Tuesday 5.21.13



Croissants & Tuxedoes
3 Rounds
21 Thrusters (95,65)
400m Run

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Radar lock.

Radar lock.


  1. Megan B

    10:52 with front squats and rows.

  2. Ken K

    C&T: 12:30 with Row.
    struggled with Thrusters tonight.

  3. c&t 9:35 w/ 55#. 1 mile pre wod run, 100 meter post wod row, hollow rocks/supermans with BOKS at Pine Hill this morning in stations (6 times for 1:15 each)

  4. michelle

    C&T: 10:xx? It’s on the board. 55#
    Great class, Harry! Thank you!

  5. Ali G

    C&T: 10:15 RX

  6. Mike R.

    C&T: 12:39 Rx

  7. Corey

    C&T: 13:05
    55# and rowing
    Can we stop talking about pastries now??

  8. Christian

    C&T – 12:50rx… Thrusters were brutal and inefficient. Definitely a GOAT.

  9. Maureen B.

    Croissants and Tuxedos: 12:07 (45#)

    Sprints up the hill as a warm up….ladies beware of the creepy old man at the top who may ask you out mid-sprint too

  10. Erkin

    C&T: 14:35 (60#, 400m row)

  11. Lil Tony


  12. Big Bri

    “Croissants and Tuxedoes” – 10:38 Rx’d

  13. Croissants & Tuxedoes: 13:26 – 65# 1rd, 55# 2rds

    Tried the Rx weight and quickly realized it was a bit too much for today. Thanks for the cueing and personal coaching MDV!

    1mi pre wod
    6 consecutive kipping pull ups during my warm up! YEEE HAWWW!

    Playing in my first field hockey game since last fall tomorrow night. Excited to play in the midfield and run my butt off!

  14. LEARD

    Croissants and Tuxedos 11:21 rx.

  15. Hughie

    On a treadmill
    scaled to 75#
    Broke the 21 thrusters into 3

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