Tuesday 5.21.13



Croissants & Tuxedoes
3 Rounds
21 Thrusters (95,65)
400m Run

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Radar lock.

Radar lock.


  1. Sammy B.


    Is WoD 3 RFT?

    • Heather V.

      I didn’t want to be the 1st ask! :)

    • Andrew Ho

      It was on the board tonight as 3RFT, yes.

      • Heather V.

        Funny Andrew… When it was 1st posted, it didn’t list any rds. Now Sammy and I look like we can’t read! ;)

        • Andrew Ho

          Ha! I meant the white board. I did the evening class last night and saw the 3 RFT. Wasn’t trying to bust your chops…

        • rich t

          3 rounds for jelly beans (stealing an old post)

  2. MDV…on point with the wod names

  3. JennS

    Tomorrows noon class is going to be overrun with babies. Be on the lookout!

    • JennS

      By tomorrow, I mean today ;)

      • JennS

        16:14 RX.
        65# has never felt so heavy. Just have to keep the mantra…..gradual slope, distant horizon. I’ll get there!

        It was great to workout with a class today!

  4. Cotter

    “Croissants & Tuxedos”: 11:34 Rx

  5. Andrew Ho

    C&T: 10:48 Rx

    7:30 pm followed by the 5:30 am equals tired legs for Ho.

  6. Douglas Eisenstein

    11:10 Rx

    Thanks Chad for the feedback my head through at the end of each Thruster. I’ll remember that for my next time I do thrusters.

  7. Dan T

    C&T: 13:09 85#

  8. Amy B

    C&T: 11:37 (55#)
    Couldn’t get the legs moving after the thrusters on the first two runs.

  9. Heather O

    Happy Tuesday everyone! Great job today 5:30! :)
    One mile/ One lap CFNE loop Pre-WOD
    C&T: 12:38 (45#). Thruster + running = yikes! This was a tough one and could only get thrusters unbroken on first round! Hope to do much better on this next time around.
    Have a great day everyone! :)

    • Tricia D

      Great job, Heather. I know, my legs were on fire going out for the run on round 1. Just kept thinking, bathing suit bathing suit bathing suit :). Have a good day.

      • Heather O

        Haha I hear you on that! Beach time will be here real soon! I will think about that instead of wanting to curl up in a ball and cry next time! :) xo

    • Michelene

      Awesome job today ladies!!

    • Sarah S.

      One mile run pre-WOD? You’re a machine Heather O – great job.

  10. Heather V.

    C&T: 10:30 Rx
    Fun morning… So much trash talking… Too little time.

  11. Craig B.

    C&T: 8:55 rx

  12. Big Mike

    C&T: 10:50 Rx
    Needed about 5 more yards to catch Ho. Did take the in through the out door penalty for working outside so that probably was the difference maker.

  13. Tricia D

    C&T: 11:21 (40#)

  14. Marcus

    C&T: 10:37 Rx. My runs could be classified as brisk walks.

    • Rachel E

      Not that last 10 feet! I thought I had you! ; )

      • Marcus

        Ha! That was fun. Goes to show that maybe my legs aren’t the problem.

  15. Sarah S.

    C&T: 12:16 Rx. Ever have one of those dreams where you are being chased by something terrible and you need to run away but can’t because your legs won’t move? Yeah, that’s what it felt like today.

  16. Colleen (OC)

    C&T: 12:10 (40#) Went unbroken in the first set. Stopped once in the second set, and twice in the third. A bit faster than yesterday (:14 seconds with an additional 5#).

  17. Braatz

    Croissants & Tuxedoes: 13:37 Rx

    Hey thrusters. (you know the rest…)

  18. Alison

    Croissants and Tuxedos – 13:20 60#. Thrusters got heavy fast.

  19. Michelene

    Croissants & Tuxedos: 10:42 (45#) So tempted to drop that bar, but took Harry’s advice and hung on other than once on the last round. So true that it forces you to get right back on – thx Harry!

  20. Jen W

    Modified Muffins & Sweatpants: ~12:50 (couldn’t see the clock when I finished)

    65# snatches
    400m row

    The hammie wasn’t feeling it today, so I switched the runs for rows.

  21. Sammy B

    C & T: 12:54 (50#)

    Ugh. Glutes still feeling Sunday’s lunges. Forgot how hard thrusters are. Right weight for me.

