Thursday 6.6.13

Dave H. aka James Brown. The hardest working man in CrossFit.

Dave H. aka James Brown. The hardest working man in CrossFit.

The CFNE Mile
1 Mile, You Choose the Weight*

Post Time & Load to Comments.

*Suggested weight for RX (95,65) | Bodyweight would be ‘elite’ aka Froning status.
*Weight is loaded on a bar and moved for a mile.
*Barbell must be held in the Front or Back rack, or at the waist….or overhead (if you’re crazy).

Add your personal touch to the back wall!

Add your personal touch to the back wall!

Nor’easter Masters Comp – Judges Needed

Hey Team,

We’ve got a number of our Master athletes competing at the Nor’easter Masters Comp held at Reebok CrossFit ONE on June 29th & 30th.

These events simply do not happen with the help of some special individuals who would like to volunteer and/or judge the event. If you’re interested in volunteering some of you time that weekend, check out:

Judging and volunteering can be a ton of fun. You get to see a side of the competition that the athletes and fans do not. If you’re around, I would recommend checking it out!


  1. wow–never done this WOD before. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting one, for sure………

  2. Colleen (OC)

    I blame this one on Brandon!

  3. Laura c

    Is this the mile loop? Please say no….

  4. Rick W.

    Ok then… Sounds fun!

    • dude, you KILLED IT! you motivated me to keep going even though you lapped me. solid work my man.

  5. Sara C

    Thank GOD for rest days.

    • Alison

      I’m having rest day envy. I changed my schedule to see Brandon tomorrow. No offense Brandon, I’m now regretting it. I’d be luxuriating in hot yoga, but now I’ll be dancing in the streets with a barbell. Sigh.

    • Jen W

      Mandated rest day for me tomorrow. Ad it’s some sort of commentary on my mental state / Kool-aid drunkenness that I’m sort of sad I’m missing this.

    • Chad M

      I second that!

      Sorry…no babysitter.

  6. Big Mike

    I called Judi….she might have to grab a 5 lb plate to be Rx.

    • How about I just go for a ride again…you can carry me on your back for a mile?

      • Laura c

        Judi… Let’s carry each other and do “rich froning” level

  7. Trina

    That’s what I get for missing weightlifting Wednesday!

  8. Joe D

    Bring It!!!

  9. SO FUNNN!!! Very excited for you guys to experience this. How cool is this?!

  10. Sean Rockett

    I am going to go with 87 lbs cause lord knows Crosby is not carrying anything

  11. Sean Rockett

    Cfne mile
    11:18 65#
    Now I know how penguins feel

  12. Rich P

    CFNE Mile – 10:30, 95#

    You know, because running a mile at 5:30 a.m. seemed too normal…

    Missed you Brandon. Come back soon.

  13. Colleen (OC)

    I was actually surprised at how much fun this was!

    CFNE Mile: 11:43 with 25#. Wasn’t sure how the back would hold up with 35#, so I went down to 25# before I even started. I think that was a pretty good decision. Back felt fine, and I never had to drop the bar.

    I’m not certain of my time, cause I thought Sean was behind me, but his time is less than mine. I didn’t think I was a whole minute and 13 seconds behind Rich either. Maybe it was 10:43. Oh well!

    So fun to have Brandon back, even though he crushed all of us this morning!

  14. Chad M

    CFNE Mile. 22.++?@#95 Somewhere around there. Rich P. was MOVING! His time is faster than my second mile of Murph.

  15. Hap Hap Happyyyy Birthday to THE one and only James Hobart!!!!

  16. Big Mike

    CFNE Mile: 10:54 (95#)
    Just kept telling myself this is how it will feel if you stop eating clean…..don’t eat that donut…..

    Great to see Brandon and Erica this morning. Wanted to tell Erica about my hike up Blue Hills last Saturday but she had to keep talking about sherpa fights, pulmonary embolisms, frostbite….wha, wha, wha….

  17. Alison

    CFNE mile – 17:35, Rx. Thanks to Colleen and Harry for egging me on to go Rx. This was (in a sadistic Crossfit kinda way) fun.

    Great to see Brandon this morning. Lots of smack talk and laughs.

    Welcome back, Erica. Congratulations on your huge accomplishment.

  18. Eddie

    The CFNE 1/2 Mile: 8:15 (95lb)

    Stopped after 800m…was starting to feel the rib I subluxated on Monday.

    Rich and Big Mike, so fast.

  19. Rick W

    The CFNE Mile: 11:47 @ 115#
    Have to give props to the 5:30AM there were some great times on the board!

