Saturday 6.8.13

Kevin is excited about the Team 10k.

Kevin is excited about the Team 10k.

Team 10k

Teams of 3. Alternate every 250m.

Post Score to Comments.

Post Caption to Comments.

Post Caption to Comments.


  1. No.

    This is not a caption, just a response to the workout.

  2. James Hobart


  3. So then I told Kevin in the picture above me that he looks like a Minion from Despicable Me!!!

  4. Sara C

    “It’s all fun and games until Sara C ‘forgets’ to edit out your nips.”

  5. Doole

    Not a caption –

    I found $5 on a bench in the back room tonight. I have it. Just give me the serial number on the bill and its all urs :)). Seriously tho ill leave it at the front desk in an envelope

    • Andrew Ho

      Are we not supposed to leave tips? You guys have been doing a great job lately. Buy yourself something pretty

  6. Dan T

    Team 10k row
    42:15 Team Hot DAM
    Great working with Melinda and Amy.

  7. Tricia D

    Angry Birds 10k: 43:17. Great job ladies!!!

    Plus 34 burpies. Thanks Heather O for watching my kiddos.

    • Heather O

      Awesome job girl! Happy Birthday! :) And oh my gosh no prob, they are precious. :) Ill babysit anytime. Have a great day. Xo

    • Michelene

      Didn’t know it was your birthday – have a happy one!!! Your girls are beautiful btw… :)

  8. Chad M

    Rough rider bastardization.
    6 DB front squats @45#, 6 strict DB press @35#, 30 DUs AMRAP 12

  9. Heather O

    Happy weekend everyone! Great job today 7 am! :)
    Team Angry Birds 10K with Tricia and Sara: 43:17! Great job ladies and thanks for being awesome teammates. :) Felt like a slow slug at times with Doole next to me flying on that new rower. Great job!

  10. Joe D

    Ran 4.1 miles in 45:27
    10k row-42:24

  11. I had the best team this morning:-)
    Joe D and Wendy:-)
    Don’t know what our time was—but we did a great job!
    I love that you push yourself a little harder when with a team. I was pleased that I was able to maintain(most of the time) a row of 1:50-1:54 for most of it.
    Way to get after it, guys!

  12. Public Enemy

    Team 10k Row: 38:08

    Great work by Huegene and Brittany this morning! Very consistent split times throughout.

    “They are the kings ’cause they swing amputation
    Lose your arms, your legs to them it’s compilation
    I can prove it to you watch the rotation
    It all adds up to a funky situation
    So get up get, get get down”

  13. Laura c

    That was a 45 min goat feat for me today. I almost blew it off but that’s why I didn’t. Thanks Todd and Jeremy for the encouragement! Glad it’s over:)!

  14. Megan B

    AK, Kelly, and Megan B – 42:08

    Such a great team! Thanks ladies!

  15. Megan B

    Caption: Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the red light….

  16. Braatz

    Team 10K row: 40:10

    Great work with team Max to the JAM (John G., Alison, and Mike B.)

    Second time this week learning the lesson that getting loud mid-WOD helps with intensity. Today it was yelling at (with, really) Greg.

  17. Ken K

    Solo 7.5k
    15x 250’s
    with 1.15 rest
    averaged 57.5…last one 49.8

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