Thursday 6.13.13

Yup, that feeling too.

Yeah, that feeling.

Mind Eraser
7 Power Clean (135,95)
7 Burpees
200m Run

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How much sleep are you getting...a restful 8 hours?

How much sleep are you getting…a restful 8 hours?

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  1. Christian

    Kaeli-O… I’m screwed. They’re a gateway drug.

  2. This WOD is a CLASSIC. I did this at the office last week. Get after it guys!

  3. rich t

    Mind Eraser – 5+14 Rx

    felt like molasses. need rest day.

  4. Crossfit Ignite, Park Ridge NJ. Nice box. CFNE shirt worn. Coach says “you work out there? Really? Did you ever get coached by like Heather?” “Yeah, and Ben too” “oh man…”

    We are lucky and I am grateful!!!
    10×3 floor press 60% (95#)
    10×3 sumo DL 60% (95#)
    Met Con
    100 DUs – did 200 su
    75 air squats
    40 T2bar- did knees to chest
    30 DL 135
    20 hang power clean 135 did 95

    • Dave N

      I had a similar experience this week at Guerrilla Fitness in Morristown NJ…Walked into the 6am class. When the coach asked where I worked out said “CFNE” she wanted to know how often I see Heather and Ben…told her all the time. The rest of the class stopped and looked at me (just like the old EF Hutton ads) quickly announced that I was not a good representation of the Great athletes at CFNE….

      • rich t

        similar experiences at boxes that i have been to. Heather and Ben have achieved demigod status in CrossFit affiliates across the country.

        i do my best to reset their expectations of my performance pre-WOD. after 3-2-1, they get it.

        • I definitely felt like I had to represent. It made me work my ass off.

  5. Heather V.

    Mind Eraser: 9 + 14 Rx

  6. Braatz

    Mind Eraser: 7 + 14 + out-the-door Rx

    • sarah wilson

      “out-the-door” counts as one rep or 1/14th of a 200m run (take your pick, Braatz).

  7. Big Mike

    Mind Eraser: 9 + 2 Rx
    Could not catch Heather V-8 this morning…we need to make her start scaling up. Also got psyched out trying to keep count with Greg’s guttural screams…when they stopped I knew he was catching me on burpees….crushed my soul in round 5

  8. Brian L

    Mind eraser- 8+14+ 50 meters RX

  9. Mind Eraser: 8 Rx

  10. Michelene

    Mind Eraser: 8+12 (65#) Aptly named WOD.

  11. Sarah W

    Great WOD. 8 + 13 Rx.

    • Greg D

      Thanks for the shout-outs this morning.

      • sarah wilson

        Shout-outs are one of my strengths. You were doing your own form of shout-outs during the cleans. I love the intensity you bring to the 5:30 am, Greg. Way to make magic this morning.

    • Krystle

      You are my idol! Teach me to lift like you!

  12. Chris M.

    Mind Eraser: 9 rounds Rx’d

  13. Greg D

    Mind Eraser: 9+9 Rx

    Heather V. set a great pace for the WOD today. I was trying to catch her and Big Mike the whole time and keep another athlete off my tail.

  14. Cotter

    “Mind Eraser”: 7 + 14 Rx

  15. 7rds + 7 DL. Mind eraser was heavily modified due to elbow problems. Couldn’t pull of the power cleans or the burpees so subbed deadlifts (135) and pushpresses (95).

    True to form, Harry rolled by and tweaked my form ever so slightly (into the correct form) and the presses got MUCH harder. Thanks, Sir.

    Apologies to my crew on the warmup run: the dropped ball was all me and I couldnt even do the burpees.

  16. Mind Eraser: 7 + 14 + 50m Rx

  17. Dave N

    Mind Eraser at 115#

    7 plus 3

  18. Stephan

    Mind Eraser: 7 + 2 @ 115#.

    PCs felt good at 115, will try 135 next time. Running as always was a bear, not a recovery for me at all.

  19. Rick W.

    In England this week
    Tuesday: 5 on 5 indoor soccer with a bunch of 20 year olds (great metcon…)

    Last night – Did DT untimed in company Gym at 125# – couldn’t drop bar…

    Today Mind Eraser – Subbed row for run @ 125#, had to tighten the collar on the weights every 2 reps… got 6 rounds + 7 reps.

  20. Mind Eraser: 6 rounds. 75#

  21. Wendy P

    Mind Eraser- 8+ 2. 50#…. Still feeling to wrath of Chelsea on my body (and a late, late night of watching hockey)-sore, weak and slow.

    I was happy for the sprinkle of rain during the run- refreshing!!! Fun 9:30 class today :)

  22. Susan Stein

    Mind Eraser: 8 + 4 (65#)

    Favorite part was the run, refreshing cool air and sprinkle of rain felt great. Way to go 9:30!

  23. Krystle

    Mind Eraser: 7+2 (85#)

    200m runs are the bees knees

    • Colleen (C4!)

      Awesome Krystle! That’s your body weight, Little Tiger!

      • Susan Celli (Subie)

        Little Tiger – love it! Great job Krystle. Glad you did the 85# and not me!

  24. Mind eraser: 75 # 6 rounds

  25. Curt V.

    Mind Eraser: 6 rounds even Rx

  26. Jonathan

    Mind Eraser: 6 + 14 Rx.

  27. Andy R

    Mind Eraser: 9 + 11 Rx.

  28. Colleen (C4!)

    Mind Eraser 8 + 14 + 100 meter run, Rx.

    For me this WOD was the “Chelsea Eraser.” It took me three days to get over that she-beast wiccan of a workout. Today it was great to be able to move any part of my body and grip anything heavier than a bottle of ibuprofen. Argh!

  29. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Mind Eraser 7 + 6 – 75#

  30. Lynne Mc

    Mind Eraser 8 + 2 75#

  31. Mind Eraser@ CFWS: 7+5 Rxxx. I did this wod in 2011 with 65# and did 7 rds. So happy to find out I did with 30# heavier and PR the reps. Thanks to CFNE for saving my entry from more than 2 years ago otherwise I wouldn’t know how to compare. Awesome stuff!

  32. Hughie

    7 rnds + 7 +7 +20m
    subbed push-ups, have problem with burpies, its called hatred.

  33. Mind Eraser: 7+7 85#

  34. Christian

    Mind Eraser – 8 + 10 rx

  35. Mind Eraser 9+14+180yds Rx

  36. Strict Press: 5 x 5 up to 140#

    Mind Eraser: 8 rnds Rx
    Had the dream team giving me pointers throughout the WOD – MDV, Geoff, Big Bri. Loved it.

  37. Shannon Dre

    Mind Eraser: 8 rnds w 105# deadlifts. Apparently it erased my mind since I forgot to post my time on the board.

  38. Maureen B.

    Mind Eraser: 7 + 14 + 80m (80#)

  39. Mind Eraser: 8 @155 went unbroken for 6 of 8 on the Power Cleans, thanks Matt for the “wedge myself under” cue.


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