Thursday 5.30.13



The Dash
50 KBS (53,35)
40 BJ (24,20)
30 Burpees
20 C2B Pullups
10 One-Arm KB Snatch*

Post Time to Comments.

*Alternating each arm, ten total.

Coach Ashley

Coach Ashley



  1. Welcome to the gun show

  2. Tricia D


    Reminder to come down to skybox in Natick (across from mall) Friday after 6:30pm to celebrate the end of the team challenge and the nice weather! Room reserved.

  3. Andrew Ho

    The Dash: 9:22 (35# on both KBSs, rest Rx)

    Nursing ninny shoulders…

  4. 6:48 RX

  5. rich t

    The Dash – 14:16 Rx

    tweeky lower back this morning. warm-up and mobility got me through it. I have learned a great deal about injuries through CorssFit, how to avoid,and CFNE mobility is key. a while ago, i would have stayed home. however, warmup on rower, roll out on PVC, lacrosse ball, and Kevin’s warm up and mobility got me through it.

    • Sean Rockett

      I thought it was my encouraging words that got you through it

      • rich t

        sorry, thought that was a given and everyone’s understanding that Doc Rock is da man. aura based telekintec proximity healing. give me some.

    • Colleen (OC)

      That’s how I have to start most of my days. Wihtout mobility and stretching, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed!

      • I hope you have a big bed to do all of that stretching before you even leave it.

        : )

      • Colleen (OC)

        I just kick my husband. He doesn’t mind!

  6. Jen W

    The Dash: 9:42 (knee push ups for C2Bs – hands wrecked from Murph)

  7. Andy M

    The Dash: 11:31 Rx

  8. Mike R.

    The Dash: 8:57 (45# KBS and KB snatches)

  9. Amy B

    The Dash: 9:37 Rx
    C2B were a struggle. Didn’t realize it wasn’t regular pull ups until about 10 second before 3-2-1 Go.

  10. Sean Rockett

    The dash
    8:23 push-ups for c2b for forearm tweak. 35 snatches

  11. Heather V.

    The Dash: 9:07 Rx

  12. Heather O

    Happy Day before Friday everyone! :) Don’t forget to see Tricia’s post above for happy hour tomorrow eve!! :) Hope to see everyone there!
    Active Rest Day: 3.5 mile run/jog in 32:57 and 100 sit-ups. Was going to do push-ups too but my whole upper body is still on fire between Murph and those darn banded ring dips on Tuesday! Yikes!!
    Have a great day everyone! See some of you tomorrow for the end of the challenge! :) Yippee!!

  13. Andy L

    The Dash: 11:30 Rx

  14. Braatz

    English Goat Rodeo: 21-19-17-15… down to 3 of push-ups & sit-ups (hotel WOD in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK)


  15. Colleen (OC)

    The Dash: 10:03. I was Rx on the box jumps, burpees and chest to bars. I didn’t do KB swings- just did sit ups instead because my back was giving me fits. I used the 26# KB for the snatches. Initially thought I would do 18#, but glad I went heavier on that.

    Good to see Scott A crashing the 5:30 am class!

  16. Scott A

    Dash 12:30 (45/35)

    Great to hang with 530 AM crew. Still don’t how you guys do it.
    Good to catch up OC. Be careful!

    • rich t

      you looked like you could become a regular 5:30 Mayhemer.

    • Heather V.

      It is 1pm now… How many cups of coffee are u on? Great to see ya!

  17. Mike McD

    The Dash: 5:40 Rx

  18. Rick W

    The Dash: 8:33 Rx
    Extra mobility after class

  19. sarah wilson

    Dash: 8:17 RX (the one arm snatches were so heavy for me. I no rep’d 3 of them)

  20. Sarah S.

    The Dash: 10:23 Rx. I tried (unsuccessfully) to keep up with Heather V – thanks for the push!

