Thursday 5.23.13

The Best Community in the World.

The Best Community in the World.

The Admiral
3 Rounds
20 Burpee Pullup
20 Front Squat (155,105)
20 Box Jump (24,20)

Post Score to Comments.

Lovely ladies.

Lovely ladies.

Coaches Corner…with Coach Rachel

”The hardest thing to do is leaving your comfort zone. But you have to let go of the life you’re familiar with and take the risk to live the life you dream about.”  T. Arigo


Talk about getting out of your comfort zone in life. I lived in New York for my whole life, woke up each morning and drove over an hour to work and then an hour more to train. So many hours of my day were spent commuting but it got “comfortable.” This was my routine every day and we sometimes forget to sit back and make new decisions because we get too comfortable. I knew something had to change but I was scared to do it. I looked into changing careers, moving to the city, moving to California, Florida, or maybe Massachusetts but chickened out every time I went to take action. In January of this year I decided it was time to leave my comfort zone and take a chance. Many questions went through my mind…. How will I quit my job? When people ask me why I moved, what will I say? Would I have friends when I moved? I am 29 years old, is this too old to make such a big change in my life? How much am I going to miss my family? Will I live there forever and New York will no longer be my home? These questions were scary but I finally realized I would never know the answers to them unless I gave it a shot. The result… I did it and I have no regrets. I am better for it and so unbelievably grateful to have ended up where I am… and most importantly, I am happy!

GOAL FOR THIS WEEK…. Do something new in your weekly routine. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time, make time for dinner with friends or family, be brave and get something off your chest you’ve wanted to for some time, do something you have been saying for way too long and that you “should” do.


Leaving your comfort zone in the food you eat. This may seem like an odd statement but again we get comfortable in what we eat. We know sometimes we’re not eating the right things or we “should” eat better or “shouldn’t” eat that extra piece of pizza. My advice… try something new… leave your comfort zone of eating. Try paleo, try zoning, eat clean whole foods for 10 days straight, whatever you choose try something new.

GOAL FOR THIS WEEK… clean out your kitchen, get rid of the things you know shouldn’t be there and replace them with one’s that should… leave your comfort zone!


How many times have you clicked on the CFNE website and hoped for your favorite movement or WOD to be posted? We all do it. I am guilty of it along with everyone else. They are the movements we love to see because we are good at them and comfortable with them.

GOAL FOR THIS WEEK… Be positive when you see something you are not so good at, get uncomfortable in tomorrow’s workout so you know you’re pushing your limits, be excited to train your weaknesses and take extra time to do them because we know that’s what will make us better!


  1. Mike Finn

    Great Words of advice Rachel!!

    • Braatz

      That’s weird… my calendar shows that Jan 7, 2013 was a Monday, yet the WOD post to which you link shows that day as a Tuesday. (Never mind my babbling, just couldn’t find a record of it in my nerdy CrossFit spreadsheet and realized it was because of the calendar mis-match. That is all.)

      • Sara C

        Have another, Braatz.

      • Sarah W

        Spreadsheet? No. Really? I would expect a PowerPoint. Aren’t you an ex Bain guy?

        • Andrew Ho

          Actually they like both. Usually at 3 a.m. Braatz, I expected more.

      • Braatz

        You’re JUST my gym friends, how do you know me so well?

    • Fake Doug Bell

      The Admiral is all mine

  2. Geoff L

    great article Rachel

  3. Derek

    Nice article, Rachel. All of us at CFNE are fortunate that you got out of your comfort zone to come here!

  4. Christian

    I’m echoing what Geoff and Derek said. Rachel, great work. I love reading things like this and I think it’s great how far beyond physical fitness we take leaving the “comfort zone” at CFNE. It makes a huge difference to walk out of CFNE retaining the same mentality and spirit that we exhibit and witness while training.

    And personally, as someone who’s guilty of using the comfortable as a crutch, it’s great to hear others openly say that they’ve gone through the same thing. Love the openness of the community.

  5. Colleen (c4!)

    “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

  6. Tricia D

    Rachel, good for you! You are completely right – get after it bc you only get one life. Looks like you are doing great in MA and now heading to Cali (at least for a visit) too, enjoy :). Thanks for the reminder -so easy to forget.

