Friday 6.14.13

Judi D.

Judi D.

Thrusters (135,95)
Bar Muscle Up

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Light 'em up.

Light ‘em up.

Setting Up to Throw Down!

Hey Team,

Tomorrow after the 530pm we will be doing some small setting up for the Team Internal Throwdown. There will be beer. There will be weights. There will be objects being caution taped. If you want to help out, it would be greatly appreciated!

In Testosterone,



  1. Laura c

    So, let me get this right… If you don’t have bar muscle ups you sub something like… Pull ups and then BAM you have a heavier Fran….interesting.

  2. Braatz

    I like how Andrew Ho said (on the Throwdown post) he was going to ‘take it light’ on Friday’s workout. No such thing, Iced Coffee Pooper Guy. No such thing.

    • Well I have no intention of doing this crazy shit. So I’ll be taking it light fo sho, punk.

  3. Dan C.

    Wow, this may be my favorite wod of all time!

  4. Katie Chiappinelli

    Go Judy!!!

  5. Ashley R

    Nice photo Judi!!

  6. Dammmm: 13:33 (85#, kipping pull ups)

    I provided the coaches with lots of opportunity for correction on my thrusters. Thanks guys!
    Katie, thanks for pushing me to do 85#.
    Heather, SUPERBUDDY!

  7. Heather O

    Great picture Judi! :)
    Happy Friday everyone and great job this am 5:30, especially to those who did the bar mu! Amazing. :)
    Last night: 7.2 mile run in 1:08. Getting ready for the 10K next weekend and though it was raining I pushed myself to do a mile more since Chelsea had me barely able to walk the past few days!
    Damnnnnn: 11:08 with 60# and green banded pu.

    Big shout out to Tricia D using the skinny band today! You are doing so great girl and are a huge inspiration to me to keep with my practice and someday follow in your footsteps! :)

    Have a great weekend everyone and best of luck tomorrow!

    • Tricia D

      Thx! So pumped! Great job today and great job running in the rain. U r a nut!!!!!

      • Proud to see that Tricia! Awesome job this morning.

      • Heather O

        Haha thanks girl! Mother nature was not cooperating but I refuse to run on a treadmill unless it is a hurricane or a blizzard! :-)

  8. Mike R.

    Dammmmn: 14:13 (21/15/9 thrusters @ 105# and 9/6/3 bar MU)

    Thanks for the pointers on the BMU, Harry and Max.

  9. Dammmmn= my life….whaa, it’s sooo early, whaaa it’s STILL raining?? Wtf? Oh my god, I hate thrusters, whaa, major pity party. They want me to go up in weight from Fran? I don’t think so .. 1st round inner dialogue.. I am so weak, I will never get stronger. Harry reminds me to use my hips and jump it up. Coffee kicks in. 2nd round inner dialogue..this is good for me, I can so do this. Rachael reminds me to go deeper on the squat. 3rd round inner dialogue…I could so go heavier..damn I’m good. Dammn: 15 something 55# kipping pull-ups. I love cfne.

  10. Alison

    Looking good, Judi. Miss you.

    Thursday – active rest day with hot yoga
    today – Master’s Swim – 2300 yards.

    Finally, I’m feeling human again. Chelsea kicked my ass — well actually my shoulders and pecs so badly. Swimming was so good for me this morning – stretched out everything.

    Good luck tomorrow everyone. Have a blast!!!

  11. Braatz

    Damnnnnnnnnn: 13:15 (115#, C2B pull-ups)

    Tough, but not the disaster I expected. But, still, I have to say it: Hey, heavy thrusters… double f*%! you.

    Shout out to Mike and Mike in the 5:30am for doing the bar MUs. Word.

  12. Tricia D

    Dammnnnnnnn: 11:59 (60#, skinny blue band)

    Tough and form of thrusters suspect for a few.

    • Michelene

      Way to go on the skinny band!!! Woo hoo!

    • Tricia D

      Thanks! First time I took the leap in a WOD. So glad I did!! Good luck tomorrow!

  13. Big Mike

    Damnnnnnn: 9:52 (105# & Reg PU’s)

    Nothing good to say about today’s performance

  14. Rachel E

    Damnnnnnnnnnnn: <—do I need more Ns?

    11:06 (75#, KPU and C2B). Did this backwards in that I started with kipping PU and then did the last set as C2B — next time will do the reverse and see if/when I burn out.

    Great pic, Judi!

  15. Maureen B.

    Damnnnnnn: 10:46 (65# + KPU) Went light and slowwww this morning

  16. Dammmmn: 10:46 80#/C2B

  17. Heather V.

    Damnnnnnn: 13:25 (95#, C2B)

  18. Damnnnn those thrusters were hard: 12:28 with 95# and C2B scaled to 15-10-5

  19. laura c

    DAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNNNN that was a mind game…. 12:05 75# and ALL CTB! Yeah me

    I went today with the plan of doing 45# b/c my back has been sore….somehow I listened to Ben who suggested 80# but we deciced to play it safe with 75# b/c my back. He encouraged me to try all CTB and drop reps if need be….Well, by golly, I did them all!

