Monday 5.27.13 (Memorial Day – One Class)

The Protector.

The Protector.

1mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squats
1mile Run

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  1. I really wish I could be there for this. Get after it guys.

  2. Trupti

    What time is the class?

  3. CFNE – our first school is almost built!

    A number of people have asked to see some pictures from the Kenya trip. I’m sure we will have a big crowd today to honor Murph. After class I’ll put a slide show up on the TV which includes recent shots of our school.

    Get after it today!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Those pics were great! I enjoyed watching that as I had a date with a foam roller…

  4. Tricia D

    5 miles: 48 mins.
    100 push ups/300 squats 14 mins

    Sorry to miss murph, but you aren’t supposed to leave kids 2 and under home alone :) Get after it guys and enjoy this beautiful day!

  5. 49:16 with a 20# vest

  6. brian

    53:56 banded PUs

  7. Ken K

    Thanks Geoff for the moving tribute. We are all blessed. Very cool to participate in honor of a great warrior.
    44:20 rx row

  8. Michelene

    Murph: 51:31 small band pull-ups & 50 Rx push-ups/150 knee PUs

  9. Mike R.

    Murph: 45:28 Rx (11:04 PR from 11/22/12)

    Inspiring class this morning!

  10. Murph: 46:30 Rx (1 minute PR from November and 5 more rounds–only did 15 rounds in Nov)
    As Mike R. said—INSPIRING Class!

  11. Sara C

    Murph: 62:24. Did everything Rx except the pushups…did 100 instead of 200, but they were all legit, chest to deck and from my toes. This is exactly what I set out to do today and I am really proud of myself for finishing. I seriously could not have done it without all those voices of support around me, especially from Colleen (OC) when I thought I was losing it after round 10.

    The biggest victory for me comes from looking at what I did today compared to last year. A year ago, I could not do one legit pushup…today, I did 100. A year ago, I needed a band for my pull-ups, and only did 50 of them…today, I did 100 kipping pull ups. A year ago, I ran 1/2 mile on each end of Murph and thought I would die…today, I did the full mile on each end and sprinted in to the finish. A year ago, I would end WODs before my tank was empty because I was afraid to finish last…today, I just kept going and kept my mind on finishing no matter how long it took me.

    As Ben said, it’s important to keep moving forward. We may each move at different speeds, but we’re all going in the same direction.

  12. Colleen (OC)

    Murph: 54:30, Rx. PR by 13:30.

    Last did this Rx in 2011, various ailments have kept me from doing the full thing lately. Was very happy to finish this in under an hour! Now I can buy the t-shirt…

    Great tribute Geoff… thanks Murph, and all others who have given their lives. “Thanks” hardly seems like the right word and it hardly seems like enough…

    • Sara C

      Nice work, lady! I seriously could not have finished without you today. Me: “I’m losing it.” You: “Um, no you’re not.” That’s what I needed! Is there a t-short for the under-one-hour club??? If so, yeah, get it!

    • Heather O

      Great job and amazing PR Colleen! :)

    • Tricia D

      Holy PR Colleen!!!!

    • Braatz

      13:30… that’s not a PR, that’s a PF’nR

    • Hell yeah!

    • Heather V.


    • Colleen (OC)

      I have to fix this so when I look back at this for next time I know what my true PR was. It was actually 14:11. (I finished in 2011 in 68:41).

  13. Kristin B.

    Murph: 63:50 RX (!)

    I’m actually really, really happy with this — a 1:42PR from Thanksgiving, when I did knee push-ups and banded pull-ups.

    The last mile was miserable, but it was awesome to have everyone who had already finished outside and cheering the rest of us on until the end. CFNE has such a great group of people.

  14. Braatz

    Murph: 44:36

    Great to get to do this today. My gym is different.

    p.s. I know it’s last minute, but we have 2 tickets to tonight’s Red Sox game (7pm). Right field Roof Box, Section 31, 2nd row. If you can use them, let me know. I’ll figure out a way to get them to you.

  15. SusanKD

    Murph at Crossfit Camp Phoenix
    67 minutes, scaled…hard
    doing it in this environment definitly makes it sureal…running past MRAPs, helicopters taking off and landing but after an incident we had a few days ago it’s comforting to have a strong military protecting us.

    • SusanKD

      look forward to doing it at CFNE next year tho :)

    • Kristin B.

      What an experience… thank you for all you do — we can’t wait to have you back!

