Tuesday 5.28.13

Why do you CrossFit?

Why do you CrossFit?

Seven Up
7 Rounds
12 SDHP (75,55)
12 Ring Dip

Post Score to Comments.

Post Capti...Nah, nevermind.

Post Capti…Nah, nevermind.

Regional Slide Show

Hey Team,

Our very own wonderfully talented resident photog (enough modifiers?), SaraC, has created a kicka@@ slide show for your viewing enjoyment!

Check out the unbridled awesomeness…



  1. Brian L

    I crossfit for the stripper stretch

  2. Jen W

    I feel like I should know this, but what is SDHP?

  3. Fantastic slide show, Sara!!

  4. Heather V.

    Love the slide show Sara!

  5. Sara, Great pics. Thanks

  6. Christian

    Sara, as always, fantastic work. The picture of Bethany grabbing Montoya was THE coolest! Great shot!

  7. Jamie

    Very Cool Sara !!

  8. Patti Jeane

    Road wod
    Burpees and air squats

    Trying to lift something heavier than a fork in France

  9. Just read through the Murph posts and was disappointed not to be at the gym. Channeled Geoff’s inspirational speach from Thanksgiving and did it at home in 34 ish – not a PR, still an honor and a priviledge.

  10. Andrew Ho

    2A Scaled Comp WOD 1:

    1RM Thruster – 205 (first time with this…weird)
    1 minute hand release push-ups: 30

    WOD 2:

    3RFT – 200M run, 5 PCs at 115, 10 53# goblet lunges
    5:00 (runs gotta get quicker)

    Back this evening hopefully for WODs 3 and 4.

    • Kate S

      we need to work on the grimace face when you do that thruster to make it at least look like you are working Andrew — nice work!

  11. Andy M

    Seven Up: 15:15 Rx

  12. Braatz

    Seven Up: 16:11 (2 rnds Rx, 5 rnds band assist)

  13. Corey

    Three stages of awkward in this pic….

  14. Dan T

    Seven Up: 13:28 – 75#, GHD Dips

  15. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone and great job this am 5:30! :)
    1.5 mile run with Tricia Pre-wod
    7up: 15 something?? (Totally forgot to look at the time when I was done bc I was just so happy to finish!!) This was rough! However this is one of my first Rx weight WODs and also, thanks to Tricia for letting me practice on her set up and convincing me I can do them, I did black band assisted ring dips for the first time! :) I only got in two rounds of 12 though and then scaled down to 8 dips for 5 rounds bc I wanted to get that practice in. So all in all I’m happy with this day! :)
    Have a great day everyone!

    • Michelene

      Awesome job! I’ll have to try the band dips next time, you & Tricia have inspired me!

    • Sarah S

      Yay! Congrats on the Rx weight Heather!!

    • Tricia D

      Great job on the weight and the ring dips! So nice to run with you this am! Your inspiring me to get after the runs in prep for the 10k!

  16. sarahw

    12:55 with 6 dips and 6 hand release push ups. I thought this was a good combo (half dips and half hand release) for a guy or gal who has a few dips in them, but not enough to move through this efficiently at 7×12.

    Did anyone else notice Doug Bell’s mustache this morning?

  17. Michelene

    Seven Up: 12:14, 45# & GDH dips. Had a hard time slogging through this one today despite all the scaling.

  18. Alison

    7 Up – 12:07. Red band assisted dips

  19. Sarah S

    Seven Up: 12:31 – small tan band assisted ring dips. Now I know why all the guys had their fore arms taped…

    Great photos Sara!

    • Tricia D

      Nice job and thanks again for convincing me to try the ring dips with the band the last time we did this. Never would be doing it otherwise.

    • Heather O

      Awesome job today Sarah and I guess I also need to thank you because if you hadn’t convinced Tricia to do the dips, she would have never convinced me to do them! :-)

  20. Doug E

    12:46 Rx
    Even with tape my bicep skin burned…
    Am I doing something wrong?

  21. Marcus

    7Up for a bit. Pulled muscle in my chest in round 4. Felt great until then. Switched to 24 air squats instead of ring dips for rounds 5-7.

    11 something for time.

  22. Craig B.

    Seven up: 12:31 rx

  23. Big Mike

    Seven Up: 10:33 (banded ring dips)
    Dips still a huge goat for me and Harry’s sling reminded me why. Have the ‘partially’ torn bicep tendon that I’m trying to keep partially torn.

