Wednesday 6.5.13

Some of the fittest teens in the Northeast. CFNE HS/MS Strength & Conditioning.

Some of the fittest teens in the Northeast. CFNE HS/MS Strength & Conditioning.

7 x 3 OTM @ 70% 1RM

Clean & Jerk
7 x 3 OTM @ 70% 1RM

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CFNE Internal Team Throwdown!

Hey Team…

ITS. ALMOST. HERE. The best day of the year at CFNE. The Internal Team Throwdown. Oh hell yea.

Where – CFNE
When – Saturday June 15
What Time – 10am – 3pm

Registration links will be up shortly…

Here’s the scoop…

  • We encourage ALL athletes to participate
  • You do not need to have any requisite level of fitness
  • There will be (2) WODs
  • You will be on a team (3)
  • You will have an amazing time with your CFNE bros


  1. Heather Bergeron

    Anyone know a good auto body shop that can help us out? We had a little “incident” tonight that needs fixing.

    • Krystle

      Frank’s auto repair in downtown Natick behind the libraryish. Tell big Frank that little Krystle sent ya.

      • Krystle

        Sorry, Frank’s is auto repair… Di Cicco’s Auto Body (there’s a difference, right?) just down the street. Also good people.

    • Best body shop I know is 400 meters up past Frozen Ropes……..

    • Haskins Auto Repair in Wellesley (diagonally across from Whole Foods) has done a good job for us…twice.

    • Rich P

      Playing frisbee with 45# plates again HB?

    • brooke s

      tom’s auto body in ashland. I played field hockey with his daughter and he has always been good to us.

    • Tricia D

      Brigham Gill Collision on rte 9 btw just before stop & shop. We used them on both of our cars recently and they did an excellent job. Melissa is great.

    • There is a place called International Autobody (I think) at the corner of Main and Plain in Wayland (which is really right down the road) and the guy does AMAZING work. If you saw the cars rolling out of there you would be in awe. Everything from Minis and Jettas to Bentleys and Porsches. It would be worth checking him out.

  2. rich t

    OTM 7×3
    Snatch 65#
    C&J 115#

    improvement over last week. catching deeper and more often.

  3. Andrew Ho

    Snatch: 75 (refuse to go up until I’m firmly landing in the squat)
    CJ: 135 (a little better this week; midline is week)

    On the upside, nice, hot shower…all is right in the land.

  4. sarah wilson

    Snatch: 40 (refuse to go up until I’m firmly landing in the squat)
    CJ: 75 (a little better this week; midline is we[a]k)

    On the upside, I found out the 5:30 am is like the United Nations of CFNE: KY, Mizzou, Idaho…all is right in the land.

    • Andrew Ho

      Oh I see what you did there…we’ll call it clever.

      And don’t mess with me about my spelling…first, I’m sensitive, and second, I was driving while typing so it doesn’t count.

      • sarah wilson

        That makes me feel much better. You were driving while typing.

    • Big Mike

      I take a rest day and everybody is a comedian

      • sarah wilson

        Get back to work. Your boss is in town.

        • Big Mike

          He clearly does not work out so I have nothing to say to him….as soon as I said no bread-his eyes glazed over.

  5. Heather V.

    Snatch: 65#
    C&J: 95#

  6. Mike R.

    Snatch: 85#
    C&J: 125#

  7. Andy M

    Snatch: 75#
    C&J: 105#

  8. Andy L

    Snatch: 80#
    Clean and Jerk: 120#

    PR on DU’s: 10 consecutive

  9. Rick W

    Snatch – 100#
    C&J – 125#
    Both felt really good today.
    5X5 Bench Press 145#

  10. Greg D

    Snatch: 85#

    Clean & Jerk: 125#

  11. 10 RM push press 170
    Snatch 105
    C&J 160
    6x300m rows. Min rest

  12. Andy R

    Snatch: 55# probably could have gone a bit heavier…maybe 60#

    C&J: 75# Def should stay at this weight until I can do this without resting (the squat kills me.

  13. Brian L

    snatch- 125
    C&J- 155

  14. Jen W

    Snatch: 55#
    C&S-J: 75#

    Took it easy for my taper to the comp this weekend.

    Side benefit: I was able to spend the time working on my form and getting comfortable in the bottom of the squat snatch.

  15. Doole

    10 RM PP 145 (9)
    7×3 OTM Snatch 135
    7×3 C+J 155
    1000M x 3 4 mins rest in between

    Tough day at the Jim. Paleo Zoning since Feb has paid off – leaned out a bunch but need to tweak the diet some more with the increase in volume. thanks for the nutrition guidance Ben, Harry and MDV. Already feel better after boosting the fat and complex carbs. Can’t wait to punch a 20RM Bsq in the face on Friday morning.

    • Doole

      – ^ missed a few snatches and C+J Super sluggish hence the nutrtion rant.

  16. Rasheed

    Snatch 95
    Clean & Jerk 145

  17. OHS from rack: Started with 95# and worked up to 125#

    FS from rack: Started with 155# worked up to 195#

    Still feeling some discomfort in the wrist, but both movements felt good.

