Wednesday 5.29.13



7 x 3 OTM @ 65% 1RM

Clean & Jerk
7 x 3 OTM @ 65% 1RM

Post Score to Comments.

E.C. a little mobility and perhaps a little vitD.

E.C. a little mobility and perhaps a little vitD.


  1. Deb R

    We did this on Sunday…..

  2. Yup. And you’re getting another dose.

  3. Greg D

    5:30 AM Mayhem Shirts Today!

  4. Tricia D


    Come down to Skybox 109 in Natick (across from the mall) Friday night to celebrate the end of the team challenge and the beginning of summer! It’s going to be 90 degrees so come down any time after 6:30 p.m. There is a room reserved for us.

  5. Check out this article that Derek recommended

    Really cool Oly article! Great read! Thanks Derek!

    • Derek

      “Rock bottom”!

    • ECizzle

      That is a great article. Esp re: mobility. It is a great supplement, but will never replace doing the movement! Yes.

  6. Andrew Ho

    Snatch: 75 (kept it light since I have NO squat snatch, but today actually felt like progress…slow and steady

    CJ: 135 (grind; power cleaning instead of squat cleaning some reps towards the end)

  7. rich t

    Snatch – 65#
    CJ – 115#

  8. Andy M

    Snatch – 65#
    C&J – 95#

  9. Andy L

    Snatch 70#
    C & J 115#

  10. Andrew Ho

    I have a pair of Sox tix up for grabs. Rangers at Sox, NEXT Wednesday, June 5. Game is at 7.

    Free of charge so long as its a Crossfitter.

    Email me:

  11. Greg D

    Snatch: 80#

    Clean & Jerk: 115#

  12. Jen W

    Snatch: 65# – I’m happy we’re doing these, as I need to work on form / technique

    C&J: 95# – The last three sets got spicy; quads are still screaming from Murph

  13. Ali G

    Snatch: 60#
    Clean and Jerk: #85

  14. Rachel E

    Snatch: 65#

  15. Michelene

    Snatch: 33#
    C&J: 55#

  16. Rick W

    Snatch: 95#
    Row 6 X 1 Min On 1 Min Off (278M to 288M)
    15 REP OHS 105#
    5*10 pullups / 3*5 HSPU

  17. Craig B.

    Snatch: 95
    C&j: 145
    3 rep pp: 195

  18. Chris M.

    1. Snatch – 115#
    2. C&J – 145#
    3. “Death by 10m row” – 26 rounds + 205m

    … power snatch/clean – still trying to rest my knee.

  19. Annmarie

    Snatch 40#
    C&J 60#

  20. Ashley R

    Snatch: 55#
    Clean and jerk: 75#
    2 mile cash out run

    I am hoping some extra cardio will help make a few changes since I did not exactly pull big numbers from the Team Challenge (sorry team!) Although I am a clean eater I did learn I typically eat too much protein in comparison to carbs and it has been good to dial back the drinking a bit. All in all I was able to learn a few new things. I will def. keep Zoning!!

    Can’t wait to see which class won :)

    • Rick W

      6:30 AM won. No contest really :)

      • denise sullivan

        you don’t know who your messn w…ashley, i def noticed a diff in you physique and times, be very proud

  21. Derek

    Snatch-155×5 sets, 165×2 (it’s been a year since I did a 1rm snatch so I’m guessing a bit)
    CJ- 190 across

    Good times with the 6:30. Great class!

  22. Derek

    Get well soon, Harry!!!

  23. Eddie

    Snatch: 65
    Felt much smoother today than Sunday.

    C&J: 95
    Split Jerks are a big goat. Great to work on them.

  24. Snatch: 65# / C&J 95# (nothing felt connected today)

    Cash out: Tabata row then burpees OTM with Michelle, Maura, Will, Lori and Kathy (great idea – thanks for the push)

  25. Chad M

    Snathch@115; C&J@135.
    Missed yesterday so 21-15-9 Skierg calories/T2B (original thought was ring dips, after the skierg, that wasn’t going to happen.)