  7. The Admiral: 18:44 with 85#, 20″ BJ’s and burpee pull ups.
    Have a great day, everyone:-)

    • Heather O

      Awesome job today Sam! Great to see you. Thanks for the pull-up tips! Going to work on those everyday! :)

  8. Andy L

    The Admiral: 18:45 (105#) PR by 10# and 2:00 min

  9. Doug "The Real Deal" Bell

    The Admiral is the not a WOD to take lightly. However, neither are my ravaging good looks and awesome hockey hair.

  10. Sean Rockett

    The Admiral
    18:21 115#

  11. Braatz

    The Admiral: 19:33 (125#)

    Great post, Rachel. Today’s bear of a WOD is a great one for getting out of the comfort zone.

  12. Heather O

    Happy Day before Friday everyone and amazing job with this tough WOD this morning!
    2.5 mile run Pre-WOD
    The Admiral: 16:24 with 50#, jumping burpee pull-ups and 24′ step ups, so a 2:08 PR from Jan 7 when I did this with the same mods except for box jumps on 3 45# plates so maybe the 24′ step ups are comparable? Who knows but I’m happy with the progress and also weigh about 8 lbs less now, so I’m sure that helped too. :)

    Have a great day everyone and thanks for the great article Rachel! :) Funny you talk about change because a year ago today during a regular night (well maybe not so regular bc my boyfriend (at the time) told me he would cook dinner for us that night which only happened a handful of other times before) the greatest man asked me to marry him at home in our apartment over a delicious meal! I was so happy and excited at the time that I didn’t realize how scary that really was as I come from a divorced family and always worry about the what if something goes wrong or doesnt work out, and didnt realize what it means to plan your life with someone else and truly make sacrifices and compromise. But though we have had our struggles this past year with all that planning a wedding (and a life together) entails, it has been great and has brought us closer together and also helped me to find CFNE and all of the amazing things and people that come with it (as I told myself I would not be a heavy bride!) So thank you Rachel for really speaking to me today. I’m going to set those goals for myself for sure! :)

    • Michelene

      Wow, you have had one stellar year! You have worked so hard, acheived so much and deserve the best!! Way to go girl!

    • love your honesty and openess, Heather. When is the wedding?
      You look great, by the way!!

    • Tricia D

      Awwww, happy one year engagement!!!! Such an exciting time! You will be a beautiful bride! Great job today!

    • Laura c

      Great stuff:)!

  13. Big Mike

    The Admiral: 22:50 (135#)
    :58 seconds slower than January. I read my Jan post last night and walked in knowing this was going to hurt. Attitude is everything and I let it beat me today (despite specifically choosing the CTW shirt this morning). In honor, I actually took it off because I knew I was resting too much and didn’t deserve to wear it (not because I wanted to flaunt my Regionals farmers tan). As punishment, I’m going to finish off the month without looking at the WOD the night before.

    As for that photo-all I was trying to do was take a little selfie with the Reebok HQ in the background…next thing you know 200 crazies jump into the shot….epic photo bomb!

    • Heather V

      Photo flash mob!

    • That is a great picture. Pretty much sums up the culture. Awesome!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Now THAT is outside of the comfort zone!

    • sarah wilson

      Thanks for the show, but I was too distracted by all the shirtless men and Doug’s hair. I’m taking 40 seconds off my time.

    • Heather O

      Haha great pic Big Mike! And great job on the workout today!

    • Alison

      You guys had more fun this morning than I did at hot yoga.

  14. marissa & brook

    @ CrossFit Addicts (Paris)

    Regional Individual Event 6:
    100 DUs
    50 hand stand push ups
    40 toes to bar
    30 shoulder to overhead (160, 100)
    30 lunges (160, 100)

    Marissa 21:36 (jet lag and many mods)
    Brook 25:00 (jet lag and many mods)

    … and now we are eating omelettes and French fries!

  15. Eddie

    The Admiral: 19:28 (135#)

  16. Michelene

    The Admiral: 19:08 55# squats and Rx’d the burpee pull ups – I don’t Rx very much so I’ll take it!

