Tuesday 6.4.13

Pride in Effort.

Pride in Effort.

3 Rounds
10 Power Clean (135, 95)
15 Box Jump (24,20)

Post Score to Comments.

Thank you, forever.

Thank you, forever.


  1. These pictures are amazing.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this picture!

    • Meant to say these pictures (plural) but the one with the kids really tugs at the heart. When we were there, these kids were so grateful and excited for the ONE pencil we gave each of them. They are pretty special.

    • Heather O

      Love these pictures! This is just incredible! Thank you for helping to make this dream a reality! :) xo

  3. Patti Jeane

    WOW!! Awe inspiring!

  4. Chris M.

    Choosing to make a difference. Awesome.

  5. Today is a blessed day in the lives of many in Guro, Kenya.

    Congrats to all who made this possible.

  6. These pictures are so awesome.
    Love seeing the kids!

  7. Geoff L

    those pictures are priceless, such an amazing achievement to all involved

  8. Sonia

    Awesome to be part of these awesomeness,,,

  9. Absolutely amazing!

  10. corey

    oh man, how awesome is this? another amazing effort by an amazing community.

  11. Matty Noits

    We should send them a Team Photo and a care package with school supplies.

    • Megan B

      This is a great idea.

    • Heather O

      Love this idea! I am in for sure!!

    • Great idea. Let’s advance it.

    • Brooke S

      Might be cool to send backpacks filled with school supplies for the kids. Might also be cool to contact them for a wish list so we can send them packages periodically.

    • Rachel E

      Love this idea! Count me in.

    • Scott M

      How many kids? Are they athletes too? We have some clients that might donate some products.

    • Shannon Dre

      awesome idea! I’m in too.

    • LEARD

      We could us the Internal Team Throwdown (June 15th) as a collection day. Bring some school supplies or other items with you and we can send it out to our “new” community by the end of the month.

      Any of the folks (JC, Eric C.) that went to the site, what are some items we could send to aid our “new” community? I’d be willing to fill out the custom forms and do some leg work.

      • LEARD


      • I have sent an email to some folks to get more info….stay tuned.

      • Sara C

        That’s a perfect idea…anything they can use, let’s send them! Every child deserves the same as our children have here in our bubble of the world.

    • Alison

      Great idea.

      • Matty Noits

        I am bringing my daughter to London to send her off to Kenya with my Dad. I am packing her two deflated soccer balls and two mini hand pumps with ball needles.

        Lets ask the CFNE folks who were there how Manny students are at the school. We can base the numbers of items on that count.

        I ma happy to coordinate the collection.


  12. Matty Noits

    Love these photos.

  13. What an inspiring day! The future looks bright and promising!

  14. denise sullivan

    pictures say a thousand words…what a great thing!

  15. Amazing!

  16. Goosebumps. Very cool.

  17. Cotter

    “Thriller”: 4:27 Rx

  18. rich t

    Thriller – 6:25 Rx

    outside and on deck wit da boyz.

    (step down box jumps)

  19. Chad M

    Thriller. 4.28Rx Thanks for the push Cotter!

  20. David N


    6:09 (115) back of the room with Cotter and Chad

  21. Amy B

    4:32 Rx
    Front of the room where Heather Vitti watched me finish the final round since she was ALREADY DONE! Great work kid!

    1 mile run with Katie C after.

  22. Andrew Ho

    Thriller: 4:52 Rx

    Then a hodge pot of crap: a solid couple dozen failed muscle ups where I’m told “I’m totally high enough…but just need to get my head through.” Great, my big head causing problems again. I did get my first pistols today so that’s a plus. As best I can tell that only leaves 3 CF movements I can’t do Rx: ring muscle up, bar muscle up, and handstand walks. Time to get to work. Then, did some jump rope and hand release push-ups.

    The real obstacle, however, was that there was no hot water in the gym shower. Yowza!!! Everything disappeared except my gut…man that thing is stubborn.

  23. Colleen (OC)

    Thriller: 4:57, 55#.

    Love the idea of a care package Matt! Let’s do it!

    Challenge update: Over 2% body fat lost and an inch and a half off my waist. Gonna keep going with this so I can see how many PRs I can get in the upcoming months!

    • Tricia D

      Colleen! You better not lose any more inches girl or we won’t be able to find you!! Congratulations!!!

    • Michelene

      Great job!!

    • Heather O

      Congrats on the challenge girl! Those are huge numbers for someone so tiny. Keep up the amazing work. :-)

  24. brooke s

    30 minute pre-WOD run
    4:53 Thriller – nowhere near RX. 53#, 2nd and 3rd rounds did step-ups.

  25. Heather V.

    Thriller: 3:20 Rx
    T2B practice & MU practice… Back to my rings on the kids playground.

  26. Thriller – 6:09 Rx

  27. Scott W

    Thriller: 6:18 Rx. That got heavy fast.

  28. Andy L

    Thriller: 5:56 Rx

    DU practice and first MU attempts.

