Friday 5.31.13

What are  your kids doing on Saturday morning?

What are your kids doing on Saturday morning?


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  1. Ashley R

    Can’t make it to the SkyBoxx but if you guys are looking to watch a fun band afterwards head to the Chicken Bone in Framingham. My friends are in a band called “Grounds for Divorce” and they go on at 9pm. Fun tunes like Beastie Boys, Social Distortion etc. (those over 40 can relate :)

  2. Casey T

    5k row 21:32. Memorial weekend in San Diego took its toll. +1:31 from the beginning of the month. But I did gain 3 pounds which is on my way to my goal.

  3. Rob C

    5k row: 20:19. (PR 1:30) great cap to a great month. 8:30 team is so supportive, grateful to be a part of it.

  4. 20, 10, 5 back squat 210
    15 rep OHS 135
    3×10 deads 275
    30 min run

  5. ernie

    For those of you who rowed 5k and want to see how it compares with others around the world, there is a widely-used (at least by by the rowing community), free, database of age-group ranked times at the Concept2 website.


    You can register for free and then add any time for a wide variety of distances (1 min, 500m, 1000m, 2000m, 5000m etc) and rank yourself against everyone in the world.

    • Ken K

      Thanks for sharing this. Now it’s confirmed… I suck at rowing :)

    • Rob C

      Thanks man. Cool sight. With enough filters I may be able to look good :). Ha ha.

  6. Mike R.

    5K: 23:24 (:55 slower than on 5/1)

    Really great work by the 5:30 PMers tonight in not such great conditions.

  7. Dan T

    24 seconds slower than 5/1 26:57

  8. Matty Noits

    5k run Saturday morning PR!!!!

    Previous time 24:04
    Today’s time. 22:48


  9. Larry

    27:28 almost 2 min slower


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