Sunday 5.19.13

Ally B. B standing for Bada@@. Look at those shades!

Ally B. B standing for Bada@@. Look at those shades!

The Hustler
1oo Double Unders
40 T2B
30 Jerks (160, 100)
90′ Walking Lunge (160,100)

Post Score to Comments.

Potsy aka Sean.

Potsy aka Sean.


  1. I heard Sean Potter can drink a pond in one sip.

  2. Also GREAT video of Heather B on the Crossfit Games site!

  3. Lynne Mc

    Great pics! Any update on event times tomorrow? Regionals schedule doesn’t match the times posted on CFNE Facebook page … Thanks!

  4. what is a 90′ walking lunge look like with 100#’s or more? with barbells or KB’s in each hand?

  5. David N

    Does anyone know the times for the CFNE events tomorrow?


  6. Big Mike

    More from Saturday ( from #143 on)

  7. Colleen (OC)

    What is the estimated time for the first CFNE individual/team to start off tomorrow?

  8. michelle

    The hustler: jerks & lunges 65# the rest rx
    Go CFNE!!!

  9. Greg D

    The Hustler: 27:32 (115#)

    49 consecutive DU’s to start the WOD – PR for consecutive DU’s

    Some tremendous efforts in the 8:00 am this morning by Doug and Big Bri Rxing this WOD.

    Good luck to all the CFNE competitors today.

  10. Jim B

    The Hustler 29:34 135#

  11. Big Bri

    “The Hustler” – 28:18 Rx+ (160# axle)

    • Deb R

      Thanks so much for the use of the sleeves! They really helped me get through the WOD. I left them for you at the front desk with your name on them. (In case I didn’t see you soon)

  12. Corey

    The hustler: 22:58
    30 rx HSPU then 20 w 2 ab mats
    75# jerks and lunges

    Hit a record of 49 double unders in a row. Pumped!

  13. The Hustler: 20 minutes even. 50 double unders, 50 HSPU on box, 40 toes to bar, 30 jerks @ 85#, and 90′ lunges with 85#

  14. Ali G

    The hustler: 20:46 75#

  15. Andy L

    The Hustler: 25:17, I think… walked out in a haze and forgot my time. (SU’s, abmat and plate, 115#) HSPU got ugly…

  16. Eugene

    The Hustler – 35:00 (160# on regular bar for 15 jerks, then 135# for 15 jerks and all walking lunges)

    Big Bri looking great today. And nice job to Doug Bell on doing this Rx with the axle.

  17. laura c

    Active rest day: ran 30 min (no idea distance – prob not far:)!

    AMRAP of pancakes – ran in and made 4 pancakes in 30 seconds for my kids and then to the basement to finish

    30 PU
    30 pushups
    50 sit ups

  18. Deb R

    The Hustler: 28..something I took a digger on the warm up outside and cut up my palms and elbow, scraped a knee. I have no idea how I made it through this one with a very sore elbow and bruised palms. Did all 100 DU, 2 mats and a plate HSPU, very slow TTB, 85# C&J, 55# lunges.

    Thanks so much to Big Bri for the loan of compression sleeves to help my elbow…I looked bad ass in them too!

    Looking good today CFNE competitors!

  19. better than nothing – 100 squats with 14# ball, 80 ab mat situps 60 push ups, 40 kbs 35#, 20 pull ups, 10 burpees, 800 meter run

  20. Rick-V

    Wow. I went to the games today and all I can say is Wow. Heather was incredible, She was a machine out there. Also, both teams were amazing. Team-A had a gear that the other teams competing couldn’t match. Can anybody say rope climbs? The team was extremely efficient. they bested the 2nd place team on the 6th WOD by 5 minutes. Team-B was truely inspiring as they put everything on the line. Pretty sweet!! I hope you all get a great nights sleep as you definitely earned it.

  21. Jamie

    Yes I am pretty sure they all went straight home to bed.

  22. “the hustler”
    20:23 Rx
    axel bar first time ever… was… fun?

    so much respect for those that finished under the cap at regionals!

  23. oh. and we subbed 30 front rack stationary forward lunges for the 90′. might have been a slight overshot as the span of most of our lunges was around 3 1/2- 4′ but seemed fair.


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