  16. Greg D

    Murph: 44:18 (10# vest)

    5:30 AM Mayhem shirts on Wednesday morning!
    For those of you who won’t be in on Wednesday I will leave the shirts in a box with your name on an envelope attached to your shirt. Payment can be put in the envelope and dropped in the shoe box next to the shirts.

  17. Laura c

    Murph: 44:51 RX
    my time got messed up by me but I’m pretty sure this turns out to be close.. If not off my seconds either way
    My goal was sub 45…. Never have done a full murph bc first and only time at cfne I was brand new and not allowed.
    Braatz… Thanks for the pace!
    I loved this! I had murph’s image in my mind when the runs got tough.

    I HIGHLY recommend everyone reading “Lone Survivor”…. The book changed me as an American and a human

    Thanks Geoff for giving us your heart and soul this am.

    • Sara C

      Wow, Laura…blazing freaking FAST! So great! I agree about Lone Survivor. It’s incredible. I can’t imagine making it through SEAL training, let alone being in the combat conditions they were in. Amazing. Today was easy in comparison.

  18. Murph: 44:20 Rx. First time w/ vest.

    Was an honor to do this with you guys today.

    Thx Murph for the inspiration!

  19. Big Bri

    “Murph” – 36:08

    Thanks to Coach Geoff for the perspective.

    RIP Murph.

  20. Murph: 53:41Rx – After doing half reps on Thanksgiving, I set a goal to go Rx by this Thanksgiving, but I was so happy to have that opportunity today. F’ing Hell! Felt good!

    Geoff, your emotions speak volumes about what this workout on this day is all about. Thank you!

  21. Christian


    Great pre-wod tribute, Geoff.

    Thanks to Connor, who I just met today, who stayed with me for rounds 18-20 when I was failing single push ups.

    • Christian

      And thanks to everyone who told me not to hurt myself

      And to Ben for pushing me through those nasty push ups

      And Amanda for the big hug after I finished my last 400.

      Great tribute to a great man, and this whole experience is what CrossFit is all about.

    • Mike R.

      Great work today, Christian. Way to gut it out through those last few rounds!

    • Way to push through!

  22. Rachel E

    Sad to miss this very special day at CFNE. Rest in peace, Murph, and thank you for the dose of perspective.

  23. Wendy P

    Murph: 52:36- did 15 rounds- stopped because I felt like my hand was about to tear. Pull-ups RX, 30 real push ups and the rest knees. I was unsure what I was capable of since I only did 10 rounds last time with a band and on my knees in 39 minutes ( in nov). Getting closer to RX.

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to the really nice man who helped my daughter wrap her hand /tear “DURING” the workout. I think it was Lynne’s husband but unsure???? Super nice!!!!!

  24. Heather O

    What an incredible class this morning on this beautiful Memorial Day! Geoff you are something else. Thank you for sharing this great hero’s story and bringing tears to my eyes. I’m so happy and grateful to be part of this amazing community and that I got to do this WOD in memory of this tremendous soldier today.
    1 mile run Pre-WOD
    Murph: 50:19 with thin black band pull-ups and knee push-ups. Last time I did this in Nov while out of town for thanksgiving and subbed sit-ups for pull-ups and got that done in 54 mins, so happy with this today. :) Hope next time I can do it closer to Rx.
    Have a great day everyone! :)

  25. Jim B

    Murph 44:09 with 20# vest
    Great morning!

  26. Jonathan

    Murph: 42:10 (4 min PR from November).

  27. Eugene

    Murph – 43:03 with 20# vest

  28. Melinda

    Murph: 44:30 Rx (3 min PR)

    Thanks Geoff for perspective and motivation.
    CFNE strong this morning!

  29. Joe D

    Murph-49:39-Scale #2

    1 mile
    50 pull-ups
    100 push-ups
    150 air squats
    1 mile

  30. Brian L

    40:06rx. Great class this morning…Coach Geoff great tribute.

  31. Deb R

    Murph: 55:31 ripped both hands again, but was Psyched to “GET TO” do this WOD to honor an extraordinary man.

    Andy: 43:31 RX with 20# vest (Beast Mode)

  32. JennS

    Mur…..(3/4 murph)
    Full miles, 15 rounds of Rx movements.
    Gave myself a 40 min time cap before I went out for the final run. (Though finished the last round after 40 to make it an even 15 rounds).

    56:15. 1 min slower than November when I did it Rx.

    Solo murph is lonely, but not as lonely as being away from your family, stuck in a desert, mountain range, or jungle somewhere. Here’s to those who fight for our freedom, and to those who have lost someone who did.

