Friday 5.31.13

What are  your kids doing on Saturday morning?

What are your kids doing on Saturday morning?


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  1. Laura c

    I think I win the award for having the worst photos on the site. I look like I have no neck and can’t breathe…. Connor and Liz look great:)! Kinda funny….

    • Sara C

      Laura, we need to get some ultra-glam photos of you and have an entire post here dedicated to just those photos…you deserve it!

  2. Heather O

    Don’t forget about Happy Hour (or multiple hours :)) tonight (Friday) at 6:30 pm at SkyBox 190 in Natick! :) Hope to see everyone there to celebrate this gorg weather and the end of our challenge! :) Oh yea!!

  3. Brandon

    Dear CFNE:

    Thursday June 6. 05:30. Be there.

    I am returning to shower you with pent up love and affection. Oh, how I have missed you.


  4. Maureen B.

    Don’t forget about NEON Friday! Rach and I will be @ the 6:30 AM class blinding all the drivers as we speed by. So putcha neon on even if you’ve never worn it, wear EVERYday but Friday (I’m looking at you Max grr), or wear it all day everyday.

  5. Tricia D

    5k: 29:21 (42 second PR)

    Today is marks the end of the team challenge and a self-imposed paleo challenge that I started at the beginning of November.

    Since I started crossfit in September, I have lost an even 30 lbs, have gone down 2 to 3 pant sizes, and have done things I never thought I could do.

    I have miles to go to improve, but that is one of best things about CFNE – always a goal to be set! I am 100 percent satisfied with these results and will be a member for life :).

    Although I’ll be taking my foot of the gas and enjoying some non-paleo food and drinks this evening, I will be right back on the train next week. This is definitely a lifestyle change.

    Thank you CFNE for literally changing my life and a special shout out to the mayhem’ers for your welcoming attitudes and support. Trying to keep up with you crazies def helped me get here :)

    Congrats to everyone on your achievements and here’s to many more! COME DOWN TO SKYBOX TO CELEBRATE 6:30PM!!

    • Mike R.

      That is amazing, Tricia! Congrats on all of your incredible gains!

      • sarah wilson

        Incredible gains AND losses! Tricia, you are for sure the other half of the 5:30 am CFNE power couple.

        • Tricia D

          hahahhaaaaa, we are slightly type ‘a’, but seems most of you are! I totally neglected to thank my crazy husband for convincing me to sign up for this in the first place when I wanted to go to the gym for awhile first to get in shape – i’d still be there trying!

    • Awesome awesome awesome! Pure awesomesauce!

    • Andy M.

      Awesome work Tricia! You should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished…so far.

    • Amy B


    • way to go Tricia

    • Heather O

      This is so awesome Tricia! I am so proud of you and thank you for being such a great partner and friend through this journey! You look amazing and are a true inspiration to me to be able to do all you have done and accomplished all the while being such a great and beautiful wife and mother! :) You are the best and keep up the amazing work! See you tonight pretty! Xo

    • Susan Stein

      That’s awesome Tricia. Congrats!

    • Alison

      Congratulations Tricia.

    • Katie C.

      Way to go, Tricia! You’ve worked so hard and it shows.

    • Heather V.

      Tricia…you have been working hard! We can all see it! Awesome job!

    • Sarah S.

      Tricia, so amazing! Congratulations!

    • Hi Tricia—
      That is just awesome!! so proud of you and your accomplishments. Great job with the run this morning.
      Let me know if Greg has an extra 5:30 shirt. thanks and have a great weekend!!

    • Wendy P

      Great job Tricia!!

    • Andrew Ho


    • Andy L

      Congrats Tricia!

    • Michelene

      Congrats Tricia, that is huge!!! You should be so proud of all your accomplishments. I am honored to be able to WOD with you, my fellow 5:30 am mayhemer!!

    • Tricia D

      Wow, guys. Thank you for your support and kind words. So sweet – another great thing about CFNE, the community. Can’t beat it. Have a nice weekend guys and thank you thank you.

    • Awesome job Tricia! You look great!

    • Eugene

      Am I allowed to say congrats if the 5:30 am Mayhem has forsaken me? Congrats!!

    • marissa

      AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so so proud of you! xo.

  6. Andy M.

    CFNE 5K: 27:57 (1:34 off pace) Felt like I was running with a bag of rocks on my shoulders today. Lots of PR’s today, great work everyone!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Right there with ya… re-do early next week? :-)

      • Andy M

        Maybe but I don’t want to get hung up on it. I know I can run faster, and today just wasn’t my day. But we will see.

