Monday 6.17.13

The 'ol tricep mash. A good place to start when working on your front rack mobility.

The ‘ol tricep mash. A good place to start when working on your front rack mobility.

Futuristic Lover
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1  Front Squat (185,135)
10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100  Double Unders

*Front squats come from the ground, no racks.

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Choose Wisely.

Choose Wisely.

Compare your past Lovers…HERE. Snicker.


  1. FL @ 115# Mostly singles. Du’s a mess – kept on working on them until we hit the 30min mark.

    Good to back in the box. Thanks for the coaching on the DU’s Harry.

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  3. Futuristic Lover: 28:22 – 85# and mostly DU’s until last two rounds where I doubled the #’s and did singles.

  4. Braatz

    Futuristic Lover: 25:04 (155#)

    PR – 20# heavier and 2:03 faster than my last Lover, which was 4 months ago.

  5. Futuristic Lover: 32:15, 125#

    Oof. 10# heavier but 6:45 slower than last time. Just didn’t have it today.

  6. Also: someone picked up my rope on accident. It’s the red Rogue double bearing rope w/ short black handles. There is tape on the handles with my name on it. If you picked it up by mistake, please let me know.

    • Oops sorry I grabbed your rope. I will bring it tomorrow and leave it at front desk if you are not there. Or let me know if you would like me to do differently. If anyone sees mine, which is also Rogue with black handles and red rope but no name please let me know.

  7. Heather V

    Futuristic Lover: 24:56 Rx PR

  8. Greg D

    Futuristic Lover: DNF 9+26 (155#)

  9. 16:16rx

  10. Rick W.

    29:26 155#

  11. Michelene

    FL: 85# & not really counting the time because I only did 1/2 the DU reps and I was alternating SU and DUs (well, that is what I was trying to do). It was messy, but it is the first time I have attempted to do any DUs in a WOD. Huge goat, must work on it.

    Didn’t get a chance to post after the throwdown about how much fun the event was!! It was great to work with Colleen N and Tom G who are both incredible athletes. Thanks to Ben, Heather, the coaches, etc.. for organizing such an incredible day!! Also, front squat PR: 95#

    • Heather O

      Awesome job with the weight girl and on the PR this past weekend. :-) You are getting super strong!!

    • Tricia D

      Great work!! Strong cleaning that up!!

    • Thanks so much for your team spirit at the throwdown and making “Jack’s Pack” of pirates look the part! Nice work on the costumes AND the PR! Argh, a ration of rum for you, matey!

  12. Futuristic Lover: DNF, with 155#, was about 60 reps into round of 90.

    DUs were basically non-existent, which resulted in a head-to-toe whipping session. The back of my head looks like my daughter took a red marker and practiced drawing lines.

  13. Brook R

    Futuristic Lover: DNF – 155# – just 17 DUs + 1 FS + 100 DUs from finishing… which at my DU pace at the end may have taken another 30 mins.

    Last time I did this at 135# and did 2x singles, so some progress on both fronts, but plenty of work to do. Thanks to Harry and Max for the help on the FS.

  14. michelle

    FL: 29:14. 105#. N

    • michelle

      Not too fast but making some progress on dus.
      Morgan- you are so amazing. It is great to have you back!

  15. Colleen (OC)

    Futuristic Lover: 22:34, 65# and the following double under rep scheme: 3-6-9-12-15-18-21 and then was totally wiped and running late for my meeting in Chatham… So I did 50-60-70 single unders. Special thanks to Heather V for not throwing up on me today!

  16. denise sullivan

    fl: 24:39 85#, du’s

    thought 80# on bar during wod, actually 85#

  17. FL: 14:3?, 95# and SUs.

  18. marissa

    futuristic lover: 26:30 (95#, rounds 1-5 DUs, rounds 6-10 2xSUs)

  19. FL: 23:17 @115#. Started with DU attempts in the early rounds but switched to singles…lots and lots of singles.

  20. Fl 37:02 Rx
    Nothing to say…

  21. laura c

    FL: 17:XX (forgot..maybe 29 or 45)…. did 65# from rack and all singles

    My back is a mess but wanted to come in today so I told myself to keep it light and off the rack and ALL singles – So, that was my plan and I stuck to it.. even though I wanted and could do more….. sometimes you just gotta be smart so you can come back tomorrow. And I gotta say, that was a shitload of singles and I got a good workout! DONE!!

    • denise sullivan

      good girl….being smart about injuries can be so hard!

    • Colleen (OC)

      I love that 65# was your “light” weight!!!!