  22. Chris M.

    Muffins & Sweatpants & Croissants & Tuxedoes – 23:35 Rx’d

    … never a good idea to try to “catch-up” …
    … splits were 13:04/13:21

  23. Rachel E

    Croissants & Tuxes: 10:38 (55#)

  24. Katrina

    croissants & tuxedoes 12:24rx

    i need help running…

    So after class today, I was really wanting a croissant and I coul dnot figure out why….subliminal messaging….oh btw, I did not actually have, just wanted one.

    • Rachel E

      I’ll practice running with you if you make me slap rx weight on the bar for these!

      • Katrina

        Done! but Rachel you will be walking next to me, while I’m sprinting…just sayin’

  25. Ashley R

    C& T: 12:55 55#..oh so slow today. Cash out 2 mile run..that was slow too!!!

  26. Patti Jeanne

    C& T 12:50 55# and 400 M row.

  27. Chad M

    C & T. 14.13

  28. Laura c

    C&T: 10:41 45#. Glad I went lighter then I planned. Got first all straight .. Other 2 rounds 10/5/6

    Pre wod 1 mile run

    MU work with mdv.. SOOO CLOSE

    Just heard the Kmart radio ad about “the gas problem”. I was like WTF till I realized it was Kmart! Lmao!

  29. Wendy P

    C &T: 12:21 (40#)

  30. C&T: 13:35, 45#, 400 m row

    Finally have learned to go from squat into overhead without hesitation…now need to get from overhead back to squat without stopping at the shoulders.

  31. Jim B

    C&T 10:24 Rx

  32. Rich P

    Lunch workout at work:

    For time – Run ~3.5 miles, 25 pushups, 50 situps

    While I was out running I saw a guy in a ratty t-shirt with the sleeves cut off up the road. Honestly thought it was Saint until I got close enough to see.

  33. Susan Stein

    C&T: 13:21 (45#0
    Extra work: 1 mile run, 100 ab mat sit ups, and more pill up work. I like Patti Jeanne’s cash out better!

  34. Kathy

    C&T 11:42 Rx
    Butterfly pullup practice

  35. Mike Dunleavy

    C&T: 11:31Rx

  36. Quick turn for an AM WOD at NorCal:

    5×3 Power cleans 115#, 3 sets @135#, 145#


    OTM5: 5 burpees + 10 KB swings (@53#)

  37. Krystle

    Something’s wrong w my calf so I did 3 rounds of 21 thrusters 55# and 21 t2b 12:08

  38. Andy M

    C&T: 12:39 (75#)

  39. C&T: 10:25 Rx

    Post WOD: 50 T2B

  40. Annmarie

    C&T: 12:33 55# thrusters, dropped the bar too many times in 3rd round
    1 mile run post WOD

  41. Jared S

    CandT: 9:25 rx
    Post WOD : TTB

  42. C&T: 12:48 (75#)

  43. rich t

    Croissants & Tuxedos – 16:04 (95# – 21,14,14)

    2nd round decided to drop to 14 reps so that i would not come in last, which happened anyway.

    • rich t

      note – straight from patio without the Big Mike in through out door loop.

  44. 10:06 with row.

  45. Sean Rockett

    10:05 65# back protection
    Note to self lighter is faster

    • Laura c

      True that! I like lighter today bc could really go faster.. On the thrusters, that is:)!

  46. Brian L

    C&T– 10:16rx

  47. John S.

    C & T: 14:54 (65#)

  48. Eugene

    C&T – 11:07 Rx (same exact time as yesterday)
    Next time, I need to move my start line even a little farther out…

    • michelle

      loved your start line on the driveway, Eugene! Who made it?

    • Heather V.

      Noted… Saint – move start line to the parking lot. How does it feel to get an extra hr of sleep? Did u order a 5:30am shirt? We r going to need that back.

  49. Masters Nooner with C4

    Did all 5 Ocean State Masters WODs in about 2 hours.
    Fun in an exhausting kinda way….

    WODs included:
    1. Amrap of: Rowing, Burpees, Power Cleans, Front Squats
    2. Amrap of Squat Clean Thrusters
    3. Amrap of Runs, DL, Snatches
    4. Amrap of Shoulder to Overhead, SDHP
    5. Farmer carries of 70# KBs, and carries of three 45# plates

    By the way, if anyone is betting on someone to get some hardware at this event, put it on C4. She killed it today.

    • Patti Jeanne

      Good luck JC, Colleen and any other masters throwing it down at Ocean State!

  50. Larry

    13:21? Somewhere in that neighborhood

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