Revised…Teams & Heats for Internal Team Throwdown



REVISED…Teams & Heats!

Hey Guys,

Check out the spreadsheet below for your team members and heat numbers. REMEMBER TEAM COSTUMES ARE ENCOURAGED — EVEN IF IT’S JUST OUTRAGEOUS COLORS!

Any questions or concerns, please see one of the coaches!


1 Montoya 4 Katie T
Dalia Curt V
Joe V Cheri B
Geoff Meg F
Amy T Tam M
Amie S Kristen B
Rachel M Meg L
Alex M Rich C
Cheryl J Tom A
Heather B Rasheed
Theo M Gavin G
Devon E Jamie S
Tracy Greg D
Nick L Casey T
Lauren P Andrea W
Mike McD Paul Brickley
Leo R Laura C
Ethan M Marissa R
Jim B
Bobby  L
Erin O
2 Ally B 5 Brian L
Christian P Ali G
Andrew E Will V
Dan C Eugene
Sandy S Amanda K
Addison Eileen D
Paul P Lil Tony
Liz M Wendy P
Patty Jean Andrea B
Doug B Justin E
Krystle O Toni I
Jeremy G Susan S
Mike G JC
Brooke R Rachel E
Sonia M Alex K
Cam Tom L
Tony T Maureen B
Rick V Deb R
3 Bob R 6 Tom G
Collin M Coleen N
Kristen R Michelene
Chad M Andrew H
Sam G Corey F
AnnMarie D Sam L
Bethany H Kim P
Travaun Rebecca E
Chris A John K
John D Mike R
Andy L Melinda K
Lynne M Cary C
Chris M
Katrina S
Jack M
Andy R
Kathy L
Dillon R



  1. Maureen B.

    Is Ton L really Tom L?? Okay dream team feel free to email me and we can coordinate colors/costumes 😉

  2. Corey and Sam: hit me up at your leisure ( to discuss important things like:

    a) Team Name
    b) color scheme (I have no input or thoughts here; I am wildly unoriginal when it comes to costumes)
    c) whether you are going to force me to dress up…although I note that I do have a seamstress on standby

    • How bout a clickable version:

    • sounds good Andrew—which class are you at Friday? Corey?
      my email is
      I think from my memory Corey is into neon? yes?
      Corey–if you are checking this can you email Andrew and me?

      • Corey, shoot us that email! Neon sounds good to me…it’s simple and I have some (for some reason).

        Sam, I’m planning to go to the 5:30 am tomorrow, although I’ll be taking it light so I don’t mess up our run for the gold on Saturday.

  3. Rachel E

    Woooo so pumped for this! Alex and JC, let’s get in touch — Which one of us is going to be Thor??

  4. Krystle

    Real Doug Bell or Fake Doug Bell?!

  5. laura c

    any thoughts on what time the heats will go?

    • first heat is at 4am.

    • Ben Bergeron

      Rough Schedule:

      10:00 – We will talk about the day and workouts (standards, scoring, costumes, drinking during wods, etc…), then you will have some time to warm up

      10:30 – Heat1
      10:50 – Heat2
      11:10 – Heat3
      11:30 – Heat4
      11:50 – Heat5

      12:20 – Heat1
      12:40 – Heat2
      1:00 – Heat3
      1:20 – Heat4
      1:40 – Heat5

      Please Note: There are still athletes signing up so there will be some shifting around. In other words your team may not be going at the assigned times….. On top of that, those that are running this event are going to be half in the bag by 11am. Best bet is to plan on being here from 10-3, ready for anything and prepared to cheer and have some fun.

      • Being in Heat 6, this schedule is confusing. Perhaps I’ll join you guys in the bag. I’m comfortable there…much moreso than in neon booty shorts.

        • Ben Bergeron

          Like I said. Things are going to be shifting around because more people are still signing up….That, and I’m half in the bag right now.

          10:30 – Heat1
          10:50 – Heat2
          11:10 – Heat3
          11:30 – Heat4
          11:50 – Heat5
          12:10 – Heat6

          12:30 – Heat1
          12:50 – Heat2
          1:10 – Heat3
          1:30 – Heat4
          1:50 – Heat5
          2:10 – Heat6

          • laura c

            sounds like my life…I am totally comfortable with that….being in the bag and all:)!

        • Big Mike

          On who’s account are you clocking billable hours for all this banter?

      • So Ben,Do we have to be Sober when we show up ?

        • Colleen (c4!)

          I’m going to stay out all night long partying and will just show up after I go to IHOP for breakfast. And that breakfast will be pancakes with the fake boysenberry syrup. Boo Ya!

  6. Mike and Lauren: shoot me an email at I say we wear neon! Maureen and Rachel will never expect it 😉

  7. Rebecca E and John K email me at to coordinate..

  8. Curt V.

    Dan C and Sandy S,

    Addison is my daughter. You can communicate with her by emailing me at



  9. i love saturday already, and its only thursday.