  7. 5K: 27:44 1 minute PR

  8. Amy B

    5k: 27:04 (:41 PR), I had wanted to get under 27 but, after waking up with a headache and exhausted, I’m quite pleased with the result. Plus, made one of my kids in math tutorial figure out my mile pace and it was under 8!

    Thanks for the push at the end Alison!

  9. 5K 29.11 (1 min pr) I am really, really happy.

  10. Colleen (OC)

    5K: 31:03. Off by 19 seconds from earlier in the month, but given that earlier in the week I could barely walk from Murph, much less run, I will take it. Wasn’t bothered too much by the heat, it was more of an issue with weak/jello legs.

    I lost a pound in the challenge (that is good for me, don’t need to lose much more than that!) Thanks for measuring us all this morning Rachel!

    And thanks to Harry for being so willing to answer questions during the challenge. Although I didn’t PR today, I feel like I set a lot of PRs this month and the fact that I was eating better (and more consistently) and drinking less is the reason why. I’m definitely sticking with it! (Alison and Katie C- another month!)

    • Colleen (OC)

      PS: loving all of the PRs everyone is setting (I’m talking to you Katrina!!!)

    • Heather O

      You are a rockstar Colleen! Awesome job today girl and on the challenge! :) See you tonight! :) xo

    • Katie C.

      Colleen, you are such an incredible motivator and CF athlete. Your progress over the years has been so strong and a great reminder to all of us of how important it is to stick with this life change. Definitely another month, ladies!

    • Tricia D

      Great job, Colleen, and def didn’t think you had a pound to lose!!!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Ah yes, and I did the “extended version” of the 5K both times. Can’t wait for tonight!

  11. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! :) Great to get in some running with all the amazing Mayhemers this morning! :)
    5K: 29 flat, 52 second PR from May 2. :)

    This month has been great! I loved this team challenge and am so happy to be down 6 lbs. :) Next week will start my 9th month since walking in the door of CFNE in September for the Elements class. I never could have imagined that I would meet such amazing, loving and supportive people and push myself harder and make the not only physical but mental change that I have. It really is true that you can do anything you put your mind to! In these past 9 months I have lost 41 lbs, lord knows how much body fat and went from a size 14 to a size 6! :) I went through my closets last weekend and realized that none of my summer stuff fit from last year so went on the most amazing shopping spree! It was heaven to be able to say “Oh can I have the size down please, this one is too big”! :) So thank you CFNE for everything, especially the 5:30 am Mayhemers and the September Elements class for your love, support and encouragement! I could not have done it without you all!

    I hope everyone has a great Friday and hope to see you tonight for celebratory cocktails!! :) xo

    • Susan Stein

      Heather, great job! You should be so proud. Hope you got some good stuff on your spree.

    • Amy B

      Incredible! Congrats!
      And I’ll make sure to throw a softball at your man next time I see you guys run by!

    • Alison

      Super gains, Heather. Congratulations!

    • Kristin B.

      that’s awesome, heather. congrats!

    • Rachel E

      Congrats, Heather! We all know how hard you’ve worked, with your incredible pre-5:30-AM runs all winter (!?!) — way to go!

    • Katie C.

      Amazing job. You’ve worked so hard and stayed so steady – you’ve transformed physically right before our eyes. SO glad you joined our 5:30 crew – such a great addition to the family!

    • Heather V.

      Great Job Heather… and BTW… THAT is a lot of smiley faces.

    • Tricia D

      AMAZING gains (or losses) Heather O! You are a wonderful person and I’m so happy for you. You look incredible and better wait to the last minute to get that wedding dress altered! Thanks for keeping me motivated all of these months and I’ll still remember struggling through those shuttle runs with you in elements. Look at you now, girl!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah S.

      Heather, I am so impressed by your dedication. Who get sup to run BEFORE the 5:30am class in the winter? YOU!!

    • great job, Heather!

    • Wendy P

      Congratulations Heather!!!

    • Michelene

      Really and truly amazing!!! Both you and Tricia (and Greg too) are truly inspiring.

    • Heather O

      Thank you so much everyone! You are all so sweet. :-)I could not have done it without you all…that’s for sure, so you all deserve just as much credit! I can’t wait for many more early mornings at one of my very favorite places. :-) xoxo

    • marissa

      so so so proud of you too heather! such incredible determination and guts! way to go!

  12. Big Mike

    CFNE 5K (scaled up to 3.36 miles): 25:02 (40 second PR)

    Great work Heather and Tricia. No better way to spark the economy by having to refit your wardrobes!

