Wednesday 5.22.13



Clean & Jerk
5 x 1

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HB...always having the most fun and making it all look so easy.

HB…always having the most fun and making it all look so easy.


  1. rich t

    go HB! fancy style.

  2. C&J: 105, 115, 125, 130, failed at 135. 5# PR from January
    great lifting with you Katie C, and Liz!

  3. Dan T

    C&J 135, 135, 145, 155, 175 (10# pr)

    Great working w/ Ted on the platform today. Thansk for the coaching Max.


  4. Andrew Ho

    C&J: 175, 185, 205, 215, 225 (#5 PR)

    For a guy who’s so great at gettin’ low in da club, you’d think I wouldn’t be so horrible at gettin’ low on the jerk. You’d be wrong. Gotsta get LOW!!!

    As always, great times with Big Mike, Dougie Chicken Legs Bell and Rich P…thanks, fellas.

    • Doug B

      Whoa whoa, those chicken legs hit 225 this morning. BOOM! Also extra style points for my sweet hat covering up my luxurious locks.

    • Rich P

      I think Doug was the only one on that platform who wasn’t at some point disgusted with their performance. Doug is too chill to sweat it…

    • sarah wilson

      big numbers

  5. Rich P

    C&J: 175, 185 (fail jerk), 185, 185 (fail jerk), 175

    Messy today. Couldn’t hide from my lack of recent training.

    Post WOD: Stringing together pullups more smoothly and ran a half mile just to decompress.

  6. Tricia D

    C&J: 55, 65, 70, 75, 80

    Failed the jerk on 85, but stills 5# PR. Felt weak today and really need to work on squat clean form more.

    Great working with you Kristen! You are strong girl!!

  7. Andy L

    C&J: 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 (fail jerk)

  8. Ken K

    135, 155, 165, 175, failed 185 3 times. Stuck at this weight for a while, will improve technique…Ass down, straight arms, full extension, fast elbows.

  9. Kristin R

    C&J 5×1: 65/70/75/80/85. Not sure I’ve done this particular scheme before but I think the most I had done was 70 or 75, so definitely a PR. Great working with you today, Tricia, and thanks for the help (and cool/mortifying video analysis), Harry!

  10. Big Mike

    C&J: 155/175/185 Fx2/185
    Decided to bail as the toll of 63 snatches and 63 thrusters in the last 48 hours was ringing in my shoulder. Need some time with light volume to work on the clean as I’m still rowing and not taking advantage of the giant lever that is Big Mike.

    Andrew H definitely earned his platform #5 badge today. Suck form does but weight is big with this Padawan.

  11. Eddie

    Clean and Jerk: 115/135/145/155/165(f)/165(f)

  12. Sarah S.

    C&J: 85/95/100/105/110 (tied PR). The good news is that I got the 110 clean first try, but my jerk needs majoy style tips from Sarah W and Krissy.

  13. Heather O

    Happy Hump Day everyone! :-) I took today as a rest day after four days in a row of CF and running combo, but did get in some serious and much needed mobility this morning, so that was great.

    I was wondering though if anyone knows the class scheduled for the holiday on Monday? Thanks!

    Have a great day everyone and see the mayhemers in the am! :-)

  14. Rachel E

    C&J: 105/115/120/125/135 (5# PR)

    Failed squat clean on 140# twice, but almost there! Thanks for the video, Harry — definitely helps me visualize what I need to do. I had no idea I was a crooked cleaner…

  15. Chris M.

    C&J – 210/215/220*(Failed jerk)/220/225

    Strict Weighted Pullups
    45×3/55×2/65×2/70×1/80×1/90×1 (Fail – close but no dice)

  16. 5×1 across 225
    5x300m row with 1 min rest. 55 secs each

    Good luck on your interview today Rita! Great PR this am too! This is your day!

  17. denise sullivan

    c&j: 85# pr match
    failed at 87# and 86#
    now on a mission (adding 10 pu’s-day)

    thank you karen, great working out today

  18. Wendy P

    C& J: 70,75,80,85,90. ( 25#PR). So fun lifting with Missy and Martha!!!

    Cash out: 1mile run and tabata sit ups with wall ball ( unsure of the name??)

  19. Deb R

    C&J: 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 (5#PR)

    It was weally nice wifting with you today Sara C. (W’s intended).

    Per the “Boss man” extra work of prowler push/7 burpee combo 5 rounds. Thanks Shannon for being my partner!

    • Sara C

      Wifiting with you is weally weally fun.

      • Sara C

        Oh and your weights should say 85, 90, 95, 105, 105! You did that 105 twice, remember? :)

  20. Annmarie

    C&J: 75, 85, 90, 95, 100 #5PR

    Thanks for the tips James!

    • Sara C

      Major PR! Hitting 100# is an awesome milestone.

    • denise sullivan

      great job A.M. psyched for you….hard work and diligence are paying off

  21. C&J – 155# across. No point going heavier until my form improves. I tend to revert to a basic Push Press when things get heavy.

    Post WOD – hill runs with LJ
    3 x up the hill with 30# weighted vest – all around 20 seconds.
    3 x up the hill no vest – all between 18 -19 seconds.

    Lots of DUs.

    • L.J. DiCarlo

      It was fun running with you today. Thanks for keeping me motivated!

