Friday 3.7.13

Ernie P. and some of his Tough Mudders.

Ernie P. and some of his Tough Mudders.

Rough Ride
6 Front Squat (135,95)
200m Run

Post Score to Comments.

To finish the Power Snatch, elbows hips and knees need to be locked out at the top.

To finish the Power Snatch, elbows hips and knees need to be locked out at the top.


  1. Christian

    It’s definitely gonna feel like March tomorrow…

    • Colleen (OC)

      Ha ha, I just noticed that! And yeah, it kind of does…

  2. Love it Ernie

  3. in case you missed the main site post on Dan Bailey

    very funny

  4. Tricia D

    4 + 1 + 100 meters (65, box HSPU 1 mat)

    3rd round of HSPU suspect but got form back round 4.

    • Tricia D

      4+12 not 1

    • Heather O

      Great job today girl! Thanks for the run this am and pushing me through that WOD! :)

      • Michelene

        Ok ladies, Colleen showed me how to do the box HSPUs and they are WAY harder than the 2 abmat kind. Way to go girls, awesome job!! I’m switching to the box ones for next time. :)

  5. Andy M.

    AMRAP 12: 3 + 12 Rx. FS s**k. Time to start spending some extra time under the bar.

  6. Mike R.

    Rough Ride: 5+9 Rx

  7. rich t

    Rough Ride – 4 (2 abmat HSPU)

  8. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! Great job today 5:30. :)
    1.5 mile run Pre-WOD with Tricia.
    Amrap 12: 4+ 12+ 150 meters?? (Finished 5 full rounds in 12:09) with 65# bar and box HSPU. Felt slow and everything felt so heavy! HSPU were rough at times too. I will blame it on the too many non Paleo goodies I enjoyed in a suite at the PawSox game last night.

    I do though highly recommend everyone with kids (or without too) who love baseball to go to a game as a VERY wallet friendly alternative to Fenway. Easy to get to, $5 parking, every seat is great and they even play Sweet Caroline and have the seventh inning stretch to make for the same sort of feel. I was very impressed with how gorgeous McCoy Stadium was having never been there before. Plus Paws and Sox were walking around all night visiting the fans, so cute!

    Have a great day everyone. :)

  9. Braatz

    Rough Ride: 5+1 Rx

    Great WOD. 5:30AM just beat the rain. Afternoon/evening classes might be subbing 200M swim for the run.

  10. Ken K

    Rough ride: 5+12 rx
    great 6:30 class!

    Good luck to the competitors this weekend!

  11. My thoughts, SMART goals and strategies for my first Master competition tomorrow in RI shared in the link below. I’m pumped!

  12. Rick W

    Rough Ride: 5+7 rx
    Snatch Practice – worked up to 120#
    have a great weekend everyone! and good luck to those competing.

  13. Colleen (OC)

    Rough Ride: 5+3, 65# FS off the rack and 24″ box HSPUs. Couldn’t seem to clean even 35# off the ground (back, sigh….) But didn’t have any trouble off the rack.

    • Colleen (OC)

      And what was Harry’s quote this morning? “We are CrossFitters. Not turtles.”

      • haha yup that was it

      • Braatz

        Worth noting… I’m pretty sure Andrew Ho did a pretty good turtle impression the other day sans hot water in the shower.

      • Katie C.

        definitely made me laugh…still makes me laugh. Love it.

  14. Chris M.

    Osteopath had me “promise” to give my knee a rest so …
    AMRAP 12
    6 – 225# Deadlift
    6 – HSPU
    40 – Double Unders

    8 rounds + 12

  15. Ashley R

    Rough Ride: 4 + 8 (75# and kip hspu w/ run)

    some butterfly pull up work after.

  16. michelle

    Rough Ride: 5 + 12 + 50 m RX

    Good luck to our CFNE masters competing at Ocean State tmrw!

  17. Alison

    Swim – 2600 yards.

    Hey all — the new jerky out front — Primal Smoke — is delicious and has a great consistency.. It’s made by a friend of mine and is all paleo — no soy, no sugar. Give it a try!

  18. laura c

    rough ride: 4+10 75#, ROW, RX HSPU
    BAD mistake to row. Not sure why I did not feel like running in the rain but I just did not! I NEVER choose row over run but I did and regret it b/c I HEART HSPU but were much harder after rowing. Oh well, I worked on a goat today and I am that much better for it!

    POST WOD 5×5 ring dips
    3×10 ring rows
    swinging practice for MU (looked kinda silly doing that)

    Get after it competitors this weekend and make CFNE proud – which you already are doing:)!