    Did not weigh in or measure this morning as Max seemed hesitant to wanting to wrap his arms around me with the tape.

    • Heather V.

      nice job today! I had no idea you were a “runner”… u are now!

  13. Rich P

    5k: 21:58

    Saint made me feel better at the end telling me the “long loop” really is longer than 5k… we’ll go with that :) First 5k run at CFNE… many moons off my true 5k PR.

    It was so good to see everyone this morning. I’ve been the absentee 0530 guy lately, but I know I can always walk in and get some smiles from hanging with the early crew. Hope to pick it up again as baseball season winds down for my boys.

    • Saint

      The 5:30am “long 5k” is 3.4 miles…That’s a 6:27 PACE… SOLID

  14. Maureen B.

    5k: 25:58 (1:39 PR) Goal was to get between 25-26, barely made it, but I made it!

  15. Alison

    5k – 27:03 (1:08 pr)

  16. Rachel E

    2k row x 2 (3 min rest in between) — second was 1 sec off PR, so that was cool. Thanks for the sub suggestion, MDV!

    • Rick W

      Back to back 2K’s sounds worse than a root canal! Great job!

  17. Katrina

    5k: 34:07 (4:11 PR)…okay this sounds like a lot but it really is not. last time I ran by myself and last time was my first time running that far since both my knee surgery, so I probably ran slower on purpose. But either way I will take it.

    20rep BS 115 (done after the run….run was more important to me)
    6×300 row
    5 set of max rep butterfly pu…..I am junk right now.

  18. Rick W

    5K – 23:50 (3.4M Loop) PR 1:09

    Tranformation results:
    Weight lost 9.5LBS (165-155.5), BF 4.5 (15.7-11.2), Waist 1.5 inches down, Mile Pace Improvement :20 (7:20 – 7:00)

  19. Sarah S.

    Almost a 5k: 23:41. I did not do the original 5:30am extended route the first time, so per Max’s instructions I did the same route today. HOWEVER I realized well after I finished that I forgot that last 200 meters. Totally disappointed because I feel like I shorted the effort, albeit unintentionally. So, do I call it a 5 miler? Estimate the extra time for that last 200? Re-do? Either way, it was a 5:36 PR from the “gab session” I had with Lynne on May 4. So probably closer to a 4:40 PR including that darn 200 meters.

    Amazing effort by all – loved seeing all the running kicks on this morning!

  20. Heather V.

    5K: 25:30 (13 sec PR)… I will take it. arghhh… Big Mike got the victory today. I fell apart on the last loop. We did the extended version.

  21. Katie C.

    5K 29:20 (1:38 PR)
    First off, Harry we miss you and hope you’re healing up OK. We’ve all been checking on you via the Xfit info line. Rest up and take care of yourself.

    This has been a big month for me. More accountability, awareness and effort than I’ve put into myself in years. I did my weigh-in today but it was post WOD, so need to check on whether I need to do this again. It’s also the first time I’ve really done a challenge in the 4+ yrs that I’ve been doing xfit. A big thanks to Harry for keeping us balanced and reminding us that this is lifestyle – this helped my mindset and kept me motivated. You are a great coach!

    I lost 10.5 lbs this month. I didn’t write down the rest of my #s from the initial weigh in, but can’t wait to compare them once I can get them off the CFNE database. Loved doing this as a class effort and drew so much momentum from our crew…amazing how supportive you guys are before the sun even rises. Job well done everyone!

    I’ll miss you guys tonight but have a great time at the happy hour.

    • Katrina

      Yeah! Katie Nice work..

    • Amy B

      Love it! Great job kiddo!

    • Tricia D

      That’s an amazing loss in just one month!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    • Heather O

      Katie this is just incredible! You look amazing. :-) Keep up the fabulous work and thank you for being such an inspiration and for the warm welcome into the 5:30 am family! :-) xo

      • Harry

        Incredible Katie! Well deserved progress.

        Thanks for the kind words. Back at it again, but missed you guys this morning. Can’t stay out of these walls for too long.

    • Sarah S.

      Katie, incredible results on the challenge, and the run!

  22. Georgia

    5k: 26:44. 2:44 off my last 5k and achieved my sub 27:00 goal. It’s been amazing to experience such big changes in speed and strength this month!!

  23. Ashley R

    5 K: 26:14 checked my time at the wall before I did the extra 200 meters and it was exactly the same as last time. Falling last time must equal 90 degree heat today so it all evened out.

