Saturday 6.1.13

Wendy made some AMAZING changes this month!

Wendy made some AMAZING changes this month!

Team WOD
150 OHS (95,65)
150 Clean & Jerk (95,65)
150 Burpees

Teams of 4.

Post Score to Comments.

Real men (and women) swing pink!

Real men (and women) swing pink!


  1. Sammy B.

    Any advice on doing this WoD solo?

  2. Susan Stein

    Yay Wendy!!!!

  3. Atta girl Wendy. Looking super strong!
    So much progress the last few months!

    Thx Wendy for helping the 8:30 class win the May Challenge!

  4. Way to go Wendy!!!!

  5. Wendy, you look fabulous! So strong too.

  6. Laura c

    Wendy = hot. Badass. Sweetheart.

    • Truth.

      • Wendy P

        I just cried.. Not just because I get more emotional as I get older… Not because I have worked really hard to become a better crossfitter or athlete in general in the last 9 months, BUT because I have made the move to the east coast 16 years ago and never felt like someone/community that was truly behind me. I thank you all immensely! This area is very hard for transplants. I have really felt a love at CFNE that I did not know existed. Xoxo. Wen

        • Ken K

          We are also transplants coming from the south 8 years ago ( we did have a stint outside the US for a couple of years, but landed back in Boston). I can empathize with your sentiment. This can be a tough town for outsiders. That said, I agree that CFNE is a special place and the people make it that way.

          You should feel awesome about the gains you have made…you did the work and put in the effort. We are all very fortunate to have a place like CFNE.

          Keep it up! Now you can be an ambassador to others who want to be a part of something special. Very cool!

          • Yessss….another love-fest moment.

            CFNE <3

        • laura c

          me three! I am a transplant and I agree with all the above said. And I LOVE to walk in and see your smiling face…and bad ass arms!

          • Ken K

            Thanks Laura!
            Oh, you were talking about Wendy.

          • Wendy has been giving away free tickets to the gun show lately. She rocks. So happy for you, Wendy!

  7. Way to go, Wendy!!

  8. Matty Noits

    5k run Saturday morning PR!!!!

    Previous time 24:04
    Today’s time. 22:48


  9. Sammy B

    Individual WoD: 17:16 (50#)

    40 of each movement; squat clean and jerks.

    Harder than it sounded, esp squat cls. Would have been more fun as team WoD! But a good one all the same. Have a good wkend CFNE. Stay cool.

  10. Braatz

    Team WOD: 24:02 Rx

    Team MADMen (Mike R, Andy L, Dennis, M Braatz). Don Draper looks, Roger Sterling smooth.

  11. Patrick

    2000m row – 8:58


    30 muscle ups for time – 16:30. Made the mistake of doing two sets of 5 unbroken at the beginning, struggled to do singles for the second half. Probably took 15 additional tries to get 30 successful. Nevertheless, felt great to be at the gym and be able to do some different movements.

  12. Old Guy WODs with Big Mike on the side deck.

  13. Braatz

    p.s. Did anyone find my mini-tupperware cup containing a single serving of chocolate protein powder? It was last seen on the shelf near the tape and lacrosse balls at 7am.

    I know it’s not much, but that cup has sentimental value – used it to transport my “sample” to the hospital following my vasectomy. If you accidentally took it, that’s the bad news. The good news, sort of… extra protein.

  14. Tricia D

    Congratulations, Wendy!

  15. laura c

    Team WOD: 19:29 RX
    Meg,laura,lori and maura

    I have to say I was a bit intimidated to do this WOD with these ladies but as I drove home I thought about that is what makes CFNE special (among a million other things) but I am able to do a team WOD with games athletes and not feel bad about it! And 2 other “moms” that are super strong! Fun time ladies and great work!

    And Rachel- thanks for the cues on my clean and jerk – totally HELPED!

  16. Derek

    Anyone have a recommendation for a trail run near the gym/ in the area?

    • Eugene

      Saint knows all the trails in Wellesley…

      • Kim P.

        How far do you want to run? There are trails near Scrub a Dub and a nice flat loop around Wellesley College.

      • Rick W.

        on Rt. 9 just before hitting the Toyota dealership (near rt. 95) are a bunch of trails. You can park at the toyota dealership or the office park attached.

    • Check out the aqueducts in Wayland, Sudbury, etc.

  17. Deb R

    Team WOD: 20:49 w/ Rich (not sure of last name), Andy R and today’s cover Model, Wendy P.(looking good Wendy) Great Job! That was a lot of fun!

  18. Corey

    5K: 33:50
    2 second PR haha
    However, the heat was brutal, the sun was brutal and I walked a few times so, I believe had conditions been similar I would have finished around 30 mins but alas, it is what it is

    I then decided hey, lets stick around for the 9am. So did the team WOD with Greg, Nikki and Mike. No idea what our time was but that was super fun.

    • Laura c

      But your shades were awesome

    • Greg D

      Awesome job on the team WOD today. Our time was 23:23 with Mike and I doing 75# OHS. Great to meet Mike and Nikki today. Awesome team effort!

    • Corey

      Oh and challenge results:
      4lbs gone, 4 inches gone, and 2% body fat. Seeee ya lata!

  19. Team: McD, Ally, Geoff, Ali

    14:55 RX

    So. Fun.

  20. marissa

    team wod: 18:52 rx

    dan/jen l/ken k/marissa = great team!

    fun work out on a saturday morning… thanks harry!
    happy weekend!

  21. Christian


    500m row
    KBs (53#)


    Been out all week due to food poisoning, perfect burner to come back to. Thanks, Harry!!

  22. Eugene

    18:03 rx weights and reps
    Rap, Garv and Eugene

    • you are the biggest sleeper in the box. nice work today buddy.

  23. Jen W

    1RM thruster: 145#

    Enroute to another (failed) attempt, I hit a new 1RM clean at 155#. I’ll take it!

    Results of nutrition challenge: 6#, 1.5″, and 1.3% BF lost.

  24. Melinda

    Solo WOD: 16:00 Rx

    + GW

  25. Sarah Wilson

    Team WOD with Ernie P, Bob R, and Thomas. 21:50 I think. We were really awesome.
    After party: soccer game on turf in 95 degree heat. And I was the only one on the field over 30. I really appreciate the training I do here. Also feel lucky to find that spare Tupperware bottle this morning with the egg white in it. Great pregame drink.

  26. Did people do this with one athlete working at a time or 2? Chipper style?


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