Monday 5.20.13

The Teams of CFNE.

The Teams of CFNE.

Muffins & Sweatpants
3 Rounds
21 Power Snatch (95,65)
400m Run

Post Time to Comments.

The Lion Tamer.

The Lion Tamer.


  1. Sean Rockett

    Very impressive weekend to watch the battles and determination. You guys rock.

  2. Big Mike

    The weekend from my good eye:

    • Patti Jeanne

      awesome pictures!! Great job CFNE you were amazing this weekend.

    • Heather O

      You take some beautiful pictures Big Mike! Thank you for sharing. If I had known I would have hired you for my wedding! :)

    • Rachel E

      Great pics, Mike! Competitors are lookin’ FIERCE in all of them. : )

    • Eugene Lee

      Great job teams CFNE, Heather and Kate!!

    • rich t

      not sure if that is a PR for you, but great performance on the pictures.

  3. Cotter

    “Muffins & Sweatpants”: 13:03 Rx

  4. Alison

    Way to go CFNE!!

    Muffins and Sweatpants – 12:51, 55#

  5. Andy M

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 13:30 (75#)

    Way to to go Teams CFNE!

  6. Heather O

    Happy Monday everyone! :) Incredible job this weekend competitors! :)
    Muffins and Sweatpants: 13:02 (40#). The bar felt REAL heavy this am for some reason? Tried for higher weight but couldn’t get it. There’s always tomorrow. However I do love this WOD name! Great job today 5:30!
    Have a great day everyone! :)

  7. Amy B

    M&S: 10:43 (55#)
    Congrats to competitors – I heard the effort was outstanding.

  8. Colleen (OC)

    Muffins and Sweatpants: 12:24, 35#. First two sets unbroken, only stopped once in the third set. Anyone else’s legs feel like Jello???

    Awesome job to all of the CFNE athletes this weekend, you all should be so proud of the job you did! I know we are all proud of you!!

  9. Heather V.

    Muffins and Sweatpants – 11:24 Rx

    So awesome to watch everyone compete this weekend! What an amazing team to be apart of! Completely in awe of your performance!

  10. Big Mike

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 11:30 Rx
    Tried to catch Doug E. and Heather and in the process got caught by Doug B.
    Held onto the bar for all 63 reps-I’m just a slow runner.

    Amazing performances all around this weekend. I’m totally in awe and proud to wear a CFNE shirt. I hope I caught a few ‘moments’ with the camera and the teams, Heather and Kate all get to see a little of what was going on around them.

    Who’s in for a Winnebago to Carson City. We can WOD our way across the country? (Just kidding, can’t imagine trying to explain that one to wife/boss)

    • Laura c

      Amazing photos! I think I want to be an athlete just so you can take photos of me! And your wife is a crossfitter now, she will understand:)!

    • rich t

      we can get a caravan of Winnebagos

    • Douglas Eisenstein

      I heard you booking behind be on the last leg, Greg already passed me on the 3rd round and I just increased that pass on the home stretch!

  11. Tricia D

    Great photos! Love the caption on Ben’s picture – Perfect. You guys are all incredible, really. It was so great to come down and be part of the energy and see you all doing so well. You are stars. Now, get some rest.

  12. Braatz

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 11:07 (75#)

    Harry couldn’t say this WOD name with a straight face this morning.

    Congrats to our Regionals competitors. All champions in our book!

    • rich t

      me neither. i don’t get it. i start to giggle a little every time i say ‘Muffins and Sweatpants’. see there i go. does not make any sense.

  13. Eddie

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 12:27 (75#)

  14. Kristin R

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 13:00 (40#)

  15. Rachel E

    Muffins and Sweatpants: 11:53, 55# — didn’t break sets too much so next time I’ll Rx it!

    What a weekend. I am once again so proud to be a part of such a special box. Competitors, I love that there is just no quit in any of you — it’s inspiring to watch you leave it all out on the floor, in every single WOD. Congratulations!!!

  16. Scott W

    Muffins and Sweatpants:12:34 75#

  17. sarah wilson

    CFNE athletes are amazing AND a really great looking bunch. Wish I could have seen the magic live. Thanks for the photos, Big Mike.
    4 mile run to come around and around Centennial Park (it’s probably wrong to post what you haven’t done yet).
    What does Muffins and Sweatpants mean?

    • Braatz

      If you just competed all weekend, giving everything you’ve got to crushing those Regionals WODs, what are you gonna want to do all day on Monday? That’s right… wear sweat pants and eat muffins. No brainer.

      • sarah wilson

        No brainer. It makes total sense. I must not have put it together because I’ve been so strictly paleo that I forgot what a muffin even is.

    • Susan Stein

      Ask Kevin.

  18. 10×1 otm front squats 255
    5×3 OHS 165
    3×3 Deads 325

  19. Greetings from Cali. Wish I were there to celebrate, but just quickly echoing what we all know – how proud and honored I feel to be a part of this amazing CFNE community and the chance to be inspired by our athletes who gave their all this weekend. Congrats to you and your liontamer (epic quote!)

    Another thanks to everyone that shared pictures yesterday. It was impossible to tear myself away and I was that naughty airplane passenger who kept checking long after the door closed.

  20. Big Bri

    Incredibly inspiring work by all CFNE competitors this weekend – Team A, Team B, Heather and Kate!

    “Muffins and Sweatpants” – 10:38 Rx’d

  21. Patti Jeanne

    Muffins: 11:51 55# and 400 m row

  22. Ron R

    Huge congrats to the CFNE team!!