    Hmmm…that’s funny – no change from the challenge AND the 5K is the same. At least I am consistent.

  24. Wendy P

    5k- 28:43 – (got home and looed at the exact numbers- 3:25 PR from May 2nd ). :). :). :)

    Team challenge: lost 6 ibs, waist down 1 1/2 inches and lost 4.9% body fat. :) I feel better then I have in a long time.- thank you CFNE, Ben the 8:30 class for all the support!

  25. Andrew Ho

    5K: 27:11 (1:55 PR), but in fairness I couldn’t do it at CFNE so it doesn’t count. I’ll get the official run in next week.

    50 sit-ups unbroken
    1 minute AMRAP hand release push-ups: 32 (2 rep PR). Baby steps.

  26. Joe D


    A PR of 1:43!!

  27. Brian L

    22:50, 52 secs faster than a month ago.

  28. Big Bri

    5K – 23:42 (17 seconds faster)

  29. Kathy

    5K -28:49 1.29 pr
    Tabata plank holds
    Awesome energy in 8:30 this AM! Glad to see Harry back!

    • laura c

      nice job – esp since you had hammie issues and stopped a bit…..

  30. Mo Glynn

    I’ve been lurking on the comment board here for the past few months. I guess it’s time to stop not laughing at Big Mike’s jokes and be a member of the community. :-)

    5k: 33:37 (PR by 2:38)

    530morningwarriors – thanks for all the support. Without you there is *no way* I would have spent three days at Crossfit Las Vegas when I was on the road. BTW they have a nice box with good people and their coaches swear a lot more than ours do. Must be a Vegas thing.

  31. laura c

    5K: 28:52….slower by :40 seconds. I felt like I gave it my all so bummed that I did not PR but the bottom line is I KNOW I gave it my ALL and that is truly all that matters, right?

    I am with Ashley – no change (1# down) with the challange and barely any change on the benchmark but I think my body is telling me it is where it wants to be and I need to accept that:)! Clearly I am consistent and my consistency is healthy (meaning I indulge in moderation) so its ALL good!

    Proud of everyone that gave it their all this month…and everyday!

    • Colleen (OC)

      I guess we didn’t get that 1 second PR we had been hoping for! (Although Michelle did, apparently!)

  32. Jim B

    5k 22:12 25 sec faster

  33. 5k row in Arizona.

  34. 5k – 27:40 (I think) 15-20 seconds faster than first time, give or take. I’ll take that in this heat.

    Transformation Challenge – Lost: 7# / about 2″ off the middle / 2+% body fat.

    Since the beginning of the year I’ve lost 16# and about 4″ off the middle. Crossfit and clean eating works people!!! Thanks to the coaches and the 8:30 crew for all of the pushes and support!

    • michelle

      Amazing results, Joe V! I am sure about the time, I thought I was going so much faster than last time so I expected 3 min pr instead of one sec. : )

    • Wendy P


    • Ashley R

      Pretty great Joe considering I think you said your wife is pregnant. Way to not give in to ‘her’ cravings :)

    • Rob C

      Excellent results Joe!

    • Susan Stein

      Great job Joe, you’re looking great!

    • Jim B

      Great joe, you are looking fit!

  35. michelle

    5K- 27:42- 1 second faster- I have never been so excited for a one second pr.

    Love the 8:30 gang. This month has been amazing because of you all and Ben & Harry! It is so cool what we have all gained & lost in 31 days. You all rock.

    • laura c

      OC and I said we wanted a 1 second PR so nice work!!!!!!

    • I’m still wondering about my time?? Are you sure you weren’t in at 27:32?? Good for you on the PR regardless.

  36. Andy R

    5k – 23:23

  37. 5k: 24:53
    Great Job 8:30 class!

    • Ashley R

      Quick run Lori..looks like the running is paying off :)

    • michelle

      Great run, Lori!

    • James Hobart

      I didn’t plan on running 5 feet today, but when Lori walked in and asked, “Are you running with us?” it seemed like the right thing to do.

      Thanks, Lori. You made my day.


  38. Deb R

    5K: 31:11 (32:23 on 5/5) Had to stop 2-3 times because I thought I was gonna hurl….

    Thanks Matty for all of the support this month and for bfast this morning. Thank you to all of my 9:30 peeps. All of you inspire me to be better.

  39. Colleen (OC)

    Regarding tonight at Skybokx 109- EVERYONE is welcome! This is certainly not just a 5:30 am thing… we just have no social life since we all get up so early so we wanted to plan something! Swing on by anytime, we’ll be around! I’ll be the one in the corner with a Makers and Coke in my hand…

    • Sara C


    • Tricia D

      Paaahhhtteeee Time!!!!!!!