    I think I get “CF googles” …kinda like beer goggles but this usually works to my fitness benefit and we know how the other turns out….hee hee And I giggled without even typing snatch…I am so mature!

    Can you tell I did an energy shot???

  20. Anybody got a mullet wig? You know, lying around.

    • laura c

      ask Dan C…we had him wear one last year..I am sure he still has it for special occasions….

    • sarahw

      I actually do. Business in the front. Party in the back. Won’t see you before tomorrow though.

      • You’re not playing tomorrow? Lame.

        • Sarah W

          Just wait until you’re married and have kids…oh wait. Shoot. I’m lame.

      • Colleen (c4!)

        Ha ha! You make me laugh. Hard.

        • Colleen (c4!)

          No offense Ho, but my laugh comment was exclusively directed to Sarah’s mullet description.

    • Krystle

      Or you could shave the top of your head and make a real mullet

  21. Sammy B.

    Damnnnnnn 9:20 (60#, kipping banded)

    No mystery why the WoD is named that. Definate mind game even though I may have sold myself a little short. I went 10# up from my usual Fran, so some kind of Fran PR. This one helped me out of a little CFit funk of late.

    Thanks again to all you early posters … helps heaps when I am in the barn at 9am trying to figure out how to attack the WoD.

  22. Damnnnnn….mmmm. Laughed at this name. But it came true for me. 85# and PUs. Working on form all week, thrusters came together around the 18th rep and my first time doing unassisted pull-ups! PR! Pull-ups were a personal goal 5 months ago but I thought it would take a year. Damnnn..mmmm

  23. Damnnnnnn: 7:35 (115#, C2B)

    I attempted the Bar Muscle Ups during the warm up and found a new movement to add to the Goat List! Great way to start the day!

  24. Big Bri

    “Damnnnnnnnn” – whoa.

    25:39 with 21-12-6 thrusters 135# and 12-9-6 bar muscle-ups. Mucho thanks to the 9:30 crew for the encouragement! Thanks MDV for the tips at the bar.

  25. Sarah W

    Damnnnnnn: 13:45. sets of 21 & 15 at 75#, set of 9 at 85#; c2b.
    Thrusters are hard

  26. 14:39 135# and C2B

  27. Annmarie

    Damnnnnnn 11:44 65#thrusters, attempted to try 75 but wasn’t happening. Scaled the pull ups to 15-10-5 to save my hands for tomorrow

  28. Megan B

    12:20 with 15-10-5 of 65# thrusters and c2b

    Shoulder = getting better.

  29. Merci beaucoup! Just finished an amazing week of cycling in Provence (highlight: climb up Mont Venteux for the cyclists in the group). In Lake Annecy region for the weekend. Feeling pretty fortunate right now! See you next weekend. Have fun at the throw down….and remember the colored erasers for our little buddies in Kenya.

    • Meant see you next week…guess I just wish I had another whole week here!

  30. Andy R

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAM – 17:38 RX. Thanks Heather for tips on bar muscle ups and to Scott for help at the end when I could not breath.

  31. Ashley R

    I think Heather wants it to be Daaaaammmmm like Andy R said :)

    10:51 with the nooners today. 70# and butterfly pull ups. Everything was broken and sloppy but that is the most weight I have ever “thrusted” and most butterfly pull ups I have done in a WOD so it was a win.

  32. Melinda

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAM (going with Nooner version): 9:50 90#, KPU

    tough one today, slow and felt heavy

    + 20RM BS: 150# but form was off
    + 3x1000m row

  33. Jonathan

    DAAAAAAAMN: 12:55 (95# snatches instead of thrusters) and 5-5-12 muscle-ups.

  34. Conor Nugent

    DAAAAAMN Rx’d 14:20

  35. Colleen (c4!)

    My “Daaaamnnn” was a “Gosh Darn It” today. My shredded hands are not ready for hard work.

    65# at 21/15/9 rep scheme; strict pull ups 12/9/6. 7:50

  36. Cotter

    “Damnnnnnnn”: 11:22 (135 & ctb)

  37. Damnnnn 15:06 rx

    4x400m “run”

  38. Krystle

    Daaaaaammmmmn: 11:50 (65#, C2B)

    First time ever I actually almost didn’t come because I was feeling lazy and my hammies are sore… Then next thing I new I was grabbing a barbell.

  39. Damnnnnnnnnn
    7:18 – 55#, 35# KBS.
    Excited foru first throwdown tomorrow! GO CFNE!

  40. Chris L. (Bruzzo)

    Bum shoulder is a nightmare so…
    21-15-9 of:
    Row (calories) & GHDs – 6:23
    Every WOD is ALWAYS harder than it looks on paper!!!
    Have fun tomorrow CFNE!!!

  41. Dave P

    8:20 95# and pull ups. My first attempt at a Fran style wod. Next time go heavier.

  42. Daaaaaaaaaaammn. 8:45, 65#,and red band PU.


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