Wednesday 6.12.13

Jen L.

Jen L.

6 x 3 OTM @ 75% 1RM

Clean & Jerk
6 x 3 OTM @ 75% 1RM

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That feeling.

Yeah, that feeling.

CFNE Internal Team Throwdown!

Coming up THIS Saturday — Click HERE to register!

Hey CFNE — Helping Kenya!

Many of you have asked how we can continue to support our “partner-students” at the CFNE school in Guro, Kenya. Although it is exceedingly difficult and costly to ship boxes to Kenya, Dallin Frampton, the project leader for Hope for Kenya (CF HQ), has offered to bring a large bag to Kenya for us on his next trip. So we will be doing two collections:
1) We will be collecting colorful erasers (for pencils) and small boxes of colored chalk at the CFNE Internal Team Throwdown on June 15th. If you won’t be at the throwdown, you can donate for a few weeks after that as well.
2) We will be ordering CFNE t-shirts, which the Guro principal can give out as a reward for doing well on tests, showing up on time, always doing neat and tidy work in school, etc.You can “sponsor a student” by purchasing a t-shirt and then, to make it more personal, writing a note (hey great job, keep up the good work, hard work pays off) to be given with the shirt.  More details on this to follow.
You all are the best!! The students and parents are more grateful to CFNE than you will ever know.
The collection box is located at the front desk!
Judi and Tom



  1. Well crap.

    • Sara C

      You’re welcome.

      • You’re not my favorite person right now.

        • Laura c

          Are you gonna barf holding the bar like that? Impressive.

        • Sara C

          Hey, it’s badass not to drop the bar. I totally would just drop the bar. And I almost typed “to not drop” but then realized that’s a split infinitive and there’s nothing a lawyer hates more than a split infinitive. Oh, except maybe a photo that kiiiinda mayyybe looks like you just crapped out an iced coffee.

      • Big Mike

        Thank you for my new screen saver

    • Please don’t call me a lawyer in my CrossFit time…I’d rather be the iced coffee pooper guy. And judging by this picture I’m only a few clicks from being an Internet meme. Guess I can scratch that off the list.

    • Maureen B.

      haha this picture makes me laugh, love it.

    • Big Mike

      How does this guy beat me in workouts?

    • Fake Doug Bell

      I like the picture. Just make sure you have a red bumper on next time you take that pose. And untie those shoes.

    • rich t

      HO – nice. never, ever seen this before. i am going to try this next time. i may be master of the obvious on this, but are you drying your hands? this is ground breaking stuff.

      CFNE and CrossFit Folks World Wide, i am taking orders for chalk infused long socks at $50 per pair, and chalk refill kits (piece of chalk) at $20. just patented this a few minutes ago. Look it up under ‘the Ho Hold Chalk Sock’.

    • sarah wilson

      Is your crotch helping or hurting in that photo? It’s unclear.

    • Braatz

      This comment thread is gold. Pure gold.

    • Oh boy, first thing I thought of when I saw this was Steve Martin in The Jerk. Ho, it looks like you found your “special purpose” and well…it seems to have a special purpose!

  2. Lisa L

    like :)

  3. Andy L

    Snatch: 85#
    C & J: 135#

    That picture is excellent. Heavy c&j for me today. Max thank you for keeping my head on straight the last two rounds, it got me through!

  4. Colleen (OC)

    Poor Andrew….

    First annual Running of the Chapters 5K at my conference in Hartford: 26:16 (chip timed). PR by almost 3 minutes! Nice, relatively flat course down by the river. Lots of fun! Came in 6th overall for women

  5. snatch: 80
    C&J: 105

    thanks harry, rachel & ben. this morning thing is tough! : )

  6. Mike R.

    Snatch: 85# – started to feel much better with the squat snatch thanks to all the recent practice
    C&J: 135#

  7. Heather V.

    snatch: 70#
    C&J: 100#

  8. Dan C.

    Snatch: 135
    C&J: 190

  9. Snatch: 85 Clean & Jerk: 115

  10. Rachel E

    Snatch: 75#
    C&J: 105#

  11. Chris M.

    S: 130#
    C&J: 165#

  12. Alison

    snatch – 45
    clean and jerk – 70

    I love these WWWods.