    • Colleen (OC)

      “Hey everyone! Come and see how good I look!”

    • Heather O

      Yes everyone come on down. :-) Even non CFNEr’s are welcome. :-) I’m dreaming about the delicious cocktail(s) I will be having now…. :-)

    • Andrew Ho

      Anyone want to snag me from my crib in Framingham around 7? I don’t want to drive…for obvious reasons. I’ll buy your first beer (or seltzer).

      • Colleen (OC)

        Maybe Mike R can drive us!

        • Andrew Ho

          He’s going to a beer festival!!! Outed!

        • Mike R.

          Bummed to miss the CFNE hangout tonight! Next time I happily chauffeur the two of you wherever you like.

  40. Susan Stein

    5K: 28:55 (:20 PR)

    Great job today everyone!

  41. Tom Topham aka Grampy FF

    Thanks for allowing me to partake if your 5K WOD today. I haven’t done a 5K since September 2011. 00:34:14 I’ll take it.

  42. Doole

    20 rep bsq 205
    5k 22:25
    Row 6×300 1:00 – 1:04

    Does anyone have a copy of Microsoft Word for Mac that they’d be willing to sell/give me? thanks!

  43. Jen M

    Quick thanks to MDV and the 930 crew lost 6.5 lbs this month

  44. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Nooners! There were 9 of us running the 5k in the blazing sun and temp of 92 degrees! OUCH!

    Not a PR for me, but made it sub zero (barely) 29:56. Thank you Harry for pushing me hard as I sprinted (well sort of) the last 200 meters.

    Time for a cold beer or two!

  45. 5K Row 22:13 1:03PR

    Transformation results: lost 8 pounds,1.5 waist, 3%fat
    This was only possible because we did it as a team. Thank you everybody for all of the encouragement!! GO 8:30!

  46. Melinda

    5k: 25:25 (25 sec slower)… good pacing me Andy and Bri.

    20RM bsq post run: 125#
    6 x 300 row: 1:00-1:04

    Lotsa love/thanks to my 9:30am ladies and MDV for a great month!

  47. Jen W

    5k+ (long loop): 34:45 – 20 seconds slower than 5/2

    Not sure if it was Murph, day 3, the heat, 6 days off the paleo wagon while my parents were visiting (they left Tuesday), or all of the above but I just didn’t feel physically or mentally strong today. It was an uphill battle all the way (pun intended).

    On the nutrition challenge: I took this one much less strictly than the one in January and I feel like I did better and I can sustain it this time. During the January challenge I didn’t cheat once but then fell off the wagon hard when it ended. This time I let myself have 1-2 adult beverages two times a week and a cheat meal. I also didn’t beat myself up if I took a bite of something bad.

    Consequently my cravings were hugely reduced and the mental switch from, “ooh, that looks good; I’m going to eat lots of it; why the hell did I do that??” to “ooh, that looks good; wait – will it taste as good as I think it will; nah, it’s not worth it; paleo victory!” is getting easier and easier. I don’t win every battle but I feel like the odds are increasingly in my favor.

    Unofficially, my results are about the same (6-7# weight loss) but I feel like I can keep on this track. Yay relaxed approach! (And someday I may even try Zone.)

    • laura c

      nice job Jen and your philosophy is spot on…..slow and steady wins the race!

    • Rachel E

      Nice job, Jen! I totally agree that the approach you described is more satisfying and sustainable. It also prevents you from obsessing over food and food prep, which kind of happened to me in January. Hooray for sustainable change!

    • Cheryl

      Nice job Jen!

    • Cheryl

      By the way…we are twinsies in the running department. I was 34:47 which was over a minute slower than at the beginning of the month. Was a rough one today.

  48. 5k: 45:09

    Stopped twice to test my blood sugar levels. 15 seconds more than the beginning of the month.

  49. Andrew Ho

    Oh, and I’m trying to get out of a Boyz II Men, New Kid on the Block and 98 Degrees concert at Fenway this Sunday night at 7pm at Fenway. I have two tickets $107 each or best offer.

    Email me either to buy my tickets or make fun of me. I can take it.

    • Big Mike

      Did you decide to go to the Menudo reunion concert instead?

  50. Lynne Mc

    5k run 27:30 just over 2 mins faster than my chatathon run with Sarah at the start of the month. I feel my natural habitat/Scottish weather time could be better


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