Tuesday 6.11.13

The 830 Friends with BENefits.

The 830 Friends with BENefits.

5 Rounds
12 Deadlift (155,105)
9 Hang Clean
6 Jerks

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Katie. Our Winner!

Katie. Our Winner!

CFNE Internal Team Throwdown!

Coming up THIS Saturday — Click HERE to register!

Class results:

1st place- 8:30am
      With 31 participants and 132.6 lbs lost
Prize: to create the workout of the day for the whole gym to do.
2nd place- 6:30pm
         Lost an average of 1.3 inches off waist
3rd place- 5:30am
       18 inches total off waist measurement
Individual Winner:
Katie Chaippinelli
lost- 10#
        2″ off waist
        3.6% BF
Prize Pack:
Free 1 month membership
1 hour private training with coach of choice
5 meals free, from Paleo Power Meals
50% off any service from Katrina at Caring Touch Massage Therapy
4 Red Sox Tickets in the State Street Pavilion. Including a free parking pass.
Other rockstar participants to recognize:
Stephanie L- Lost 12 lbs
Susan S- lost 12 lbs, 3.3% BF
John G- Lost 5 lbs
Tom L- Lost 4.2% BF
Nikki Z- lost 2″ off waist and 2% BF
Sara B- lost 2″ off waist and 2.1% BF
Martha F- lost 11.5 lbs
Gerogia S- lost 9.5 lbs and 5.8% BF
Amanda S- lost 2.7% BF
Dylan R- lost 13 lbs and 4.1% BF
Tony T- lost 10.5 lbs and 5.5% BF
Amy T- lost 9 lbs and 5.5% BF
Allie P- lost 8lbs
Karen H- lost 6.6 lbs and 3% BF
Laura H- lost 3.5% BF
Maura D- Lost 8.5 lbs and 2″ off waist
Nicole Z- Lost 3.25 inches off waist and 2.8% BF
Wendy P- lost 7.5 lbs and 5.2% BF
Angelo G- lost 17 lbs
Heather O- lost 6.5 lbs and 2.1% BF
Tricia D- lost 3.4% BF
Susanna H- lost 9 lbs and 6% BF
John T- lost 12 lbs
Rick W- lost 9 lbs



  1. Andy R

    DT: 12:16 RX. NOT a PR.

  2. Annmarie

    DT: 11:38 3rds at 80, 1 at 75 and the last at 55. Form was getting bad so MDV had me go down in weight.
    Did this in April at 80

  3. DT @115#’s 9:35. Same weight on 4-5-13 11:44.
    Clear barometer on the work and diet from the month of May to date.

  4. Susan Celli (Subie)

    DT @ 75# – 11:42 This was super hard. I stopped a lot

  5. DT 75# 9:14 (32 sec PR)
    Hard after yesterday. My body is a little smoked :)

  6. Curt V.

    DT: 115#, 8:42.

    4/5/13 time was 11:12. Cut 2:30 minutes off my time.

    MDV’s strategy advice cut a lot of time.

  7. Curt V.

    I worked my charm on a possible new member Kristen and despite that she still said she may come back tomorrow.

  8. Jonathan

    DT: 115# (1:10 pr from 4/5/13)

  9. Big Bri

    “DT” – 12:34 Rx’d. No PR today, felt like slow motion.

  10. Marcus

    DT: 16:52 Rx.

  11. Pretty interesting cross-regional rankings of individuals and teams.

    Click on tabs at top for data on men, women, teams, regions:


  12. Kristin B.

    DT: 11:50 @ 95#. That was tough.

  13. 8:25rx

  14. Christian

    10:34 (115#)

    Realized as I did my first jerk in round one I hadn’t done any fast jerks in a while and immediately stripped from 135# to 115#, the other movements felt a little light but it was still tough to string together more than 2 jerks at a time and I was dropping and re-cleaning so I guess the weight was okay? Who knows. Really happy to do DT… Had been waiting a long, long time!!

  15. Megan B

    Unplanned rest day after putting 55# on the barbell and feeling like my hamstring was going to go SPROING. Boo hiss. Spent some quality time with the foam roller while watching the 5:30pm class get after it. Tomorrow is another day.

  16. DT: 3 rounds at 85# don’t remember the time, 4:50.
    Then 3×10 DLs just to get the cobwebs out of my tight hammies.
    My hands are destroyed from Chelsea I could barely hold the bar.

  17. Kate S

    DT: 6:30 Rx

  18. Maureen B.

    DT: 12:03 (75#)

    10 seconds longer than 2 months ago, but 5# heavier sooo I’ll take it! (Especially since I wanted to strip off all the weight after the first round)

  19. Grampy Fire Fighter

    DT: 11:15 75# A great weight to work on form.I loved this WOD. Hello from CrossFit Cape Cod

  20. DT 9:30 @135 Nice to be back on the bar

    Light narrow stance OHS work with bar and T2Bs alternating minutes for 20 minutes

  21. DT 9:59 RX

  22. “DT”
    12:07 Rx


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