    • Curt V.

      Me too! I loved this last year and now my 14 year old daughter is jumping into the competition.

  10. laura c

    Marissa and Paul B lets get in touch –

  11. dylan r

    I assume that Dillon R is actually Dylan R. No matter how much you coaches try to peer pressure me into it, I’m not changing the spelling of my name.

    Andy R and Kathy L – I don’t think we’ve met. Hello.
    If you want to coordinate uniforms/outfits/costumes or just come up with a killer strategy let me know –

  12. Tam and Kristen – Let’s do this! Really looking forward to all the fun we’re gonna have! Drop me an email at xmegfox at gmail dot com so we can coordinate! : )

  13. Andy, Dillon – contact me: Need to make a plan and deliver!

  14. Lynne Mc

    John D and Andy L please get in touch!


  15. Wish I was doing this … I’ll be there for the after party.

  16. Kev, Dalia – love it! Lets talk Email me at:

    Also, any way to swap for a later heat? I have a family commitment until shortly after 11. Otherwise, I’ll bow out, let one of the late registrants take my spot and get in the bag.

  17. Mike and Ethan, you can email me at
    We chat about strategy, costumes…

  18. Andrew E

    Ali B and Christian P; I’m a newcomer but I can’t wait to work with you two! Shoot me an email if you want to strategize:

  19. Michelene

    Looking forward to working with you Dan M & Colleen N! Send me an email if you want to coordinate strategy, fashion, etc.:

    • Michelene

      Looks like Tom G has replaced Dan M. Colleen N and I are tossing around some ideas for team attire. Please join in the planning if you have a few minutes otherwise look forward to catching up tomorrow!!

    • Michelene

      Colleen – check your email, heard from Tom, costume change

  20. Cheryl

    Hey Rachel M and Alex M!
    I had no idea we would need to coordinate outfits! Give me a shout at

    • Rachel M

      We have to coordinate our outfits for sure! When things are getting tough and you have on the coolest outfit out there, you just think to yourself, “well at least I look good!” How about Red White and Blue? today is Flag Day so feel its only appropriate….

  21. Anyone have a mullet wig they don’t mind lending out? I have a Billy Ray Cyrus concert to attend tomorrow.

  22. Greg D

    Casey T and Andrea W tomorrow we enter the CFNE Thunderdome! Email me at to coordinate attire and formulate a game plan.

    “Thunderdome. How do I get in there?”

    “That’s easy. Pick a fight!”

  23. Kristin R

    Bob and Collin, if you’re out there…

    If I don’t hear from you I’ll just assume you’re both dressing up like Lady Gaga on a bender…

  24. Tricia D

    Guys I wont be competing, but bringing the kids down for a bit. Can I bring something – I thought I heard mention of a cookout somewhere along the way. Let me know what you need if so!

  25. Rick-V

    Will the WOD’s be posted today/tonight?

    • Curt V.

      WOD #1 – “Legs and Lungs”
      In 7 minutes, each athlete establishes a 5-rep max Front Squat
      *Weight it taken from the ground. Total score is the sum of each athlete’s best lift.

      After the 7-minute time cap hits, rest 2:00, followed by: 600m Hill Sprint for time.
      *With the team, you must carry 1 x 35lb KB and 1 x 14lb MedBall. Can pass between athletes as needed.

      WOD #2 – “Ménage à Trois”
      For time:
      A. 15-12-9 of: Deadlift(75), Burpees
      B. 15-12-9 of: Power Clean(75), Pullups
      C. 15-12-9 of: Power Snatch(75), Chest-to-bar Pullups
      1200m Row, with each athlete rowing 400m

      First athlete fully completes Part A (entire 15-12-9), and then tags the second athlete, who fully completes part B. Second athlete then tags third athlete, who completes part C.
      After all three 15-12-9’s have been completed, the team must row a total of 1200 meters, changing every 400m.
      *Teams chooses which athletes will complete which part.
      *Barbell weight is 75lbs throughout.

  26. Susan Stein

    Hey Justin & Toni email if you want to figure out outfits. Thanks! Steins102 at
    Looking forward to it! -Susan

  27. Mike R and Melinda K. email if you want to strategize before tomorrow a.m.. Looking forward to a great day! Cary–

  28. Melinda

    Ok new teammates Mike R and Cary C! – hit me?!

  29. Mike G and Brook R here is my contact, otherwise I will be there early.

  30. Eugene & Eileen D let’s coordinate!

  31. Brian L

    Post the wods

  32. Nick and Lauren- wear the brightest colors you can find :)
    Email me if you guys see this-

  33. Can’t believe I’m missing this. Wedding tomorrow. Have fun gang!

  34. Matty Noits

    Just got back from London… I will be cheering you all on…. So jet lagged.

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