Saturday 5.25.13

10m...with a little help from your bros.

10m…with a little help from your bros.

Death By 10 Meters
Run 10m OTM.
Run an Additional 10m Every Minute.
Run until you can’t complete the meters.


Post Score to Comments.

Ok, kids here's how you hotwire a car...

Post your best guess to comments…

Memorial Day

One Class – 9am… Guess the WOD…


  1. Heather O

    Happy Saturday everyone and holiday weekend! Love the pictures today.
    Thanks for the great and fun class this morning Max and Rachel. :) Who needs to do sit ups when they can just laugh for a half hour straight! :)
    2 laps of CFNE loop Pre-WOD
    Death by 10 meters: 18 rounds. Yikes! That got spicy real quick! But great workout as I want to work on my running speed.
    Have a great day everyone. :)

  2. Cotter

    “Death By 10 Meters”: 18 Rounds

  3. David N

    Things I learned at the 7am Class Today:

    Larry is really good at Rock-Paper-Scissors

    Max dances BEST when wearing pink shorts

    The Gym is 10M from the pull up Bar to the Wall

    Failed in the round of 19

  4. Braatz

    Death By 10 Meters: 20 rounds

    Great start to the long weekend. Max was en fuego today. Just killing it. And, Rachel is pretty good at gymnastics. NBD.

  5. Mike R.

    Death by 10 meters: 20 rounds

  6. Lynne Mc

    Death by 10 metres 19 rounds i think- I lost count.

    Great fun with the 7am. Max you are a bampot :-)

  7. Joe D

    Death by 10 meter

    20 rounds- the last time I did this was April 2011 and I got 15..

  8. Michelene

    Death by 10m: 19
    Very entertaining class today Max & Rachel & Happy long weekend everyone!!

  9. Death by 10m: 19 rounds
    thanks for help starting my day on a positive note, Max and Rachel. Fun times in the 8 am:-)

  10. 17 rds + 17

  11. Rasheed

    Death By 10 Meters – 19 rounds. Fun 7am class. Great way to start the day. Thanks guys!!

  12. Laura c

    18+ 17…. Added those bc bad gaming to even do them but I got fitter… And more nauseous!

    5×5 ring dips
    3×10 ring rows
    Tabsta sit ups … 13 for most… 12 for 1-2
    Thanks for that susan:)!

  13. Death by 10m: 18+

    Pull-ups OTM5: 5/5/6/7/10

  14. Dave C.

    Death by 10m: 21+21

    Big thanks to Amie S. for the fuel pack today. My 3 year old, Charlie, would have been heartbroken if I came home without a Tropical. You saved the day!

  15. 20 + 191m (row). Thanks coach Harry!

  16. Maureen B.

    DB10m: 17 + 16

  17. Death by 10m: 19 + 18

  18. Death by 10m: 19+17

    OTM10 knee push ups 4 across
    Tabata plank holds with the girls – great conversation ladies! ;-D

  19. JennS

    5×1 clean and jerk: 110 across. Failed jerk on rep 4.
    The Chief: 15 rounds, 85#

    Slowly, but surely.

  20. Brooke S

    14 on Nantucket. 2nd WOD after a 2 month hiatus. Good to be moving again.

  21. Dave P

    18 rounds. Highlight was the rock paper scissors warm up!

  22. Matty Noits

    So bummed I missed this one…


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