  29. Tricia D

    Thriller: 4:59 (55#)

    Clean form pretty bad today – really need to work on focusing on form in fast wods.

    Thanks to Michelene for sharing a box with me – I def moved faster than I would have if I wasn’t focused on getting off that box so I wasn’t hogging it! Great job, btw, super fast!!

    Team Challenge – down 3.2% body fat, 1 inch on the waist, and 4.5 pounds. Thanks for teaching us about the blocks, Harry. Totally makes a difference and I’m going to stick with it.

    • Michelene

      Awesome work today and on the challenge!! Way to go!

    • Heather O

      Great job on the challenge! You are looking just so great! I’m sad I missed you this am but I just could not get up today! :-( See you later this week. xoxo

    • Sarah S.

      Congratulations Tricia!

    • Harry

      Awesome achievement Tricia! Job well done!

    • Krystle

      Nice Tricia!

  30. Mike R.

    Really amazing to see those pictures. Very, very cool stuff.

    Thriller: 4:54 Rx (wrote 5:54 on the board, thanks for the clarification Andy)

  31. Big Mike

    Thriller: 3:52 Rx
    Felt left out as I did not get invited to go work out on the porch so I decided to crush them instead.

    • Andrew Ho

      Grace in victory as always…you came shooting out that door so excited to tell us how amazing you were. Just adorable.

      • Big Mike

        Well it was on my way home after I had put my weights away so I thought I’d swing by and see if you guys were OK.

  32. Michelene

    Great pics of the kids and school and would love to contribute to the care package if it materializes.

    Thriller: 4:19 (65#), down 2% body fat

  33. Chris M.

    Thriller – 4:24 Rx

  34. katrina

    Thriller: 5:25rx

  35. Billy

    Thriller 2:51 RX

  36. Joe D

    Thriller: 5:36 135# Step Ups

  37. michelle

    Thriller: 3:25 rx
    Welcome back, Ben!

  38. Patti Jeanne

    Thriller 4:37 with rx weight but step ups instead of box jumps

  39. Doole

    Great pics!!

    Some serious fast times up here. solid work guys

    Thriller 3:59 starting on BJ’s.

    Volume work with Neeble’s wobble but he wont fall down
    EMOTM x 20 mins Alternating mins:
    10 Butterfly pull ups
    5 Kipping HSPU

  40. Wendy P

    Thriller: 4:20 – 65#, step up BJ- Achilles acting up :(

    Really fun 8:30 class- welcome back Ben!

    Great photos of the school and the kids- Awesome!!!

  41. Rick W

    Pictures are great, it proves any of us really can do something to make world a better place.

    Thriller – 5:43 – i’m amazed with some of the times on the board!
    3X3 Back Squats @ 195
    3 rounds OTM of 10 butterfly pullups, 5 hspu, 10 toes to bar

  42. Thriller: 5:38 @ 115#

    Front squat and strict presses in the back room after.

    Love the photos! Pride in Effort – here and half a world away.

  43. Eric C

    Those photos bring back such great memories. I think of that experience everyday!
    If we do care packages, I highly suggest deflated soccer balls and a hand pump/needle. I gave them one from my daughter and you would have thought I handed those kids a Million Dollars. They were using rolled up trash bag as a soccer ball.

    • Eric, notice the kid in the front is holding a homemade “soccer ball”? I think it’s a tribute to you!

  44. Awesome Pics! Thanks for sharing!

    Thriller: 3:32 RX

    OTM Training with Doole. even 5 Butterflies, Odd 5 Kipping HSPU’s.

  45. Annmarie

    Thriller: 5:35 75#

    Welcome back to the 8:30 Ben!!

    Great pictures of the kids and school!

  46. Susan Stein

    Thriller: 5:05 (70#)

    Great pictures, so cool to see the effects of everyone’s effort!

    On a side note: lost an earring during the box jumps. If anyone finds it, please leave it at the front desk for me. It’s a sapphire and diamond stud. Sort of looks like a flower. Thanks in advance!

  47. Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm about sending care packages/supplies. I will send a few emails today to see what would be best. Two issues we need to sort out: 1) what would be best to send? We can’t send enough for “some” kids…needs to be enough for everyone so no one is left out and 2) customs, my recollection is that it’s not so easy to get packages through to the village and we might need to wait until someone returns to Kenya.
    WIll keep you posted….you all are the best!

    • LEARD

      Judi, can you keep me posted tleard54 @ yahoo. I’m happy to aid in whatever way I can.

  48. Laura c

    Thriller; 5:20 75#
    My head was 100% not into this today. Some days like that.

    Great MU work pre-wod. Thx mdv:)!

  49. Rich P

    Ran probably about 2.5 super casual, stretching, 25 unbroken pushups.

    I’ve reached a point that I can consistently do 25 unbroken pushups… this seems so insignificant, but trust me it’s serious progress. Time to shoot for 30…

  50. Thriller

    2:19 RX


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