Jen L.

Jen L.

6 x 3 OTM @ 75% 1RM

Clean & Jerk
6 x 3 OTM @ 75% 1RM

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That feeling.

Yeah, that feeling.

CFNE Internal Team Throwdown!

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Hey CFNE — Helping Kenya!

Many of you have asked how we can continue to support our “partner-students” at the CFNE school in Guro, Kenya. Although it is exceedingly difficult and costly to ship boxes to Kenya, Dallin Frampton, the project leader for Hope for Kenya (CF HQ), has offered to bring a large bag to Kenya for us on his next trip. So we will be doing two collections:
1) We will be collecting colorful erasers (for pencils) and small boxes of colored chalk at the CFNE Internal Team Throwdown on June 15th. If you won’t be at the throwdown, you can donate for a few weeks after that as well.
2) We will be ordering CFNE t-shirts, which the Guro principal can give out as a reward for doing well on tests, showing up on time, always doing neat and tidy work in school, etc.You can “sponsor a student” by purchasing a t-shirt and then, to make it more personal, writing a note (hey great job, keep up the good work, hard work pays off) to be given with the shirt.  More details on this to follow.
You all are the best!! The students and parents are more grateful to CFNE than you will ever know.
The collection box is located at the front desk!
Judi and Tom