  26. Snatch: 35#, C&J 65#. Kept it light to work on form and ease back in after injury. Felt good to lift again.

  27. Colleen (C4!)

    Snatch 70, C&J 100
    I cheated on the Naughty Nooners and went to the 9:30 class. Now that’s a naughty class. There’s a certain Nooner who’s wife goes to the 9:30. She’s more Naughty than he is. It’s hard to snatch when laughing!

  28. Ken K

    Snatch – 105
    C&J – 115

  29. Melinda

    Snatch: 70#
    C&J: 90#

    Good WOD for attention to form, felt good. Thanks Ashley for all the help today!

  30. Snatch: 45#
    Clean&jerk: 87# needed the practice on the split jerk

  31. Ron R

    Snatch – 65#
    C&J – 65#
    Good to be back after weeks of travel! Also – Thanks to Greg on the t-shirts. Very cool.

  32. 100/150
    3RM Push Press 185

    Get some rest Coach Harry!

  33. Sara C

    Snatch: 40#
    C&J: 65#

    I’ve been thinking a lot about transformation this month, but maybe not in the same sense as others. I’ve been looking at my progress over the past year (I started CF in earnest a year ago April) and trying to understand and appreciate the gains I have made. I think it’s so important to do this, especially because we all tend to beat ourselves up a bit from day to day…should have been faster, should have gone heavier, shouldn’t have eaten that, etc. But when we look at progression as a whole, over the course of a year, it’s pretty outstanding and awfully cool.

    So, today’s point of transformation for me? A year ago, at the internal team throwdown, I could not clean 65#. Not once. Coach Ali was on my team and could not have been more encouraging and celebratory of my 55# max clean, even as she threw 195# up overhead without issue. Today, my 1RM is right around 100#, sometimes 105#, so I did this movement at 65#…the weight I could not do even once last year. On my last set of reps, Coach Kevin watched me and then said “like a pro!” Like a PRO? That meant the world to me. And, the truth is, I knew that I had nailed it on that lift. Not that it was a huge weight by any means, but my form was as good as (or better than) it’s ever been.

    It was a year’s worth of cues and hints and generally great coaching coming together really well. Listen to those cues…take them to heart and incorporate them into everything you do.

    Thanks today to…
    Coach Kevin: “Elbows up.” (<—about a zillion times) Coach Heather: "Let the bar roll back when you catch it." Coach MDV: "Take your time off the floor." Coach Ali: "Fast elbows. Get under the bar." Coach Meg: "Pretend you are scraping your shirt off your chest."

    • Ashley R

      Nice perspective Sara..the great thing about Crossfit is the emphasis on what your body can ‘do’!! Clearly yours has ‘done’ a lot this past year. Nice job- BTW- the side effect is that you look pretty awesome too. Woo-hoo!!!

    • Deb R

      Weally, weally great Sara!!:) I remember your first day at CFNE like it was yesterday! Time flies when your having fun!

    • Laura c

      True DAT! I chuckle at myself at times when I get frustrated over a wod and think of how far I’ve come… Not to mention how we compare outside our little crossfit bubble:)!

    • nice, Sarah:-)

    • Ben Bergeron

      I really like this a lot. Thanks Sarah.

    • You are awesome Sara!

  34. denise sullivan

    50/60 not my best, but i’ll take it for a bad morning

    so glad to have come….life’s been tricky

  35. Brian L

    snatch- 115
    C&J- 135

  36. Alison

    snatch – 35#. The squat snatch is such a hard movement for me.
    C&J – 55#. Thanks for the great coaching on my jerk, Max. It made all the difference. I really nailed the last couple as a result. Woo hoo!
    DU Practice — working on not working so hard. My jumps were better, lower, less effort.

    Greg D. – great job on the tshirts – thanks!

    Harry – wishing you a speedy recovery.

  37. Kristin B.

    Snatch: 65#
    C&J: 95#

  38. Mike R.

    Snatch: 75#
    C&J: 115#

  39. Sarah S

    Snatch: 50#
    C&J: 75#

  40. Snatch 45#
    C&j 70#

  41. Geoff L

    Snatch 115
    C&J 170

  42. LEARD

    Snatch: 80#
    Clean and Jerk 145#

  43. dylan r

    Snatch: 85
    C&J: 115

  44. Maureen B.

    Snatch: 45#
    C&J: 65#

  45. snatch: 70#
    cleanandjerk: 95#


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