  19. Annmarie

    Rough Ride: 5+12 75# row for run, used 35#,10# and 1abmat for HSPU

  20. Jim B

    Rough Ride 6+7 Rx
    Needed someone like Lori to fight for the dry land in every round

  21. Rough ride: 5+12 at 95# and 1 abmat/25# plate/10# plate for HSPU, and run

  22. Cotter

    “Rough Ride”: 4 + 11 (2 Abmat HSPU)
    Couldn’t get that last HSPU . . . failed 4 or 5 times . .

  23. Michelene

    Rough Ride: 5 + 12 (70# & 2AM) Thanks Colleen for showing me box HSPUs after class. Going to try that next time to get more depth.

  24. Andy R

    Rough Ride: 6 plus 12 RX

  25. Deb R

    RR: 4+run+2 squats(started on run) 85# 2 abmats and a plate for HSPU

    Got a few butterfly pu after class. June 7th and already accomplished my June goal….on to rope climbs I guess….

  26. Susan Stein

    Yay Ernie!!

    Rough Ride: 5 + 200m run, we started on the runs (65#, box assist HSPU, wanted to get “full range of motion”)

    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

  27. Ashley R

    Every month I get a magazine called “Oxygen”. I always read it cover to cover- I love it. It is all about weight training and fitness. I have been pleased to see them slowly start to incorporate functional moves instead of just typical body building isolation stuff.

    Today on the cover is Crossfit’s Camille LeBlanc Bazinet! A whole article on her and her path to the Games in July.

    Very cool! They should replace their Figure Competition models with a Crossfitter EVERY month!!

    • rich t

      it is catching on.

      favorite funny isolation stuff; wrist curls, calf raises, Standing Bent-Over One-Arm Dumbbell Triceps extension.

    • Laura c

      Love that mag:)!

    • rich t

      ask Bobby about the butcher in Wellesley that backed up into the meat grinder.

  28. Melinda

    Rough Ride: 6+ run+ 9 (95#, abmat HSPU)

    + 3x1000m row
    + 20RM back squat

    Yea Ernie!

  29. rich t

    it is catching on.

    favorite funny isolation stuff; wrist curls, calf raises, Standing Bent-Over One-Arm Dumbbell Triceps extension.

  30. Jonathan

    Rough Ride: 6 + run + 6 squats (started with run). Rx

  31. Patrick

    Rough Ride: 5 Rnds + 18. (12 air squats, 1 abmat, 200m row)

  32. Rough Ride: 6 + 12 + 150m run Rx (started with run)

    I really wanted 7 rounds!

  33. Rob C

    Rough ride: 95#, boxHSPUs, row
    5+12+180 meters (easier to type 20 meters short of 6)

  34. Sarah W

    Ernie Parizeau is a tough dude! Crossfit favors the bold (a gratuitous reference to Ernie’s TED talk called “Fortune Favors the Bold.” I recommend highly.

  35. Patti Jeanne

    Rough Ride 5 rounds +6
    65#, 7 thousand abmats for HSPU and 200 meter row

  36. Katie C.

    Rough Ride 5 rnds+6 (95#, 2 abmats)
    *must move to 1 abmat w/ sm plate next time)

  37. sarahw

    RR: 5+10 with one abmat and at 85#. Bob R. took us to school at the 5:30 am.

  38. Maureen B.

    Rough Rider: 5 + 6 (75# and two abmat hspu)

  39. Rasheed

    Rough Ride – 5+12 Rx

  40. Big Bri

    6 + 4 Rx’d

  41. Sara C

    Rough Rider: 3 rounds plus 7 plus run @95# with 2 abmats for HSPUs.

    SO happy I did the Rx weight today. I generally look at a WOD and if I can’t Rx a movement, like HSPUs, I don’t Rx the weight portion. Something mental about just not wanting to push myself on the weight because, hey, I can’t write down Rx so why bother. What a piss poor attitude, right? So today, I took the opportunity of an AMRAP to do the Rx weight. It was hard, and I was slow, but I did it and I got all the sets without having to re-clean the bar. Small victory, both physically and mentally!

    Thanks to Coach Ashley for the chat after…you are so awesome, as always!

  42. Malik B

    Wow so when I was running today for Rough Ride, I got drenched and so did my new Camo Nano 2.0s…. Twice

  43. Thomas F

    Rough Ride 6 Rx

  44. Geoff L

    RR – 9 rounds Rx

  45. 6+7rx

  46. 6+10rx

  47. Eugene

    6+5 Rx

  48. “rough rider”
    6 + 12
    rowing (screw you, ankle!), 95#, Rx HSPU

  49. Atta boy Ernie!


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