    • Heather O

      That is so awesome Michelene!! You are doing so great with your pullups and are certainly an inspiration to me to get moving with working on them. Maybe I can find a place in our mini apartment and have Kevin put a pullup bar in for me too. :-) Great to see you, as always. :-) xo

    • Sarah S.

      So cool on the Rx burpee pull ups!

    • Katie C.

      Nice job this AM!

  17. Rick W

    The Admiral: 21:33 135#
    Tabata situps 13,13 12-> till done

  18. Cheryl

    Great article Rachel! I have to say I still feel like I am stepping outside my comfort zone every day I walk into CFNE, but am slowly learning to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

  19. Chad M

    The Admiral. 22.?? ish, it may have been 20…it may have been 25, I have no idea honestly. The only time I have gotten a cramp has been during the second run of Murph or during Eva, until today. It started at the end of the first round, I have no idea why. That hurt.

  20. rich t

    The Admiral – 24:54 (115#)

    dropped 20# from last time, which resulted in over 3 minutes better time. glad i dropped weight.

  21. Chris M.

    The Admiral – DNF (R1 – 7:21 Rx’d)
    … “tweaked” my knee on a missed Jerk yesterday – burpee pullups hurt + front squats were no better and by the box jumps I was resorting to step-ups – threw in the towel – wrong kind of uncomfortable.

    Sympathy 2k Row – 7:53

  22. Wendy P

    The Admiral: 19:37 – 45# , kipping pullups……much slower than last time :(

  23. Ashley R

    The Admiral: 20:28 85# . I swear I did this before but couldn’t find it on website or book. 2 mile cash out with my new Garmin’s a little like a personal trainer setting my it!

  24. Jim B

    The Admiral 19:52 Rx
    Thought I was pretty slow, but when I finished I was a 3 min pr from Jan. it’s all mental, or I am mental;-)

  25. michelle

    The Admiral: 19:20 rx. Games style bjs (2:13 pr)
    FS out on the patio w Vin & Chris- thanks for the push, great job, guys!

  26. The Admiral: 17:06 (55#}, 3.5 minute PR

  27. laura c

    The Admiral: 20:12 75# – 4:12 PR!!!

    I read my old post this am and was really nervous to do this weight again b/c I talked about how damn hard it was….. Harry suggested going higher – I could not do that but I crushed my prior time so I am pretty excited! Probably my biggest PR in a long…maybe forever..time. I am pretty proud of myself – go me:)!

    Cash out with 5×5 strict ring dips
    10×3 ring rows
    15×3 GHD situps

    kinda fun when you make a sweat angel at the gym..a bit humilating when you make one on someones couch at an appt after you WOD!! OMG!

    • Deb R

      So awesome Laura! You should be proud of yourself!

      Too funny about the sweat angel!! OMG!

    • Wendy P

      Awesome PR laura!!!!

    • Susan Stein

      Huge PR. Great job Laura!

    • good job! sometimes I think it is good to repeat a WOD with the same weights and see how much faster you can do it. It seems like that is a decent measure of fitness improvement …..just my 2 cents

  28. denise sullivan

    admiral: 17:51 (60#)

  29. Stephan

    The Admiral: 23:20 @ 105#

    Never claimed I was fast at any of this, very happy to finish.
    A big mind game when you walk in and see the 5:30 crew sprawled all over the floor.

  30. Deb R

    The Admiral: 19:24 60# (55# @ 18:22 in Jan) so a little slower but a little heavier. These are my least favorite movements all rolled into one WOD…ugh! I really need to find a way to get better at squatting weight without feeling like I’m dying!
    a little dramatic I know, but that’s how I feel…

    Cash out run to bottom of Tech Circle and back with Susan S.
    Thanks Susan!

  31. Heather V.

    The Admiral: 15:33 Rx (games style box jumps) PR

  32. Colleen (OC)

    The Admiral: 18:20, 50# front squats, otherwise Rx.

    Used 65# in 2011 and it was over 23 minutes. Used 35# in January and did it in 16:01. So, 15# heavier than January but 2+ minutes slower. Felt good about finally getting back to some heavier weight, the back felt great today.