    M&S – 12:45 (65#)

  23. Laura c

    Muffins and sweatpants: 13:01 45#.
    I’m just not fast….

    So proud of our competitors! Proud to wear red:)!

  24. Eugene

    M&S – 11:07 Rx

  25. Muffins and Sweatpants- Hilarious!!!!!

    What an honor it was to compete this weekend and represent CFNE, our fans are the best!

    • Rick W

      Chest bump right back at you big man. Great job this weekend!

    • Melinda

      Just awesome this weekend, simple as that!

    • Colleen (C4!)

      I’m always extra impressed by you, Hamel. You have to move, lift, squat every day for a living as a landscaper, then you do more for fun, then you do even more to compete. Super Man!

  26. Rick W

    “Muffins and Sweatpants” – 12:16 Rx’d
    5X5 Back Squat 185#
    10X5 OTM – Pullups and 5 OTM TTB (10,10,7,5,7)

    competitors are awesome! great just to be a part of this.

  27. Brian L

    muffins and sweatpants-11:42 rx

  28. rich t

    Muffins and Sweatpants- 14:36 75#

  29. michelle

    M & S- sub 21 burpees for snatches: 9:41
    5 x 200 hill sprints

    Congratulations to the CFNE competitors! You made us all so proud. It was inspiring to watch you put your hearts into those events- what amazing athletes you are!

  30. Lynne Mc

    M&S 11:42 35#

    Loved this weekend. Our competitors killed it- congrats all. Feel very privileged to be part of this great community.

  31. Sarah S.

    What an amazing weekend! Huge congratulations to our athletes. It was so fun to watch – thank you!

    Muffins and Sweatpants: 12:48 (50#). Tried to speed up the snatches as I was the last person in the box at the end of the first set.

  32. Susan Stein

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 15:15 (45#)

    Amazing job this weekend CFNE! Congrats to all the competitors, you all actually left me speechless. An almost impossible feat. (I’m sure Kevin would agree.)

  33. Joe D

    Cash In-1 Mile Run-10:15
    Muffins and Sweatpants-14:28 65#

    5K on Sunday-33:48

    Congratulations to all who competed this weekend..GO CFNE!!

    • Colleen (OC)

      That’s quite a bit of running the last couple of days Joe! Nice job!

  34. M&S: 12:38 50#
    5x 200m hill sprints

    Congratulations to all the CFNE competitors! So inspiring to watch you all!

  35. M&S – 13:10 Rx. Dropped on each. Probably should have strung them together for speed. Lesson learned.

    Post WOD – DL up to 330#

    So proud of everyone at CFNE – team, individuals, fans. Terrific effort, camaraderie, and sportsmanship from everyone all weekend. Such a great group to be part of.

    I have my tickets for Carson. Can’t wait.

  36. Krystle

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 17:59 (55# and 21 cal on airdyne) holy shittake

    Extra credit: 3RM push press 85/90/95# (previous 1RM) could maybe have done more
    10RM 65#

  37. Jim B

    M&S 11:05 Rx
    Congrats to all the competitors! Great deal of respect doing yesterday’s wod and then watching all of you!

  38. marissa

    did the post-challenge benchmark today as my husband and i are leaving for a big trip tomorrow.

    5K: 26:42 (1:29 faster than 5/2!) thanks to the 830 hotties for the cheering and support!

    CFNE athletes, you did an outstanding job this weekend! congratulations to all! it is an honor to walk among you.

    good luck to everyone with the rest of the may nutrition challenge!

  39. bummed to miss this WOD—I like the name, too!
    Active rest day. Realized I went 5 days in a row at CFNE and body screaming for a rest day.
    Wanted to also add my “WOWS” to saying how impressed and inspired I was from the weekend. I only got to go for a couple of hours on Friday, but, followed and cheered in spirit. I am actually hoping to be in LA area in July and attend a day of the Nationals–that is if I can get a ticket. I heard they are sold out, already:(

  40. Muffins and Sweatpants: 10:45 Rx

    Post WOD: Pistols 50 Reps, DU Work

  41. Deb R

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 13:16 55# Hanging with the Naughty Nooners today!

  42. Dave C.

    M&S: 13:13 Rx

  43. Melinda

    Muffins and Sweatpants: 11:22 Rx

    Love the story on this one.

  44. Missy

    M & S- 11:00 (35#)
    Cash out with Laura & Ali – plank on the ghd machine

    Congrats to our competitors!

  45. Muffin and Sweatpants 12:32 @65#’s

  46. Andy R

    Muffins and Sweatpants:10:24 RX, nice to back for a weekday WOD. Congratulations to all the CFNE athletes, amazing stuff!

  47. Colleen (C4!)

    Muffins and Sweatpants 11:01 Rx
    unbroken | 11 and 10 | 10, 5, 3, 3
    Naughty Nooner bonus work: 100 pistols 5 x 10, rest, then 2 x 25
    Huge class to applaud Heather! Yeah!

  48. Muffin and Sweatpants: 13:24 (65#)

  49. Douglas Eisenstein


    Fun WOD this AM, I was beat afterwards!

    Heather maybe one day I’ll catch you, DAMN!

  50. Kristin B.

    2 mile run before work this morning

    Muffins & Sweatpants: 15:30. First two rounds were RX, but too heavy and spent too much time on the snatches. Dropped down to 55# for the last set. Lesson learned.


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