      • Laura c

        Lol… Off the rack for front squats…. OC.. I’m a beast:)! Kidding.

  22. FL: 16:22 Did 8 rounds 8-1 Power Cleans #135 and 5-40 Double Unders

  23. Annmarie

    FL: 17:45 80#FS, did 5, 10, 15 double unders then singles from 40-100

  24. Futuristic Lover: 17:09 (105#)
    10#/2:47 PR

  25. Big Bri

    “Futuristic Lover” – 22:31 Rx’d

  26. Futuristic Lover: 23:53 185# from the rack and Scale 1 DU (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.)

    DUs are getting a little better. I think I might actually be making some progress.

  27. Melinda

    Futuristic Lover: 28:30 125#

    Thanks for the inspiration today from the patio crew and especially Ashley F….

  28. Colleen (C4!)

    Futuristic Lover 21:51 with 135# and S,D,S,D unders.

    After class I practiced my double unders and got six in a row, twice! Wahoo, I hope me and the DUs have a long romance….

  29. Cotter

    “Futuristic Lover”: 25:10 (Rx FS & 2x Singles)

    Good work, Patio Crew: Geoff, Cam, Melinda and Ashley!

  30. Susan Stein

    Futuristic Lover: 15:55 (70#, 2 x singles)

    Fun day hanging with the Nooners!

  31. Geoff L

    FL – 14:22 Rx

  32. Hughie

    Only first 5 rounds
    Scaled front squats to 95#, unbroken sets, go heavier next time.

  33. Jonathan

    Futuristic Lover: 27:48 (155# FS) Mixed in some singles in the round of 70 to keep from losing my mind when DU’s totally fell apart.

  34. Alison

    FL – 23:20 (I think) 90# and 1/2 the DU. I had a hard time keeping track of where I was in this wod.

  35. Work Gym modified FL:
    FS 135
    subbed abs for DU’s

  36. Sara C

    Futuristic Luv-ah: 19:45 @ 75# and singles. Wow, this becomes all about the damn rope pretty quickly!

  37. FL: 105# and subbed row of 5, 10, 15 calories……
    And so on. Lots of rowing! Took me about 36
    Minutes. Glad I did this cause it saves me from being
    In lots of heel discomfort from double unders–BUT,
    It was really hard rowing as much as I did.
    Legs are shot from Friday and Saturdays thrusting
    And squatting–never quite recovered and today
    Really dragging as day goes on. Ready for
    Some upper body work and less squatting….

  38. Futuristic lover: DNF 23 reps into the 80 set. (95#). Glad I stuck with the DUs. It was tough.

  39. Matty Noits

    115# 22:50

  40. Sean Rockett

    22:11 135#

  41. Mike Dunleavy

    22:01 135#

  42. Megan B

    50-40-30-20-10 kettlebell swings 35#
    10-20-30-40-50 abmat situps


    Abmat situps were unbroken. Swings felt good – I did the first half of each set as normal (overhead) and the second half of each set as Russian (eyeball height). My shoulder is pretty pooped, but not in pain. Also gave me a chance to work on snatching the kettlebell – fun times!

  43. Kate S

    18:00 Rx

  44. Futuristic lover: 29:07, 95#, double unders rx
    That owned me

  45. Maureen B.

    Futuristic <3er: 27:12 (90#) Half DU's

  46. Amanda S.

    Futuristic Lover: 32:42 (120#, Rx DUs)

    Frustrating one tonight. Time to get the DUs back.

  47. Eugene

    FL. 26:25 155#. First time back in a week…felt it.

  48. Cheryl

    FL: 17:32 90# and singles…did this in Feb, 37 sec faster but 25# lighter.

  49. Futuristic Lover: 32:22 (83#, Rx DUs) – 18# PR :-D

    Talk about progress…I had MAJOR battle wounds after my first attempt at this WOD. Only two noticeable marks on my left arm after tonight with RX DUs – BOO YA!

    Feb 19th – “31:00 65# and DU attempts. WOW. I felt like I was really starting to get the DU’s…except when I miss and slash my left arm…multiple times…and leave horrible marks that are still pretty bad 12 hrs later…gotta love it!” My first CFNE picture thanks to Toni ;-D

    Post Work – OTM10 4 pull ups, 5 knee push ups with Cheryl. 3×10 wall squats – day 1 of my personal challenge.

  50. Futuristic Lover: 30:00 DNF – 115# got as far as 2 front squats + 50 DUs. Came to the gym without my rope and was out of sorts on the DUs.

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