Saturday 6.15.13 – TEAM THROWDOWN!

This is CFNE. We are CFNE.

This is CFNE. We are CFNE.

Team Internal Throwdown!

7 min to Est. 5 Rep Max Front Squat (from the ground)


600m weighted Run

15-12-9 Relay!


1200m team Row


  1. Michelene

    Colleen N – check your email, heard from Tom, costume change…

  2. Will there be any officials doing random testing today?
    I have a feeling our team is going to test positive for AWESOME today!

    • JC, that’s awesome, love it!

    • Today was classic CFNE. Awesome WODs, great friends (new and old), and lots of opportunities to do things we didn’t think we could do.

      Highlights for me were hanging with team “Electric Snatch”!, the Cave People, PRs all over the place, and sucking down a few beers and banging out a few 400’s with some buddies!

      Fun fun day!

  3. Doug Bell's Subconscious

    My team has this thing wrapped up!!!

  4. Had a great time today, Nice job team Mike G and Brook R and all CFNErs competing today. Bummed I couldn’t stay longer for the after party as my time in MA is very limited lately. Can’t wait to go back full time to MA and CFNE!

  5. Will, email me for Dr. Info. Not Mgh as I thought. Robc1776 at gmail dot com

  6. Love. This. Day.

  7. Greg D

    Great day at CFNE today! Thank you to Ben, Heather, Harry, Max and all the volunteers that made today so enjoyable. Huge shout-out to Andrea and Casey for their unbelievable performances at the Throwdown. Can’t wait til next year.

    1-2-3 TEAM!

  8. Rasheed

    That was lots of fun!!


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