  21. Eddie

    The Dash: 9:38 Rx

  22. Chris M.

    The Dash – 7:32 Rx’d

  23. Big Bri

    “The Dash” – 7:29 Rx’d

  24. Wendy P

    The Dash: 10:16 – 26# KB, pull ups, 18# KB snatch ( tried 26#- just wasn’t there today)

  25. John G

    The Dash – 8:03 rx

  26. The Dash: 9:47, Rx except KB snatch @18#s

  27. Greg D

    The Dash: 8:26Rx

  28. The Dash: 10:31 45# KB swings / 35# KB snatch / reg pull-ups

  29. Susan Stein

    The Dash: 8:16 (26# kb, step ups, skinny green band pull ups)

    Team challenges: 10# lost, down 3% body fat, lost 1/2″ around middle
    Thanks everyone, especially MDV for being an awesome coach, and Ashley for the assist. Got a whole new appreciation for “real” food and portion control. Great job everyone!!

    • Annmarie

      Congratulations on your team challenge losses!

    • sarah wilson

      3% body fat reduction? That is for real, Susan. Way to stay away from the bad stuff this month.

    • Wendy P

      Way to go Susan….. Congrats on your hard work :)

    • Congrats Susan!!

    • Rick W

      Great job Susan. You are in the 6:30AM right?

      • Susan Stein

        Nope that’s way too early for me. I hang with the 9:30 crew! Join us, it’s all the ladies!

    • Deb R

      Yeah Susan!! So proud of you! 9:30 rules!!

    • Carrie

      Amazing results Susan!!! Your hard work has sure paid off…especially all that ab work and pull ups. You are such an inspiration :)

  30. Laura c

    The dash: 10:10 all rx but 26# KB snatch. Those I flew through So now I know rx next time.

    1 mile run pre wod
    Post: 4 hill repeats
    75 weighted sit ups (25#)
    3×15 ghd su

    Thx 930… Shirtless and all… First time. Belly button still dirty

  31. Annmarie

    The Dash: 10:12 35#KBS unbroken, used skinny red band for pull ups since hands are still ripped and 18#KBSnatches

    Post Wod: 400m run, 100 sit ups

  32. The Dash: 10:30. Ring rows subbed for C2B, 26# KBS snatches.

  33. Lynne Mc

    The Dash 11:36 modified with step ups & 26# snatches. I need to re-learn pull ups with gloves on!

    Nutrition challenge results 0.5lb lost and down 3.5% body fat which I am delighted with.

  34. The Dash: 10:25 35# kb, 40 BJ’s, burpees, C2B’s, and 35# snatches
    Fun noon time class—thanks MDV!

  35. Krystle

    The Dash 11:03 (step ups/downs because of leg but rest RX)

    I used the 35lb kb today… Kind of a big deal

  36. “The Dash”

  37. The Dash: 7:09 (45# KBS because 53# KBs were gone, and 50# DB Snatch because of injured wrist…excuses, excuses)

  38. Curt V.

    Dash: 14:33, regular pull ups and 35 lb KB snatch.

  39. Curt V.

    Doole – thanks for the records. I left your plastic bin where I found it.

  40. denise sullivan

    dash: 10:32 30#kb, 26# kn snatch
    rest rx (c2b, 1 at a time) 1st time ever in wod

    • laura c

      yeah for CTB!!! Now you have to do them in all the WOD – once you start, you can not go back:)!

  41. Lil Tony

    Dash: 7:36

  42. Cotter

    “The Dash”: 10:20 Rx
    Good work, Kristen. Nice to meet you.

  43. Kristin B.

    The Dash: 11:14 with pullups instead of c2bs — the rest RX.

  44. Dash: 8:44

    Post WOD: light lifting in back room
    1. 5 x 5 Jerk work @ 115#
    2. 5 x 5 Bench @ 185#, 1 x 15 @ 185#
    3. 5 x 10 Front Squats @ 95#

  45. Erkin

    Dash: 14:40. 45# KB swing, 24″ (jump ups, step downs), regular GBPUs, 35# KB snatch

    • Erkin

      Thanks to all @ 7:30pm class who cheered and pushed me at the end!

  46. Hey 7:30! You guys are looking awesome! So strong. Keep hitting it… HARD!

  47. Thomas F

    The Dash: 8:29 Rx

    Fun WOD!

  48. Colleen (C4!)

    The Dash 8:15 Rx but 26# KB snatches.
    Can do 35# dumb bell snatches, but I don’t have the wrist flick YET for KBs.

  49. LEARD

    Dash: 9:13 Rx’d

  50. Dash: 10:56 red band PU and 26# on the KB snatch


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