Monday 5.20.13

The Teams of CFNE.

The Teams of CFNE.

Muffins & Sweatpants
3 Rounds
21 Power Snatch (95,65)
400m Run

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The Lion Tamer.

The Lion Tamer.


  1. Rob C

    Muffins and Sweats: 12:15, 75# and row.

    Congrats to all the CFNE competitors. Truly inspirational.

  2. Andrew Ho

    M&S: 14:54 Rx

    Absolutely fell apart on the third set. No heart today.

    Bad in, bad out I suppose. Gotta keep the diet tight.

    • Andrew Ho

      On the upside, got some tabata bridges and DU practice in. DUs are feeling super string these days. Just gotta get that endurance up.

  3. jared s

    Muffins and sweatpants: 10:09 rx

  4. Lil Tony

    M&S:13:57 RX

  5. so amazing to watch all of the competitors this weekend – so proud to be part of cfne! M&S, 13:05 55#, 1 mile pre-wod run, kipping t2b on the minute for 10 minutes, tried for 6 or 7, ended at 5.

  6. Thomas F

    Great job CFNE teams & individual competitors! You guys are awesome and inspiring!

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 11:55 Rx

    Some coaching tips from MDV: make sure you’re switching gears above the knee and accelerating the heck out of that bar… Jump into it!

  7. Corey

    Muffins: 14 and change (short term memory fail)

    I learned 2 things today:
    (1) I CAN sprint the last 100 meters on the last round
    (2) some shirts are NOT okay to run in. Holy hell

  8. Erkin

    MS: 14:50 (55#, 400m row)
    slowest 400m rowing ever :-(
    (1:36, 1:39, 1:47 – I guess a lot of the same muscles working in snatches and in rowing)

  9. Just adding to the well-deserved gushing over CFNE’s amazing performances this weekend! Congrats to all. And, like others, I am super proud to call CFNE “my gym” because it truly is special and in a class by itself.

  10. “muffins and sweatpants”
    11:02 Rx
    1st set unbroken, 2nd in 2 sets, 3rd in 3…
    next time i’m NOT putting the bar down.

    speaking of muffins… what a coincidence that THIS is happening tonight:

    throwing on the sweatpants pronto. : )

  11. Last day of my Lacrosse season. One sub in the crazy humidity on the turf. The girls fought hard the entire game. I’m selfishly excited for the season to be complete because it means I get to be at CFNE even more regularly now! Psyched for Croissants & Tuxedoes tomorrow night!!!

    This place, actually it is the people – YOU ALL, are the BEST part of my day, week, month, year!

    Can’t imagine my life without CFNE.

    GO TEAM!

  12. Maureen B.

    Muffinpants: 11:46 (45#)

  13. At NorCal – 5RFT 400m + 20 OHS + 20 DU

    Did the OHS at 65# and subbed SU. Big, long grinder of a workout in the warm California sun.

  14. Greg D

    Muffins and Sweatpants: 11:18 (80#)

  15. Kevin G

    Muffin and Sweatpants: 12:55 (65#)


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