  24. Rachel E

    7 Up: 18:37 (or 27) with skinny black band assist. Ring dips absolutely owned me today — lots of no reps because of failed lockout.

  25. Amy B

    SU: 11:45 (mixed band ring dips, some at skinny white one, some at red, some at blue, a few at green – apparently I was a ring whore this morning… or maybe I just like rainbow colors)

  26. Chris M.

    Seven Up – 10:25 Rx’d

  27. Tricia D

    Seven up: 15:20 (sm green band ring dips and Rx weight :))

    I was moving slow through the ring dips, but glad to do it and very glad to rx the weight for the first time in a wod.

    • Heather O

      So great to see you this am and thanks for being such a fab running partner. I am so excited for the 10K! :-) Also thanks for the band dip help, you are the best. And AMAZING job on this WOD and the RX weight! Hell ya! :-) xoxo

  28. denise sullivan

    phantom’s commitment to post:

    fri: 5.5 miler
    sat death by 10 meters: 18 rnds
    sun: 100 squats, 50 sit ups, 50 push ups
    mon: 5 miler
    tues:150 squats, 50 sit ups, 50 push ups

  29. Ali G

    Seven Up: 18:19 (6 ring dips per round)

  30. Tricia D

    Sara C, you are such an amazing photographer and love the music! Competitors, holy sh** you all look amazing in those pictures – beasts!

    Need to hire you again to take pics of the girls SOON!!!!

  31. Seven Up: 9:45 RX

  32. Melinda

    Seven Up: 15:00 55#, skinny band (at home).


  33. Rick W

    Seven Up: 8:59RX
    5*5 Deadlifts 255#

  34. Laura c

    Seven up: 19:06 45#. Ring dips RX
    I fought like hell to not quit and not scale and not grab a band. Thx Harry for working overtime into the 930 class and coaching me:)! Def should have done rx weight but just assumed bc it was rx that I should not do it:)!

    Rest day needed after that and murph!! Yeah!

  35. Jim B

    Seven up: 10:37 Rx

  36. Big Bri

    “Seven Up” – 8:20 Rx’d

  37. Ashley R

    Seven Up: 55# and GHD asst. dips w/ a few real ones thrown in. Fatigued very early on dips. 11:59
    2 mile run cash out with Carey!

  38. Wendy P

    Seven up: 45#, green band ring dips 10:16

    Measured for the team challenge today- the zone meal plan definitely works!!!

  39. Matty Noits

    Great slide show Sarah..

  40. Matty Noits

    Thought for the day…

    “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but instead will interest his patients in the care of human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

    –Thomas Edison”

    Excerpt From: Sisson, Mark. “The Primal Blueprint.” Primal Nutrition, Inc., 2012. iBooks.
    This material may be protected by copyright.

  41. Seven up:11:10
    55#/ ghd dips
    6x 200m hill sprints

  42. michelle

    Seven up: Mod w/ 25 ab mat sit ups/ 12 sdhp @ 55#
    7:00 even but I am guessing I crossed out two tally marks one round as I was pretty sloppy w/ the marker- so did another and finished 8:xx

  43. rich t

    Seven Up – 11:46 (65#, 8 ghd dips)

    3 hours in the saddle yesterday; back was tweeky, and went light. dips were not there.

  44. Seven up: 17:01, 20 back extensions and “Rx'” ring dips.
    Rx in quotes because I know that many of them would have been no rep for not getting my shoulders down to the ring. Hard work nevertheless.

  45. Annmarie

    Seven Up: 12 something??, 45#SHDL, 4rds GHD dips, 3rds rings with green band

    1-mile post wod run

  46. Ken K

    Seven Up: at work
    No rings so regular dips

    10×5 toes to bar (or should i say attempted, got about half)

  47. Seven Up: 11:51 Rx

  48. Deb R

    Seven up: 12:32 55# green band assisted dips (suspect)

    500m row for time with Jen M, just squeaked by at 1:59….

  49. Susan Stein

    7 Up: 10:45 (45#, GHD dips)

    Thanks for the great slide show Sara! Amazing pictures!

  50. Heather V.

    Seven Up: 17:04 Rx ummm yaaa dips were all singles at the end.


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