  22. Chad M

    C&J 185/205/215/225 Failed at 235#

  23. Susan Stein

    Clean & Jerk: 75, 80, 85, 85, 85 (failed last jerk)
    Totally frustrating day on the platform. Got too inside my head. Completely failed 90# which I’ve done before. There’s always next time. Thanks for staying positive Carrie & Cory. And thanks for the cues Matty.

    Extra work:
    5 rounds of 40m prowler push (25#), 7 burpees
    100 ab mat sit ups

  24. Sara C

    C&J: 85, 90, 95, 105, 100.

    105# was a 5# PR. The jerk was more of a push press at the end, so I dropped back to 100# for the final lift. I really need to work on my jerks because, as Kevin pointed out…if I can push press 105, I can jerk a lot more thank that if I can get my form correct. Thanks to Matty and Montoya for the awesome cues!

  25. Ali G

    105/115/120/125/130 – failed 135

  26. Alison

    C&J – 85, then dropped down to 65 for skill building. I press out at the top, so am working on the aggressive punch. Really need to get that nailed. Thanks Harry for the tips.

    • Sarah S.

      Smart move. See Sara C’s note above – if you can push press 85#, your jerk weight will skyrocket once you nail down the form.

  27. Derek

    Happy Birthday, Big Bri!!!

  28. Katie C.

    C&J: 105,105,105,105,115,115 (did an extra lift after watching Harry’s video…great tool and so helpful to how i move first-hand). Still letting this tricep get back to normal but felt OK today.

    Great lifting w/ Sam and Liz…first time w/ a weight belt which I liked.

  29. Kevin G

    Clean and Jerk: 85, 95, 115, 125, 130, 135 (failed)

    (Squat Clean & Split Jerk)

    A 5# PR thanks to Kevin and Heather’s awesome coaching!

  30. Morgan k


  31. Melinda

    C&J: 105, 115, 125, 125, 135(failed jerk), 135. Not PR.

    + 3m run + gymnastics work

    As always C4, nice work today!

  32. Liz M

    5×1: 105, 115, 125, 130, 135 Gave it one more try and failed on the jerk part at 140#.

    Yesterday: 11:37 Rx The runs felt super slow…

  33. clean and jerk 73-78-80-85-87 PR
    1 mile run before class. With music was a huge help. I didn’t focus just on how much I dislike running :)

    and I agree re: the correct form on the jerk. When it is done correctly it makes a huge difference. Now I just have to dial in getting it done correctly :)

  34. Brian L

    C&J 5×1– 155, 185, 205, 215(pr), 225 missed

    5×300 row with 1 min rest, 1:05mins each

    DU’s 5mins

  35. Rob C

    C&J: 95,95,105,105,115,115(fail),115.
    Ha, failed for the camera!!! Suppose it’s good to see the fails to learn. Guess I got distracted, ha ha. Lot’s of fun today lifting with Leo, nice work!

  36. Missy

    C& J: 70,75,80,85(fail), 85 (fail), 85 – got it with a split jerk!! Haven’t done 85# since 2009. Had fun with Wendy and Martha!!!
    Cash out: 1mile run and 1 minute plank/ 1 minute sit ups – 4 rounds

  37. Joe D

    Clean and Jerk


    30lb PR overall!!!

    Previous PR of 155 done on 4/28/13

  38. Clean and jerk: 95, 95, 105,105, 105

  39. Mike R.

    C&J: 145, 155, 165, 175, 185 (failed jerk twice) – Tied PR @ 175 on C&J and 10# PR for clean @ 185.

    Some MU and T2B work after… Thanks for the kipping tips on the T2B, Justin… What a difference maker.

  40. Christian

    C&J – 145/155/175/185/200(Failed jerk)/195

    Back squat 10×3 – 225# (about a minute rest between sets, not OTM but actually took less rest as the sets progressed)

    1000m row cool down

    An Abridged version of Bullet Proof Shoulders.

    • Christian

      And Ali – awesome awesome work with the thruster. Super impressive!!

  41. Eric C

    C&J = 245lbs, 1 mile run.

  42. LEARD

    Clean and Jerk 225# (20# PR)

    Drilling form getting ready for the Baystate Games. I also learned not to spike the bar when I hit a PR, always learning.

  43. dave mc

    5X1 C&J: 165 failed the jerk at 175

  44. Megan B

    C&J 115, 125, 135, 145, f155x3, 125

    Mental failure on the clean. Been a while since I cleaned heavy and I heard that voice telling me the bar was too heavy. Surprise, I didn’t get the clean. Sigh. Fortunately, tomorrow is another day and I’ll get to try again.

  45. First spring FH game. 60min no sub. Boo ya!

  46. Corey

    2a comp practice:
    5×1 thrusters, worked up to 120. Heavy thrusters are legit difficult. Who knew? Have a great benchmark to start from. Only up from here.

    1 min of hand release push ups, and one of the other comp wods “cash out”. Then max set of consecutive double unders. Got 39.

  47. Jen W

    C&J: climbed to 150. Failed at 160 twice.

    Cash out 5x300m row with the 6:30am crew.

  48. Colleen (C4!)

    C&J: 105, 115, 125, 135, 135

  49. Great Information! Thanks for taking the time to post.


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