Tuesday 6.4.13

Pride in Effort.

Pride in Effort.

3 Rounds
10 Power Clean (135, 95)
15 Box Jump (24,20)

Post Score to Comments.

Thank you, forever.

Thank you, forever.


  1. Georgia

    Thriller (Modified for work) 4:38. had to replace cleans with 15 KBS (26#) not the same thing. At all. finished with a mile run and some tabata squats and situps.

  2. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Thriller – 5:57/85#

  3. Geoff L

    Thriller – 2:23 Rx

    Nice job Ali!! I was trying to keep up

  4. Kristin R

    Thriller: 5:12 (65#, 1/3 step ups, 2/3 box jumps, on plates about 18″). Still trying to get back to rx box jumps – jumping up on plates seems like more of a step (no pun intended) in the right direction instead of just doing step ups all the time. forgot to put it on the goals board even though Harry asked us to – next time!

  5. Melinda

    Thriller: 3:25 Rx

    • Melinda

      Love, love, love the pictures. Children happy = best thing ever.

  6. Thriller: 2:39 (185# DL instead of Power Cleans)

    5k Run this morning: 23:19 (26 sec. PR)

  7. Eugene

    Thriller – 5:16 Rx
    brutal today

    • Maybe it’s an identity issue! Are you a 530’r or 630’r? The truth will set you free!

  8. Ken K

    hotel wod: Newark
    my version of 10’s with very limited euipment and a boring basement gym in old hotel: But hey…I got to do it and i got it done! 10:00ish minutes
    3 sets of
    10 #50 DB deadlift
    10 pushups
    10 #40 DB right shoulder press
    10 #40 DB left shourder press
    10 pushups
    20 sit ups
    10 pushups

  9. Mike Dunleavy

    Thriller: 4:04 RX

  10. Kristin B.

    Thriller 4:54 RX

  11. Alison

    Thriller – 5:18, 75#. this go spicy fast.

  12. 2:46rx

  13. Big Bri

    “Thriller” – 3:14 Rx’d

  14. Jen W

    Thriller: 4:27 Rx

  15. Yesterday and today done at Camp LeJeune, NC…..times weren’t great, but being able to work out is always a positive…..past 8 days of travel/ sleep/ nutrition shenanigans have been fun, but looking forward to getting back to stability….

  16. Corey

    4:35 85#
    Big win here was all box jumps rebounding and felt pretty good!

  17. Dan C.

    Thriller: 2:51 Rx

  18. Christian

    Thriller 5:10rx

    Thanks for the pointers, Geoff. Thanks for checking on me post wod, Ali!

  19. Rachel E

    Thriller: 3:36, 75# and step-downs

  20. Thriller: 2:48 Rx

  21. Erkin

    Thriller – 6:22 (65#, 24″ – jump ups, step downs)

    I don’t know maybe I miscounted PCs at the last round. I thought I did 10, but I heard “one more, one more” from a nice lady next to me…

  22. Brian L


  23. Amanda S.

    Thriller: 3:36 Rx

    Completely lost my form on the last round of cleans, but rebounded box jumps in a WOD for the first time!

  24. Maureen B.

    Thriller: 4:37 75# and some front squats with krystdizzle afterwards

  25. Brook R

    Thriller: 4:51 Rx

  26. Thriller: 4:41 (75#)

  27. Sara C

    Thriller: 5:22 @ 75#.

  28. Thriller, 75#, no idea about time, but was one of the last to finish, some days are like that. post wod burpees and 1 mile run. Felt better after that.

  29. Liz M

    Thriller: 4:01Rx

  30. Krystle

    Thriller: 4:29 (75#) thanks Geoff for helping during a traffic jam!

  31. 4:27 115#

  32. LEARD

    Thriller 3:54 RX’d

  33. “thriller”
    3:49 Rx
    step downs


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