  33. Did 3 Ocean State Masters WODs (2,3 and 4)
    Improved a bit across the board and increased weight.

    WODs included:
    2. Amrap of Squat Clean Thrusters
    3. Amrap of 300m Runs, DL, Snatches
    4. Amrap of Shoulder to Overhead, SDHP

    Post WOD
    5 x 5 Jerks @ 115#. Drilling in form.

    Thx Mike and Ashley for the coaching and standards pointers.

    • Colleen (C4!)

      Ocean State CrossFit Masters Comp!
      See the poster hanging in the door way!
      Wicked fun!
      Sign up now!
      One hour drive!
      Big Mike will be there with ALL his equipment!

  34. Jamie

    I am glad Rachel chose here for her new beginning cuz I think she is most awesome !!

  35. Andy R

    21:17 RX

  36. Lynne Mc

    The Admiral 26:37 75#

    Thought I was doing this with 65# and couldn’t work out why it was quite so hard. Spent about 5 mins looking at the bar and the wall but was being stubborn and not dropping my weight. Only realized after i finished that my addition sucked today. At least a 20# accidental PR though :-) thanks to whoever tidied away my bar while I was finishing up…

    • Susan Stein

      You should be proud. You did great and you never gave up!

    • Ashley R

      Oh that’s funny Lynne..good for you. Just goes to show what you can do when you don’t know the amount of weight!!!

    • Laura c

      Nice! 75# on that is no joke!! See, you are stronger then you think:)!

    • (i put it away) and was so in awe of your courageous jump in weight. i didn’t say anything because i didn’t want you to second guess yourself. you did it, looked strong through out and perservered. pat yourself on the back – well done!!

    • Heather V.

      I love it when that happens… Cuz it is totally mental! U did it!

  37. Susan Stein

    The Admiral: 20:02 ( burpee jumping pull ups, 60#)

    Had meant to do 50#, which is what I did last time. I was getting so angry at myself because I was going so much slower than last time, I had finished in 17:45 with jumping pull ups. It was only after I had finished that I realized it was 10# heavier. Not so angry anymore. Thanks MDV for verifying my math.

    Cash out run with Deb and 45 GHD sit ups.

  38. The Admiral – 18:36 Rx

    Post WOD work with Jonathan & Cam:
    Tire flips (3xMax reps in 1 minute): 22, 23, 25 Reps

  39. Morgan k

    12:39 with no pull-ups. My gym at home doesn’t have a pull-up bar :(

    • Heather V

      Nice! I am sure u would have been just as fast w/ the PU’s!

  40. Colleen (C4!)

    The Admiral 17:52 Rx
    not a PR. My first round was sub 4:00, I just didn’t want to reclean that bar! Yes, MDV, I heard you — pace yourself people….

  41. Greg D

    The Admiral: 19:27 (95#)

  42. Katie C.

    The Admiral 18:53 75#, burpee pull ups and 20″ BJ
    thought I was doing 85# all the way through until I double-checked post wod to score. Next time, 85#

  43. The admiral 15:59 #80, burpee pullups were slow because i separated the two movements and kipped the pull up (damn tendonitis still). Did this in 13:30 ish last time with 65#, so I guess I’ll take it. 1 mile pre-wod run, cash out 1000 m row, 100 sit ups for time. (not a PR!)

  44. “the admiral”
    12:18 Rx

    putting the bar down or pausing between box jumps felt so mental… just like the choice in whether or not to go unbroken on the 21s from the 400m/21s. can’t wait to hit this one again!

  45. Admiral: 20:17 (95#FS) PR: last time was 22:57

  46. Christian

    Admiral – 18:05

    12 burpee pull ups in round 1 and went to just burpees for the rest of the WOD (shoulder)

    Front sq 135# (smoked from all the squatting this week – good decision to scale)

    BJ Rx

    And still this kicked my ass. Wow.

    • Liz M

      I’m taking your spot near the door for AIR/breeze next time! I swore there were flames by me!

      Nice job.

  47. Andrew Ho

    Admiral Nemisis: 21:28 @ 135 (5:07 & 20# PR)

    Terrified to go Rx…what mutha.

  48. Maureen B.

    The Admiral: 18:46 #75

    Apparently I didn’t get the memo to sit down and not look completely confused in that group pic…

  49. The Admiral Scaled: 18:22
    4 RFT 20 burpees, 20 air squats, 20 bj


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