Tuesday 5.28.13

Why do you CrossFit?

Why do you CrossFit?

Seven Up
7 Rounds
12 SDHP (75,55)
12 Ring Dip

Post Score to Comments.

Post Capti...Nah, nevermind.

Post Capti…Nah, nevermind.

Regional Slide Show

Hey Team,

Our very own wonderfully talented resident photog (enough modifiers?), SaraC, has created a kicka@@ slide show for your viewing enjoyment!

Check out the unbridled awesomeness…



  1. Katrina

    7 up: 10:17 (5 ring dips per round)

    FS work: worked up to 143.
    T2B work….my kip is back! so happy.

  2. Stacey Kroon

    Hey CFNE – Stacey Kroon here! Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that Crossfit Lando will be running a team competition on June 22nd. The comp is one male, one female. It is going to be a great day with tons of really cool prizes and money being thrown around. Check it out here: http://crossfitlandocomp.com/ or shoot me an email at Stacey@crossfitlando.com.

  3. Lisa L

    Sara C! Are you KIDDING me? That was off the HOOOOKK!! ;)

    • Sara C

      Thanks, Lisa! All the credit goes to the athletes! I just snap the photos :)

  4. JennS

    Not sure of my time. It’s on the whiteboard.
    Green band ring dips.

    Thanks for watching Abby, Ashley, Ali, and Trina!

  5. Eugene

    Seven up – 18:25 Rx. Nothing left.

  6. Cotter

    “Murph”: 61:48 rx

  7. Kevin G.

    Awesome slideshow Sara! Good job as usual.

    Seven Up: Zero! Nada… (I’m blown up after yesterday’s Murph :-)

  8. Andrew Ho

    2A comp scaled WOD 3:

    50 sit-ups, 40 KBS @ 53#, 30 BJs at 24″, 20 burpees, 100 single unders.


    Floater WOD: 225 prowler push 20 yards, sprint back

    Did 4 @ 10-12 seconds each.

  9. Brian L

    seven up- 14:35,

  10. Bubba

    Good to get in to CFNE and WOD with my friends at the 6:30 PM.

    Seven Up: 6:17 Rx. Thanks Dan for the push!

    • Laura c

      Omg… That’s all I can say… After fighting ring dips for over 15 min…

    • Dan C.

      Anytime buddy! I’m just happy to keep up with you for 6 rounds.

      6:48 Rx

  11. Erkin

    7 Up: 11:15 – 55#, green band assisted ring dips

  12. Corey

    7 up: 12:41 blue band ring dips
    New goat located. Gotta work on these bad boys for sure.
    in contrast, SDHPs were solid today.

  13. Maureen B.

    Seven up: 12:41 green band ring dips…..samesies timesies as my new roommate

  14. Seven Up: 11:04 55# green band ring dips. Looking forward to more DOMS tomorrow…

    OTM10 – 5 back extensions/5 GHD sit ups since there was absolutely NO shot of getting more push ups in for homework…

  15. “7 up”
    (55#, black mini band)


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