Monday 6.3.13

Collin. First Place overall. Won every event.

Collin. First Place overall…also, won every event.

Pain & Propane
3 Rounds
10 Front Squats (185,135)
20 C2B

Post Score to Comments.

Bobby. Second Place overall.

Bobby. Second Place overall.


  1. Helllllsss YES!!! Congrats guys!!

    • denise sullivan

      late in the post…nothing less than impressive…yay, yay, yay

  2. Derek

    Great job guys!!

  3. Corey

    So awesome!

  4. Rob C

    Well done guys!

  5. So proud of all the high schoolers and middle schoolers who competed today. Really great stuff!

  6. Doole

    Congrats guys!

  7. Christian

    Great work! Congrats!!

  8. Geoff L

    Couldn’t be more proud of all these guys and the programs in general, definitely breeding future competitors one program at a time

    Btw everyone there was like oh great, CFNE is here to clean house again, haha

    • They asked Rachel what we were feeding them…steady diet of metcons and weight lifting…and fuel for fire…and kill cliff…but mostly metcons and weight lifting

    • Harry

      Biggest congrats. Much deserved too…these guys work hard and it’s showing

    • Ashley R

      I have to add that you guys have done a great job coaching. AJ can’t wait to join in on one of these H.S. Crossfit competitions. He is totally loving the H.S class and talks about Max and Geoff all the time..great role models guys!
      btw- he is also totally impressed by Rachel!

    • Rick W

      Awesome job guys – It is only the begining – the sky is the limit!

    • Rachel E

      So impressive!! I’m pumped that these kids all get to experience CFNE and competing while they’re still so young!

    • Heather V.

      So awesome!
      Way to put yourselves out there and compete!
      Love that all of u r starting this at such a young age!

    • Carrie

      What an amazing job by these athletes!! They have worked so hard and its so great to see it all come to fruition :) A great showing for a great program!!

  9. So fun to watch all of the boys lay it all out there and accomplish more than they thought they were capable of with each and every WOD today.. They all displayed lots of heart and it was amazing to see both their individual determination and enthusiastic support of one another.. Way to represent CFNE guys.. Cannot wait to watch you continue to crush it!

  10. What a great accomplishment for all the CFNE competitors! Congratulations on your first of many successful competitions!

  11. Ben Bergeron

    Really proud of you Collin, Bobby and everyone that threw their hat in the ring. Anyone that competes is taking a risk and that is a huge part of being successful.

    Well done. Couple years you’ll be representing CFNE at Regionals and the Games.

  12. Cotter

    “Pain and Propane”: 8:37 Rx

  13. Andrew Ho

    PP: 9:15ish Rx (all FSq unbroken…didn’t see the exact finish time due to spontaneous dancing)

    In fairness, the dancing started with 5 reps to go so I prolly would have finished sooner. Oh well, I’M GONNA POP SOME TAAAAAGS…

  14. rich t

    Pain and Propane – 10:19 (135#, 10 C2B)

  15. Braatz

    Pain & Propane: 7:59 (145#)

    Turns out that grunting and gnarling like a Tasmanian devil helps on the front squats.

  16. Andy M

    P&P: 11:02 (125#)

    • Andy M

      By the way, there are a lot of strong ass people in the 5:30am class who just crushed this workout today, really incredible. This WOD kept me up last night as FS are my nemesis. I was beat before I picked up the bar. I need to make front squats my b**ch.

  17. Mike R.

    Pain and Propane: 9:27 (135#)

  18. Big Mike

    Pain & Propane: 7:21 (155# & some C2B’s-mostly PU’s)

    Only broke on the final set of squats and was breaking the C2B/PU’s nicely until the final round. Was worried about a 90% 1RM clean to get to the front squat so those are still a little light.

    Andrew-Next time I’ll get the Wanz verse

  19. Heather V.

    Pain & Propane: 10:49 @ 125, didn’t drop the bar at all… But C2B killed me today.

  20. Heather O

    Great job competitors! You should all be very proud of yourselves! :)
    Happy Monday everyone. :) The BAA 10k training continues so I got in a 5.5 mile run this am in the rain in 50:01. It was actually quite nice and peaceful. Look forward to seeing everyone in the morning. Have a great day. :)

  21. sarah wilson

    P&P: 7:49 at 85#. I definitely got the stimulus as it took about 45 minutes to cool down but probably should do that at closer to 100# next time…if there is a next time.

  22. Greg D

    Congratulations to Collin & Bobby on their podium finishes.

    Pain & Propane: 7:01 (135#)

  23. Jen W

    Pain & Propane: 9:47, 105#, 15 pull ups

    Didn’t really feel all that strong today.