    Erica please email me at

  20. michelle

    CFNE mile: 85#. 23:21

  21. Joe D

    The CFNE Mile-26:22 Rx

  22. Ashley R

    CFNE Mile: 18:57 RX cash out 1 more mile w/o weight and 100 abmat sit-ups.

    I love how Jim was actually running with the weight!!

    Whoever does the 8:30am group emails can you make sure I am on the list? I haven’t been getting them :( tx!

  23. Greg D

    The CFNE Mile 14:48 (95#)

    Great class this morning with our esteemed guest Mr. Busteed!

    Rich and Big Mike showing everyone how to Do Work!

    Good luck to all the CFNE competitors at the Ocean State Masters Throwdown and the CrossFit 2A Spring Individual Competition.

  24. Wendy P

    CFNE mile: 18:23 55#…. Kind of fun in a weird kind of way!

    For those of you who asked ….my pad on my bar was from Perform (squat pad)

  25. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Darn – i’m going to miss this one today!!

  26. cfne mile: 17:52 (65#)

  27. Stephan

    CFNE mile: 19:29 95#……should have gone harder on first 800M. Good peer pressure to go w/ 95#

  28. CFNE Mile: 19:53 Rx. Just keep moving forward.

    Cash out: 4x500m row

  29. Big Bri

    “CFNE Mile” – 18:35 (135#)

  30. Rick W

    Worlds Colliding…

    My children attend Camp Wingate Kirkland each summer. This place is awesome (I wish I had the opportunities my kids have…). They are hosting a CF competition in partnership with Crossfit Hyannis this September – it is a sleep over competition with paleo food all weekend. Location is in Yarmouth. I plan to sign up (event is in September).

    • Rick W

      Hoping it doesn’t conflict with garage games at CFNE…

    • Heather O

      You beat me to it Rick! I was going to post about this as well because my cousin Grace grew up at the Cape (now lives in NH) and worked at this camp! Small world. She and her boyfriend will be attending and I hope to as well. :-)

  31. marissa

    CFNE mile: 18:17 (75#)

    …i love CFNE…

  32. CFNE Mile: 20:16 (65#)

  33. Cheryl

    CFNE Mile – 19:13 65#
    Dare I say that was a fun one! Off to San Fran for the weekend with a plan to eat lots of paleo sourdough bread. :)

  34. rich t

    Chicken Out – 20 mi ride

    got in car at 5:10 am with key in ignition, water, apple and coffee to go, and went for a bike ride instead. need the miles with MS ride coming up at end of month.

  35. Jim B

    CFNE Mile 15:09 115#

  36. CFNE Mile: 21 something, 55#s

  37. Mo Glynn

    CFNE Mile: 15:15 45#

  38. Annmarie

    CFNE Mile: 19:37 RX

  39. Shannon Dre

    CFNE mile: 16:03 60# Sandbag. Wish it had been 65 so I could have had my first RX workout. Dang.

  40. CFNE Mile: 15:11 95#

  41. Lynne Mc

    CFNE Mile – 18:07 Rx loooooved this !!

  42. Laura c

    Cfne mile. 22:25 RX
    Not proud of my time but proud of finishing. My back hurt before I started. I decided I had to RX this. First 2 rounds I seriously almost quit. Could not find a comfortable position. Tried them all. Finally just kept it in the back rack and powered through last 2 rounds(which were twice as fast as my first 2). This was about finishing for me today….

    Loved the nooners today. I feel a bit closer to mdv knowing some knowledge I’m not sure I wanted to know:)!

  43. cfne mile 55# 22:10

  44. CFNE mile: 19:22 with 75#
    I actually liked this WOD–something different—very different.

  45. Bubba

    Back in the saddle

    1) Deadlift 5x 275, 305, 335, 305, 275 very psyched this held up

    2) Nate 14+2, this felt solid but my Mu fell apart at rnd 7 so reps are off. KB and HS felt good

    3) 30 Squats -no pain baby but took them slow.

  46. CFNE Mile: 19:44 (i think, it was under 20 mins) Rx@95#. Big thanks to Harry for dragging out the squat rack so i didn’t have to clean that bar after i put it down every time.

    i’d do this again. Later though. Much later…

  47. Martha

    CFNE Mile: 19:36 rx

  48. CFNE Mile: 20:21 yikes!
    Kudos whoever went heavier, it hurts!

    It really does help to play little head games with yourself and challenge yourself to: get to the next tree, or don’t drop it until you get to that car,etc…

  49. LEARD

    CFNE Mile 17:46 @135. Mental battle all the way.

    This is 60% of my body weight, so does that mean I am 60% Rich Froning? Great challenge over all. I like these types of WOD’s, Choose the Wrench!

  50. Maureen B.

    CFNE Mile: 16:39 Rx

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