  13. Brian L

    snatch- 135
    C&J- 160

  14. rich t

    Snatch – 65
    C&J – 115

  15. John G

    snatch – 105
    c&j – 145

  16. MDV recently gave a good talk on goals and had us set some. I’m adding a few more bc/ I should.
    – Start reading the WOD before class which I never do.
    – Start recording my WOD after class which again I never do.

    Here we go.
    7 @ 5,10,15
    8-18 @ 3,6,9
    19-30 @ 2,4,6

    DT- 85LBs
    Didn’t time myself bc/ I was outside by myself.
    Weight felt good but my grip started to go by the 3rd rnd.

    • laura c

      wait, you do not read the WOD before coming in…actually, I think that is impressive!

  17. Katrina

    Snatch 85#
    C&J 100

  18. marissa

    snatch 65#
    c&j 85#

  19. laura c

    snatch: 45#
    C&J : 65x 1 – back tweaked and went to 55# (prob should have gone to 0#!)

    Felt good to go light and feel the snatch (yup, sounds bad) the way it is suppose to feel…. giggle giggle

    CAN not WAIT for my rest day tomorrow (well, except for my field trip to the freedome trail with the 3rd graders)

  20. Greg D

    Snatch: 90#

    Clean & Jerk: 130#

  21. Sarah Wilson


  22. Patti Jeanne

    snatch: 55#
    C&J 90#
    I’m almost feeling recovered from Chelsea

  23. Andy M

    snatch: 80#
    C&J 110#

  24. Susan Stein

    Snatch: 40#
    C&J: 60#

  25. Snatch 95#
    C&J 150#

  26. Curt V.

    No squatting today.

    Power snatch 100#, Power C&J 150#

  27. Sara C

    Snatch: 45#
    C&J: 75#, then dropped to 65# when form started to suffer.

  28. Snatch 95# super smooth, scary smooth, dare I say I might be turning the corner with the snatch…

    Clean & Jerk 3 rds @170# missed a round and stripped to 155# for the last three.

  29. Chelsea and DT left me immobilized. Now way could I lift. So goat work:

    5k – 28:25…ug
    100 sit-ups for time – 4:20…ug
    5 minutes of DUs…ug

    Now off to do something I’m actually good at…softball!!

  30. Chris L. (Bruzzo)

    Great to be back in the box today after a lengthy layoff for a number of reasons.
    Kinda Chelsea (PUs have now been added to the shoulder No-No list)
    EMOTM: 5 DL (BW @ 195#), 10 PushUps, 15 ARSQs
    8 quick rounds then fell apart fast…but it’s a start.
    Fun to watch our Rockstars practicing mid-afternoon!

  31. 1) Power Snatch: 3×125 7 minutes

    2) PC&J: 3×165 7 minutes

    3) FS; 3x5x135 yeah baby!

    4) 4x750m row (3 minute rest) 2:43, 2:48, 2:46, 2:45

    Thumbs hurt from hook Grip in DT (I’ve grown soft) – Oly today was rough

  32. Snatch: 45#, C&J 70#

  33. Melinda

    Snatch: 85#
    C&J: 105#

    + 4x750m row
    + 3RM PP @ 115#

  34. Cotter

    Snatch: 95#
    C&J: 155#

  35. Snatch: 115#
    C&J: 155#

  36. Big Mike

    Snatch: 95
    C&J: 140
    Snuck in with the 5:30 PM

  37. Christian

    Power clean – 1st rd 195#, next 5 165#
    Power clean and jerk – 155#

    10×1 Front Squat OTM – 225#

    Dropped weight per MDV on the PCs and ended up realizing a major flaw in all my lifts… I don’t use my posterior chain at all. Actually he realized it, so thanks to MDV once I work through the tightness and stiffness in my back and hips and actually use the right muscles I’ll probably lift a ton more and all my lifts will feel better/right.

    Successful, breakthrough night. The “a-ha” moment.

  38. Double session –

    DL 5 x 5 up to 315
    Bench 5 x 5 up to 235

    Snatch 120#
    C&J 145#

  39. Snatch. 35lbs form form form. Hated it.
    CJ 75 lbs felt great.

    2 mike run.

  40. 75/95
    Snatches felt awesome, squat cleans got spicey. Good times w the 730 crew!

  41. Snatch 90#
    C&J 130#

  42. Geoff L



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