  18. Chad M

    Snatch@120#; C&J@155. Psyched, thought I was staying the same on my C&Js but when I looked I actually increased by 10# and my form felt much better (may have looked like shit but FELT better!)

  19. Braatz

    Snatch: 95#

    Clean & Jerk: 125#

    That WOD is a sneaky metcon bastard.

  20. Joe D

    Clean and Jerk-95#

  21. Susan Celli (Subie)

    No WOD for me today, but ran 3 miles!

  22. laura c

    snatch: 45#
    C& J= 65#

    went super light and ya know what, it was hard for me! I have not been focusing on OLY lately and it shows! I felt like I had no control what so ever! need to dial that back in….may stick with this weight for a while..UGH Glad I did this and did not blow it off …

    So much fun hanging at the ‘resort’ with my fellow 8:30’ers…Thanks mary!

    • Sara C

      See my comment below about locking your core on the snatch setup. Made a HUGE difference for me today. I also did 45# and it literally went from heavy to light.

      • laura c

        thanks. It is funny b/c as my reps went on I was much better. the first one was almost on my arse:)! And my snatch is always …. well, you know!

  23. Melinda

    Snatch: 80#
    C&J: 95#

    2000M, 1000m, 500m row. 3 min rest in between
    10 RM PP 95#

  24. Colleen (C4!)

    snatch 75# C&J 105#

    Last week, Derek posted a great article on Oly lifting which I mentioned to a couple of Nooners during class. Here it is:

  25. Susan Stein

    Snatch: 35#
    Clean & jerk: 60#

  26. Sara C

    Snatch: 45#
    C&J: 70#

    Complete revelation on the snatch. Heather reminded us to have a good setup position by locking our cores and keeping our arms loose. I am pretty sure I have always done the 100% opposite…tight arms, loose core. I don’t know where I thought I was going to magically gain the core stability needed to stabilize and come out of the OHS. Locking my core on the setup made the lift SO much easier and enabled me to land down in the squat every time. Yay Heather…great cue and I am so glad I listened!

  27. Snatch 65# / C&J 85# Actually lighter than last week on the C&Js because I must dial-in the form on these. I never thought I would say it, but I definitely prefer the snatches to the C&Js for this WOD.

    On the bright side, I PR’d the number of “Paleo-friendly” cookies at the 8:30 pool party

  28. Brandon

    I am on my way…

    Derek and I have decided to do a little Fran off tomorrow morning at 5:30. Now that I have my time down to 2:21, I figured I could give him a run.

    Ben – are you ensuring the athletes now? Just don’t want Derek to over-exert himself on such a trivial non-games throw down…but he insisted.


    • Derek

      Boy am I glad I stopped in to read these posts. Almost missed it.

      Can’t believe you’d actually voluntarily sign up for a wod with no running OR rowing. Fran it is!


    • Big Mike

      So…let me get this right….leave for a year, get injured, throw it out there that your coming back, call out the biggest, baddest, five times Games guy in the gym…..welcome home!!!! Too bad Chad Froning conveniently had to “coach” and Eugene is now a 6:30 guy.
      I’ll be in the back stretching and doing the ski erg

  29. Alison

    Squat snatch – 40#. Felt pretty good today.
    Clean and Jerk – 60#.

    100 DU after.

  30. Snatch: 40#, C&J: 70#

  31. Matty Noits

    Snatch & Clean & Jerk

  32. snatch: 80#’s regular snatch without squat
    C&J: 100#

  33. Lynne Mc

    Snatch 45#, C&J 65#

  34. Christian

    Power clean – 185# (7×3)
    Power clean and jerk – 145# (7×3)

    Felt much better than Sunday when I was still pretty groggy and was only hitting 1 c&j per minute. Also heavied up my power cleans from 175#. Feeling much better tonight than last night too. Always a plus!

    Great class, Ali!!!!!

  35. Ken K

    Snatch: 110
    C&J: 125
    making progress, slowly but surely. thanks for tips Ali!

  36. 145/185

  37. 85/120

  38. Tricia D


  39. Jim B

    Snatch 95
    C&J 145

  40. Dan C.

    Snatch: 125
    C&J: 175

  41. Geoff L

    125/175 – fun working with the 7:30 pm’ers

    And thanks for the push Dan C

  42. Liz M

    Snatch: 55#
    C&J: 90#

  43. Megan B

    Had dinner plans with Erica D tonight so got in early and decided to do yesterday’s WOD, Thriller, since it was a quick one – 5:35rx. Box jumps weren’t very smooth. I know what’s going in my next goat WOD!

  44. Patti Jeanne

    snatch: 55
    clean and jerk : 85

  45. Georgia

    Ahhh squat cleans and squat snatches, my ultimate goat. Went really light at 45# to focus on confidence and form. kept my knees out and got under the bar consistently. still worked up a good sweat, though. 4 mi run pre WOD.


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