REVISED…Teams & Heats!

Hey Guys,

Check out the spreadsheet below for your team members and heat numbers.Β REMEMBER TEAM COSTUMES ARE ENCOURAGED — EVEN IF IT’S JUST OUTRAGEOUS COLORS!

Any questions or concerns, please see one of the coaches!


1 Montoya 4 Katie T
Dalia Curt V
Joe V Cheri B
Geoff Meg F
Amy T Tam M
Amie S Kristen B
Rachel M Meg L
Alex M Rich C
Cheryl J Tom A
Heather B Rasheed
Theo M Gavin G
Devon E Jamie S
Tracy Greg D
Nick L Casey T
Lauren P Andrea W
Mike McD Paul Brickley
Leo R Laura C
Ethan M Marissa R
Jim B
BobbyΒ  L
Erin O
2 Ally B 5 Brian L
Christian P Ali G
Andrew E Will V
Dan C Eugene
Sandy S Amanda K
Addison Eileen D
Paul P Lil Tony
Liz M Wendy P
Patty Jean Andrea B
Doug B Justin E
Krystle O Toni I
Jeremy G Susan S
Mike G JC
Brooke R Rachel E
Sonia M Alex K
Cam Tom L
Tony T Maureen B
Rick V Deb R
3 Bob R 6 Tom G
Collin M Coleen N
Kristen R Michelene
Chad M Andrew H
Sam G Corey F
AnnMarie D Sam L
Bethany H Kim P
Travaun Rebecca E
Chris A John K
John D Mike R
Andy L Melinda K
Lynne M Cary C
Chris M
Katrina S
Jack M
Andy R
Kathy L
Dillon R