But you have big wings, my friend, and deserve to go where they will take you. A humble, sincere thank you for the many, many tips, pointers, and corrections you have given me. You personally made me love CrossFit by constantly tweaking my path when I ended in the brambles. Know that all the times you had to repeat the tip, answer my ADD questions, or help me figure out how do something DID make a difference and still DO. You are the first person I met at the box. I was in a free Saturday demo class in 10/11 with two or three others and I knew you were different. You are a born teacher. Go light the world on fire with your gifts.

    PS: stay in touch and call us when you go to Bills! Or Morses! Or Shanghai!

    • Neutras & MDV trip to Shanghai & Tokyo! Yes. Anytime ever. You and Matt (and kiddos) are absolutely awesome. I’ve gotten to know you and Matt very well and you both are kind, generous, insanely dedicated, and smart. I’ve enjoyed hashing out everything from the various fighting disciplines to obscure movie references to remixes to your favorite Fergie song!

      I remember your first day. All i could think was ‘well, this woman looks fitter than me’.

      • Colleen (C4!)

        Oh, an opportunity to over share!
        To the beat of “Fergielicious:”

        MD Vicious, he’s so delicious.
        He’s up in the gym, just workin’ on his fitness.
        He eats nutritious.
        He eats P-A-L-E-O and he’s going to The Show.
        MD Vicious.
        No noodles or ricotta in any of his dishes.
        MD Vicious.

  43. Conor N


    I know I have been only been a part of this box for a short while but, since the first time I had a class at CFNE i could see what an important role you played in the CFNE family. I want to thank you for putting up with all my annoying questions, and teaching me how to become a better crossfitter physically as well as mentally. You will be sorely missed. Once again, thank you for your coaching, dedication and passion. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.

    • Conor – beast mode aka the prodigy aka D1. You are dedicated, strong, and insanely gifted. You will go very far in this sport. Keep asking questions. Ask more questions. Ask and find the answers to every question you have about every movement. Thanks for the well wishes, buddy. It has been awesome training with you!

  44. Maureen B.

    MDV. You were my elements coach, I didn’t know anyone, I barely knew what crossfit was, but after those few classes I was hooked. Real sad to see you go :/, but this opportunity sounds awesome. So adventurous. You’re an amazing coach and there is no doubt you will succeed in whatever you set out to do. Thanks for letting me crash the 5:30 pm once in while!!

    • I know I know, Neon Fridays wont be the same without me. You dont have to say it. I already know.

      Crash the 530p whenever you want! I may be crashing it with you a few times.

      • Maureen B.

        haha OH yes. I actually think you and Max had a secret competition going on who could wear less neon on Neon Friday.

  45. Congrats, MDV!

    Our loss is RCFO’s gain. You’ve meant so much to the entire CFNE family, and especially to Rasheed, Malik, and I. In the year since we’ve joined CFNE, you’ve coached each one of us in just the right way – and what a testament to your coaching, patience and character that is! :)

    Best wishes to you…I take some solace in the fact that we still see Mel, and hope the same will be true for you.

    • The Browns. Such an great, kind, well adjusted family. You, Rasheed, & Malik are so freaking awesome that it’s impossible to fathom sometimes. You have dedicated your time and energy to CFNE at many competitions and events. The bond that you three share in CrossFit is something that I hope to emulate some day with my own family. Thank you for being a fantastic example of a loving family :)

  46. Scott M

    MDV – You are the wind beneath my squat snatch. I’ve told you this mano y mano, but I’ll say it again. You’re the reason I stuck with CrossFit. The cheering. The goading. The heckling. The pushing. Mostly the heckling. I needed all of it and you were more than happy to oblige. I have a long way to go, but I can’t believe some of the stuff I can do now because of you. You were always patient and always there to help. I can’t thank you enough. Big awkward man hug.

    • HAHHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHA. Can always count on my manes man maney for some comic relief. Thank YOU for all that you’ve done for me. From reviewing my silly ideas or giving me a kind word here or there when you know I needed it. Perhaps most important thanks for making me laugh and smile along the way. You are a special dude, no doubt. Bro hug back at you.

  47. Wendy P

    MDV -First…. NOOOO.. Second.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Sounds like an incredible opportunity. You will be truly missed. You are a great coach and an incredible athlete. I whole heatedly want to thank you for all your support, pointers, and corrections. You have played a very big role in my crossfit journey and I am very grateful! Good luck with your new adventure and don’t be a stranger :)

    • Thank you Wendy! I’ve loved working with all the Ps. Wendy, Lauren, Jeff — such an awesome family. Congrats on all your success and on absolutely crushing the pale challenge. Yours is another smile that I will certainly miss on a daily basis!

  48. ECizzle

    Congratulations, Matty! How exciting! Well deserved and looking forward to seeing you at the ‘bok.

    • Thanks for putting up with my endless hows & whys about movement, fitness, nutrition, CrossFit, life, love, etc. You’re one of the best coaches I know and certainly one of smartest, most well adjusted individuals I’ve ever met. I am going to miss you during the 430 kids class :)

  49. The moment your non-talking, mean-mugging ass walked into CFNE for the first time, I couldn’t figure out whether to work out with you or stomp your guts out.

    Then, I saw you work out and lose your shit, booting a barbell because it wouldn’t bend to your will. Right then, I knew we had something in common. You really gave a shit. About CrossFit, and about the people around you.

    Then, we got to know you and before long I couldn’t imagine what the gym was like before you came to CFNE. You’re all heart brother. Couldn’t be happier for you. Huge congrats and all the best wishes. You’ll kill it just like you have everywhere else you’ve been.

    It’s been an honor to work with you, to train with you, and most importantly, to call you my friend. All the best Matty.

    • Daigs. The Czar of the Coffee Bean. The Minister of Anger During WODS. Gone are the days of barbell bashing but I’ve kept the intensity. Thank you for all your inspirational words. I miss our days sharing meals at CPK and crushing topics from the esoteric to the elementary and everything in between. You’re one of the most unique and talented dudes I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. CFHQ is lucky to have you!

  50. Tricia D

    What! Well thats not what I expected to see this morning. But, you are an excellent coach and so I’m not totally surprised you have this opportunity. Thank you for your help and patience with me as a total beginner starting from ground zero. Your guidance and tips were so spot on and really helped me to stick with this when I wanted to say “oh, I think I’m in the wrong gym, think I’ll go home now.” Warm wishes for the best of everything life has to offer you. Keep up the great work and professionalism, Matt.

    • Michelene

      My thoughts echo Tricia D’s! Two things stand out for me about your coaching style: how you explain things in a way that really makes them stick and your ability to throw out a small word of encouragement when it is needed most. I think that you probably do these things automatically and maybe don’t even realize the impact you have. So sorry to see you go but I wish you much success!!

      • Ah I love seeing former elements students still crushing it. I had such a great time taking you ladies through elements. It’s is so cool to see you sticking with it and absolutely crushing it!

    • Tricia thank you so much for your kindness and warmness! You are 100% in the right gym. You belong here and you’ve proved that to yourself each morning. You and Greg will be missed dearly. Thank you for the MDV sticker — that’s one of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received!


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