    I also only got 11 pull ups in the last set because I obtained a blood blister where my hands tore last week. In an effort to prevent a full tear I finished with 9 push ups.

  24. Rick W

    Pain and Propane: 10:53 (155#)

  25. Rachel E

    Pain and Propane: 8:35 (115#, KPU)

    FS unbroken except for last round — dropped at 7 and wish I didn’t when I had to clean it back up! Hold onto the bar, people!

  26. Chris M.

    Pain and Propane – 8:58 Rx’d

    … nice reminder that C2B are still high on the goat list … lots of singles …

  27. Ali G

    Pain and Propane: 8:13 (105#)

    HUGE congrats to all the HS competitors and thank you Geoff, Rachel and Max for being great coaches and spending your Sunday with all our boys and gals!

  28. Tricia D

    Congratulations, Collin & Bobby and all other competitors. It is just amazing that you are so disciplined at such young ages. The benefits will be endless, keep up the great work.

  29. Big Bri

    Congrats to the high school and middle school competitors – well done!

    “Pain and Propane” – 7:12 Rx’d

  30. Annmarie

    Congrats to the young CFNE competitors!

    Pain and propane 10:08 80#FS, 10reps regular pull ups

  31. Jim B

    Pain and propane 15:17 Rx
    Very humbling wod

  32. michelle

    Congratulations to our High & Middle School Competitors. Way to represent CFNE!

    Pain and propane: 9:05 105#

  33. Katrina

    P&P- forgot my time….but I scaled all around do to pinched nerve in my neck. FS 95# and hrpu

  34. P&P: 8:45. 90# FS and subbed 10 ring rows each round

  35. Rachel M

    It’s about time I get on here:) What an amazing Sunday! So motivating to watch them put everything they had into this weekend, they proved that they deserved to be there and worked hard for it. Proud of you guys.

    • Happy to see you posting…happier to have you as a coach at CFNE…and even HAPPIER to have you as a friend and roommate.

  36. Congrats to Collin and Bobby!!

    OHS 15 RM 140

    5x500m row w/ 2 min rest. 1:45-1:50

  37. Sarah S.

    P&P: 8:02 at 80# and 10 CTB/10 KPU per round. Thank you Harry for the modification – it was perfect.

    Congratulations to our young competitors. We all wished we had found Crossfit (and CFNE in particular) earlier in our lives – the sky is the limit for you.

    • denise sullivan

      ok, so this could be my post only 10:32…haha…just a little slower however thrilled to string c2b’s together for the first time in a wod! 6 then 4…then back to singles…ha

  38. Pain and Propane: 6:13 (195# BS)

    I didn’t do front squats because my wrist is still bothering me from the tire flips two weeks ago. Hopefully it will be better by the end of the week.

  39. Shannon Dre

    Pain and Propane: 5:53 (65# and thin green band). I forgot to write it on the board. Maybe I could have put more weight on but I usually can only do 85# max. It felt hard so I guess thats ok!

  40. Melinda

    Pain and Propane: 8:35 (or something close) 115#, pull ups

    Feeling twinge in leg, so kept weight manageable. Need PU rehab. Ashley F, you are flying strong and high on your C2B = impressive!

  41. Susan Stein

    Pain & Propane: 6:41 (65#, skinny green band pull ups)

    Should’ve gone heavier.

    • Susan Stein

      Forgot to say congrats to all the competitors. Way to represent!

  42. Pain & Propane- Modified to protect my lovely lower back:

    FS: 125# from rack
    Regular Pullups


  43. Sara C

    Pain & Propane: 10:27 with 70# and regular kipping pull ups.

    Should’ve gone heavier…seems to be the consensus today. Pull ups were hard with my hands still healing up from Murph!

  44. Pain & Pain: 9:47, modified to 3 RFT 20kbs (35#), 5 C2Bs, 15 kipping pullups.

  45. Jared S

    PandP: 5:19 (155#)
    Was having knee and lower back soreness so laid off a bit on the weight.

    5x500m row 2min rest between rounds 1:46-1:50

    Awesome work high school crew

  46. Stark

    Still working on the shoulder, getting there:

    1. Row 100m OTM 5
    2. 3RFT: 20 lunges, 10 pushups – 3:05
    3. LOTS of mobility

    Really just testing out the shoulder today, but it felt really good to get back to it!

  47. pain and propane, kind of, 4 rounds of back squats from the rack at 115# (10 reps), 20 45# russian kbs. totally forgot to check time, maybe around 7 and a half minutes??

  48. 5:16rx

  49. Chad M

    Congrats to the kids!

  50. Jonathan

    Pain & Propane: 9:03 140# (Thank you James for suggesting I go heavier than 135#).


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