  33. Patrick

    Murph – 41 minutes. Scaled to 1/2 mile walk/ limp. Did the rest Rx. Great to be able to be back at Cfne after two months recovering, perfect day for it.

    • Laura c

      You were inspiring today!

    • Agreed with Laura. Watching u grind through this, in honor of Murph and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, was inspiring.

      You will recover quickly by being surrounded by (and being part of) such a powerful community.

      Very cool…

    • Yes, inspiring to watch you. Good Job!!!!!!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Awesome job today Patrick! Every time I saw you, it made me realize that my struggle wasn’t as difficult as yours! Hope your Achilles continues to heal!

    • Christian

      Nice job! Great to see you in today!! All heart!

    • Yeah, that was pretty cool!

  34. Murph: 50:01 red band PU and knee push-ups starting in round 3

  35. Susan Stein

    Murph: 48:55 (skinny green band pull ups, knee push ups)

    My first experience doing Murph at CFNE and it was amazing. Geoff, thanks for the words and CFNE, thank for the energy! Great job everyone!

  36. JohnG2

    Murph 55:43 Rx

    What an amazing morning…huge turnout, perfect weather, powerful intro by Geoff, early finishers supporting those of us still going, just a great experience epitomizing the CFNE community.

    This is my second Murph but first time doing the whole thing, and doing the movements Rx. Very happy to do the whole thing, and I *finally* have kipping pull-ups.

    Anyone know how many of us there were this morning??

  37. 55 minutes. Rx

  38. Dave C.

    Murph: 51:49 Rx

  39. Jen W

    Murph: 65:30 (50 Rx push ups, the rest from my knees). My first attempt at this. I felt slow today, not sure why.

    Also got my first Murph “battle wounds” today – my hands are wrecked.

  40. Murph: 52:02. Subbed 100 35# Russian KBS for pull-ups, and did half regular, half knee push-ups.

  41. Murph: 57:32 first time. Knee push ups.
    Earned my first palm rip/tear. Seemed appropriate to push through such a minor pain in this hero WOD. I’ve been thinking a lot about my best friend’s brother (SEAL Medic) who was deployed a few weeks ago to Afghanistan. What the men and women in our armed forces give to our nation is incredible. I am humbled and blessed to live in a great community that people I will never meet give their lives to protect and defend.

    Geoff – your willingness to speak this morning was courageous. I’m grateful that you shared the speech with us. I will carry that tribute with me.

  42. Lynne Mc

    61:06 with 3 rounds of full push ups then rest from knees. First time I’ve done all the pull-ups as last time did banded. I was doing single pull-ups for first 14/15 rounds which slowed me down, once I found my kip again it got faster, shame that didn’t happen sooner. Great day to be at cfne.

  43. Murph with 20# vest – 69:00
    Best moment of the day was seeing everyone busting out of the garage doors as I was coming back in… Goes to show how awesome the community at CFNE is in the numbers who showed up, dared to get uncomfortable and gave it their all today ..thanks to all who serve!

  44. L.J. DiCarlo

    Murph: 35:26 Rx

    Post WOD: Tabata Handstand Holds

  45. Dave P

    First Murph workout ever! Was a bit intimidated. Missed the 9 am and thought I wqs done, but read the posts and decided to do my first Murph solo at 5 pm. Dedicated it to my grandfather who died in a foxhole in WW2 and asked for help getting through it, and I felt amazing!

    59:05 with bent over rows instead of PU (no PU bar at home), no vest! Gonna need some serious mobilty work after this one…

    Thanks to Murph and all of our heroes!

  46. Rob C

    Murph. First I did Scale 1 modified; 31.30 or so:
    1mile row, 50, 100, 150, 1 mile row. Banded pus and knee push ups.
    During the last row I couldn’t get Geoff out of my head so when I was done I went back and did the last 10 rounds. Finishing at 49:10. Geoff, your passion and leadership are often subtle, but profound nonetheless. Thank you.

  47. “murph”
    44:58 no vest

    started with the intention of not speaking this year until i was finished, but ended up getting lost in the fun… well, and stepped on someone, initially breaking the silence with an “i’m sorry.” it was a really awesome new experience getting to do this with so many people. this time, rather than worrying so much about time and speed, focusing on just on being present in the energy of the moment and feeling lucky and grateful to have the opportunity to spend the day honoring those that have given their lives for our country with some of my very favorite people.

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