Thursday 6.6.13

Dave H. aka James Brown. The hardest working man in CrossFit.

Dave H. aka James Brown. The hardest working man in CrossFit.

The CFNE Mile
1 Mile, You Choose the Weight*

Post Time & Load to Comments.

*Suggested weight for RX (95,65) | Bodyweight would be ‘elite’ aka Froning status.
*Weight is loaded on a bar and moved for a mile.
*Barbell must be held in the Front or Back rack, or at the waist….or overhead (if you’re crazy).

Add your personal touch to the back wall!

Add your personal touch to the back wall!

Nor’easter Masters Comp – Judges Needed

Hey Team,

We’ve got a number of our Master athletes competing at the Nor’easter Masters Comp held at Reebok CrossFit ONE on June 29th & 30th.

These events simply do not happen with the help of some special individuals who would like to volunteer and/or judge the event. If you’re interested in volunteering some of you time that weekend, check out:

Judging and volunteering can be a ton of fun. You get to see a side of the competition that the athletes and fans do not. If you’re around, I would recommend checking it out!


  1. Megan B

    CFNE Mile 16:27 rx

    This was loads of fun, and I surprised myself with my time.

  2. Christian

    This destroyed me. I thought the “uncomfortable for my shoulder” days were over but I could not find a position that didn’t hurt.

    22: and change – Rx (95#)

    After 3×7 front squats 145# (make up for not squat cleaning yesterday)


    5×5 deads 305# – grip was smoked from the CFNE mile

    • Christian

      Giant thanks to AK for coming with me on my last 400 and to Scott and Tom for meeting me halfway. I really appreciate all the support! Great class, MDV!!

  3. CFNE Mile 11:49

    Neat Wod!

  4. Sarah W

    The 14 club carry: approx 2 hours over 9 holes. I’m beat.

  5. Malik B

    That was one heck of a wod! 1 mile run and a bar that was a good weight or your weight!? Dang! CFNE Mile: 29:58 #15 pounds!

  6. Malik B

    Plus my shoulders are red and hurt a lot! :)

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