Tuesday 6.11.13

The 830 Friends with BENefits.

The 830 Friends with BENefits.

5 Rounds
12 Deadlift (155,105)
9 Hang Clean
6 Jerks

Post Score to Comments.

Katie. Our Winner!

Katie. Our Winner!

CFNE Internal Team Throwdown!

Coming up THIS Saturday — Click HERE to register!

Class results:

1st place- 8:30am
      With 31 participants and 132.6 lbs lost
Prize: to create the workout of the day for the whole gym to do.
2nd place- 6:30pm
         Lost an average of 1.3 inches off waist
3rd place- 5:30am
       18 inches total off waist measurement
Individual Winner:
Katie Chaippinelli
lost- 10#
        2″ off waist
        3.6% BF
Prize Pack:
Free 1 month membership
1 hour private training with coach of choice
5 meals free, from Paleo Power Meals
50% off any service from Katrina at Caring Touch Massage Therapy
4 Red Sox Tickets in the State Street Pavilion. Including a free parking pass.
Other rockstar participants to recognize:
Stephanie L- Lost 12 lbs
Susan S- lost 12 lbs, 3.3% BF
John G- Lost 5 lbs
Tom L- Lost 4.2% BF
Nikki Z- lost 2″ off waist and 2% BF
Sara B- lost 2″ off waist and 2.1% BF
Martha F- lost 11.5 lbs
Gerogia S- lost 9.5 lbs and 5.8% BF
Amanda S- lost 2.7% BF
Dylan R- lost 13 lbs and 4.1% BF
Tony T- lost 10.5 lbs and 5.5% BF
Amy T- lost 9 lbs and 5.5% BF
Allie P- lost 8lbs
Karen H- lost 6.6 lbs and 3% BF
Laura H- lost 3.5% BF
Maura D- Lost 8.5 lbs and 2″ off waist
Nicole Z- Lost 3.25 inches off waist and 2.8% BF
Wendy P- lost 7.5 lbs and 5.2% BF
Angelo G- lost 17 lbs
Heather O- lost 6.5 lbs and 2.1% BF
Tricia D- lost 3.4% BF
Susanna H- lost 9 lbs and 6% BF
John T- lost 12 lbs
Rick W- lost 9 lbs



  1. Heather V.

    KATIE!!!! So awesome!

  2. dennis

    that’s great – congrats!

  3. Sammy B

    Way to go girl!!!! Proud of you.

  4. Nice work all!

  5. Congrats to everyone – way to go!!

    P.S. Need one of those shirts!!!

  6. Susan Stein

    Congrats Katie and 8:30! And great job to everyone!!

  7. Laura c

    Nice job Katie!!! Good stuff!

  8. John S.

    Way to go Katie….you’re awesome! Congrats to all….

  9. Katie c

    So proud to be a part of CFNE! Huge congrats to everyone who participated and worked so hard. Way to go 8:30 crew on 1st place. Congrats to 6pm and my beloved 5:30am on grabbing 3rd – huge thanks to Harry for leading the charge for our crew.

  10. Congratulations to the 8:30am’ers!
    Hell Yeah 6:30pm’er’s – way to represent!
    Way to go 5:30am’ers!

  11. Colleen (OC)

    Katie, YEAH! So glad we are continuing the challenge, cause your dedication is inspiring!

    And awesome job to the 8:30 and 6:30 pm classes!

  12. Congrats to Katie, the 8:30 class and EVERYONE else who benefited from the challenge!

  13. Tricia D

    KATIE!!! Yeeaaaahhhooooo! Amazing job and you look fantastic!!! Yessssss!!!! Congrats 8:30amers! 132 lbs, jeeeezus!!

  14. Tricia D


  15. Tricia D

    DT: 9:40 (55#).

    Even that felt heavy today. Felt like a mess in there today.

    • Heather O

      Great job again on the challenge girl! :) I am sure you did great today! Sorry I missed you but Ill see you Friday for sure! Maybe a run before? :) xo

    • Michelene

      Great job today – super fast!

    • Tricia D

      Thanks guys, wasn’t feeling it today. Great job on Chelsea Heather O and sttttaaaaarrrooong work today Michelene! Nice!! Def in for a run pre wod on friday.

  16. Scott W

    DT 11:50 105#

  17. DT: 9:10 @ 125# (17 second / 10# PR)

    Did Chelsea last night and just wasn’t feeling strong this morning. Should have been mentally tougher and gone up in weight. At least 135 next time.

    • Heather O

      Great job on the weight and PR after that beastly workout last night!! Great job too with the evening and am classes, now that I have a small taste I don’t know how you do it.

    • Alison

      That’s quite a back to back pairing. Nice PR.

  18. DT: 60# 11:19 10#\4 min pr from 1 yr. ago

  19. Alison

    Congratulations to all of the challenge participants and winners — there are some really impressive results.

    Yahoo Katie!!!!!! You look terrific, congratulations!!!

    DT – 9:41. (Pr by 2:10 from a year ago).

  20. Congratulations Kate and to all the people who were successful in the challenge!

    DT: 13:28 @ 105#
    I was slower today, VERY VERY fatigued from too many days on and no rest days.
    2 rest days coming up for me. Great class–thanks Harry and Kevin!

