Sunday 6.2.13

Chris (CrossFit STT) & Derek sharing some strategy.

Chris (CrossFit STT) & Derek sharing some strategy.

7 x 3 OTM @ 70% 1RM

Clean & Jerk
7 x 3 OTM @ 70% 1RM

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  1. Lil Tony

    Bode must be AWOL

  2. Ben Bergeron

    Bode misses you guys.

  3. I love to squeeze Bode.

  4. Colleen (OC)

    Snatch: 50#. Didn’t do the “squat” part because of wrist issues.

    Clean: 60# but didn’t do the jerk (same issue as above). Instead I did 5 squat cleans. This was way harder than I thought it was going to be, and I did exactly the right weight (I don’t often say that!)

  5. Tricia D

    C&J: 60
    Landed a little lower than last week. Great warm up today!

  6. Annmarie

    5K 30:08, :14sec faster, walked much more which was not my goal. Ran a 5K race in Oak Bluffs last Sunday and my time was 26:53 didn’t walk at all and the weather was much colder

  7. Krystle

    Snatch 60/55
    C&J 80

  8. Braatz

    Snatch 7×3: 95

    Clean & Jerk 7×3: 135

    Only 2 reps in last 2 sets of C&J, so finished the last 2 reps after time expired.

    Post-WOD protein shake using my NEW tupperware cup.

  9. Snatch @ 60# , 5# more than last week and I felt overall my form was a bit better.
    Clean and jerk: 100#’s a did a regular power clean instead of squat clean because my knee is bothering me—did a push jerk instead of a split jerk.

  10. Megan B


    I can snatch again! First time doing this since late December and I’m so happy!

  11. Christian

    Power clean 7×3 — 175#
    Power clean and jerk 7×1 — 145# (hit 3 in round 7, 1 all other rounds)

    The overhead was a problem today. Could not lock out.

    Great class and warm up and thanks for the cues, Doole!

  12. Jonathan

    Snatch: 95#. Can’t say I “hit the bottom” every time!
    C&J: 135#. Again not all were to a full squat.

    Great to finally take a class with The Doole! Loved the warm-up will defiantly be back for more Sunday classes.

    • Big Bri

      OK, I must know – was the “defiantly” an iPhone spell-check version of “definitely”, OR are you just going to be “defiant” about attending Sunday class? I like the idea of defiant attendance.

      • Jonathan

        I saw that after I posted…decided it worked either way.

  13. Big Mike

    Snatch: 95#
    C&J: 135#
    Slow to grease the groove on the snatches but these felt good today. Amazing how it feels when you do it right. C&J’s were a little shaky and my wrist is still a little tweaked but glad I fought through.
    Great warm up Doole! Not loving this heat though…tough for an old guy.

  14. Big Bri

    Snatch – 122
    Clean & Jerk – 157

  15. Andy L

    Snatch: 70#
    C & J: 120#

    Great warmup and great class today. These OTM wods have really helped my form a lot.

  16. Bubba

    Thank you CFNE friends and family for all the support while I was laid up. It means alot to me and really makes a difference to lnow prople are thinking about you. Day 3 no pain and on the mend. Sean Rocket’s a magician! And thanks again.

  17. Andy R

    Snatch – 140, C&J – 160

  18. Kristin R

    Snatch: 25 – still struggling with form for the overhead squat piece so couldn’t do as much weight as I would like
    C&J: 55 – did round 1 at 65 and quickly realized it wasn’t happening.

  19. Greg D

    Snatch: 80#

    Clean & Jerk: 115#

    I kept the weights from last week. I had better command of the bar on both sets of lifts.

  20. Michelene

    5k: 26:29 (couldn’t make it on Friday). Shaved 36 seconds off of 5/5 time – woo hoo! It was so freaking hot when I was doing this at 2pm today, I’m shocked I still managed to beat my time.

  21. Doole

    Such a good time coaching this morning! Thanks for making my day CFNE!

  22. Jim B

    Snatch 95
    C&J 145

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