  21. Andy L

    Congrats Katie!

    DT: 11:06 115# (3:20PR)

  22. rich t

    DT – 19:25 (135#)
    Happy about 1:18 improvement from two months ago, 5:23 off PR

  23. Mike R.

    Crazy impressive results from the challenge once again. Congrats to all!

    DT:12:05 (115#)

  24. DT: 10:16 (85#)
    Last time I did this was over a year ago at 95# and 15+ minutes with a one word comment – stunk.

    This time, my hang power clean was not pretty. Catching very low. Time to get better on my Olys!

  25. Braatz

    DT: 14:28 (135#)

    Finally got the nerve (thanks to Harry!) to go red on this one. Feels good to CTW (choose the wrench).

    Congrats to all of the challenge participants!

  26. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone! Congrats Katie on such an incredible job on the challenge! You look beautiful!! Xo And great job to all of the group classes for also doing so well! :) I love these challenges. Can’t wait for the next one.

    I hung out with the 6:30 pm class last night to get in Chelsea and it was so fun! Thanks for having me Ali. Chelsea however was rough but with all green banded pull-ups and knee push-ups I did full numbers rounds 1-3; lev 1 rounds 4-14 and lev 2 rounds 15-30. Woooffff!
    This am: 3 very slow miles run, lots of mobility and 100 sit-ups.

    Have a great day everyone and stay dry! Looking forward to weightlifting Wednesday tomorrow. :)

    • Katie C.

      you are such a great motivator and you just keep getting stronger. Nice work!

      • Heather O

        Thanks Katie! You are so sweet but you are certainly the motivator! :-)

  27. Michelene

    DT: 11:30 70# Trying to increase weight but some of the jerks were a little sketchy.

  28. DT 14:50 135#

  29. DT: 5:44rx

    Congrats to all the winners!

  30. DT 12:30 125#

  31. nice job guys! some major accomplishments there. : ) i’d say that puts everybody at at LEAST 1% better every day since the start of the challenge. AWESOME!

  32. John G

    DT 10:43 135 pr

  33. Ashley R

    DT: 9:38 85# PR by almost a minute

    A mental challenge around round 2. Very seldom do I think I should stop in a workout – today was one of them. It was just so heavy! But..I kept going and managed to PR..go figure.
    Thanks Kathy- you were my conscience today :)

  34. DT: 9:45 85#
    (2:46 PR from about 9 months ago at same weight)

  35. Congrats to all!

  36. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Great job everyone. I had so much fun with this challenge – looking forward to the next one. Nooners blog was the best!

  37. DT 11:31 135#

  38. Sammy B.

    DT 9:46 (75#)

    Ahhh. DT my old friend. Always a good one. Happy to be 1 second faster than I was last time I did this one. Had almost talked myself out of doing it due to shoulder fatigue, but got going and glad I did.

  39. laura c

    DT: 10:29 80# (2 rounds) 75# for 3 rounds
    last time did 65# and was way too light.

    I 100% had no fire today. Form was terrible. Drive not there. Body tired. Crumbled at end almost in tears…just spent and frustrated. Tomorrow a new day:)!

    But. I. Am. Fitter.

  40. Chris M.

    DT – 1 round @ 155# – 2:15 …

    … then an unplanned/unscheduled recovery day … I am smoked from Chelsea yesterday … ditto to what Laura C. wrote … tomorrow …

  41. Susan Stein

    DT: 8:41 (70#) 1:20 PR from April with same weight.

    Happy birthday Deb!

  42. Patti Jeanne

    DT – 8:58 85# and had to switch to dumb bell overhead press. My knees hurt too much on the push jerk.

    Congrats to everyone who had success on the challenge!!

  43. DT–a looong 21:12 rx. Good thing there was no 10:30….

    Big thx to The 9:30 Ladies, Jim B, Coaches Kev and MDV…big help in getting through the dark places on this one…

  44. DT: 12:00 85# (12:25 @ 60# in Oct) Yeah! Probably could have done it a little faster but I was stuck with a weird bar today (didn’t spin at all). Didn’t realize that would make such a big difference!

    Great job to everyone on the challenge! Great big shout out to Katie..Amazing! Big high five to Susan and Steph from our 9:30 class as well!

    Thanks to my favs for b-day coffee afterwards! And, of course to my girl Terri for the flowers! LCWO!!

    • marissa

      happiest birthday again to you deb! for me you are one of the BEST things about crossfit!

  45. Katie C.

    DT 10:44 85#
    Man, that was hard but so glad I pushed to 85…thanks MDV.

  46. DT: 6:43 115#

  47. DT: 10:58 135#

  48. Stephan

    DT: 11:42 @ 115#

    First time on this WOD
    Thought I wouldn’t make it to the 3rd round while going through 1st. Good feedback on form from Harry and Kev made it all possible. Thanks guys.

  49. Melinda

    DT: 9:10 RX

    That was tough. Nice job 9:30 today, and happy bday Deb!

  50. Wendy P

    DT: 2 rounds at 65#, 3 rounds at 55#…. Felt really weak today- it was the jerks :( In April I did the whole thing at 65#.

    Congratulations to Katie and all the challenge participants!!!! Way to make incredible changes in only a month :)


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