Saturday 5.18.13

The Heather Bergeron.

The Heather Bergeron.

Dirty Work
3 Rounds
200m Farmers Carry (70,53)
10 Strict Pullups
20 Wallball (20,14)

Post Score to Comments.

TeamB Boys getting ready to muscle up.

TeamB Boys getting ready to muscle up.

Regional Announcement!

Day One was AH-MAZING. The teams and the individuals kicked some serious butt. Looking for a standings update…check out the Northeast Regional page!

As a reminder the classes tomorrow will be held at 7,8,9. There is no high school and no kid’s classes. Come down to Canton!


  1. Ken K

    So cool to watch all the CFNE athletes today. The competitors rocked it… As did the supporters. My first time watching this event. All I can say is inspired, and proud to be a member do CFNE!

    Keep up the great work over the weekend! Have fun!

    • Ken K

      Doing a 100 mile ride on Sunday for diabetes… TourdeCure… If you know any riders, please support with a small contribution.
      Best and thanks!

  2. Big Mike
    • Laura c

      You are funny
      And take beautiful photos…. All kidding aside, those are amazing. Can we order them if we want a shot or 2?

    • Heather O

      Beautiful pictures Big Mike! Thanks for sharing. :) Incredible job competitors. You are all simply amazing!

    • Alison

      Thanks for posting — these are great. Way to go CFNE.

    • Chris M.

      Thanks Big Mike – great shots.

    • marissa

      fantastic shots big mike! especially for those of us who couldn’t make it yesterday… you really captured the essence of CFNE!

    • Katie T

      amazing pics!!!! thanks!!

    • Big Mike

      More photos added from today….starting at 143

  3. Tricia D

    Big Mike, great pictures!!! CFNE competitors, WOW. Keep up the Amazing work and have fun!!

  4. Andy M.

    Way to go CFNE, keep it up!

  5. Dirty Work: 18:43 2×53# KB’s, strict pull ups and 16# WB

    Awesome job CFNE—you make us so proud. Go get ’em today!!!!

  6. Dirty work 15:22 Rx (53×2, 45×2 no free 53s, 53×2)

    Go get it today Team B, A, Kate, and Heather!

  7. Braatz

    Dirty Work: 16:22 Rx (70×2)

    Good day… chose the wrench.

    I wrote 15:22 on the wall, forgetting that group 2 started at the 2 minute mark (vs. 3 minute as originally proposed).

  8. Andy L

    Dirty Work: 15:27 (53#x2)

    Go CFNE!

  9. 13 mile ride to CFNE
    Dirty work 10:52 Rx
    13 mile ride from CFNE

  10. Wendy P

    Dirty work: 18:16. 30#, banded PU, 10#- to blue line (challenging)

    Go CFNE!!!

  11. John S

    Dirty Work: 14:16 (but it could be 16:14)
    45# x 1 pu w/band

    Keep it going team CFNE!

  12. michelle

    18:06rx. 2 x 53#.
    So proud of our CFNE athletes!!!

  13. marissa

    dirty work: 15:11 (green band pull ups)


  14. Greg D

    Dirty Work: 15:34 Rx (2×70#)

    Good luck competitors!

  15. Lynne Mc

    15:51 35# should have gone heavier, mixture of 10 and 14 WB depending on what was avail. Not sure my strict pull ups were strict enough…

    Great fun. Looking fwd to watching CFNE smash it again today.

  16. Heather O

    Happy Saturday everyone! Was visiting family in Worcester so hit up CrossFit AC in Millbury this am with one of my girlfriends who goes to that box.
    WOD 1: OTM x 12: 1 power clean; 1 front squat, one hang clean and increase by one rep each min. Worked up to 7 with 65#
    WOD 2: Amrap 20: 4 deadlifts; 7 burpee pull-ups; 10 kbs; 200 m run. I used 135 for deadlifts; did jumping burpee pull-ups and 35# for kbs but don’t remember my rounds, at least 6 though.

    Have a great day and weekend everyone! Good luck today competitors!! :)

  17. Laura c

    Dirty work ; 18:?? 35×2 30×1 round. Used 2 KB each time
    10# wb to about 9.5 ft
    Strict PU ( well, not by HV standards:!)
    SLOW today

  18. Deb R

    DW: 18:04 35#x2, banded pullups, 10# or 12# WB which ever I could find.

    Keep up the great work CFNE competitors! So proud of all of you!!

  19. Jim B

    Dirty work : 12:46 Rx

  20. Jen W

    Dirty Work: 16:31

    53# kbs (both hands) x 2, 50# dbs (both hands) x 1

    Green band (& toe push) strict pull ups

    14# wall balls to 10′

  21. Kristin R

    Dirty work: 14:28 (35# KB, green band pull-ups, 10# WB)

  22. Dirty Work: 11:15
    Huge 7am class this morning!

    30#DB both hands (should have found heavier DB’s to use)
    Green band Strict pull ups (went better than expected!) – will go blue next time
    10#WB – all of the 14 and 12#’s were out and I didn’t think to borrow someone’s when I got on the wall. (DEF need to go heavier here now that I have the form down)

    Incredible day at Regionals – my 2nd CF event ever! First was Competitors Comp at CFNE. Awe-inspiring athletic performances all around. Way to get after it CFNE! One more day!

  23. 7.5 mile run during lax practice – should have done double that after making and eating a ton of paleo crunch last night. if yoú are looking for a recipe, i have a good one! can’t wait to cheer for everyone in peron tomorrow! good luck!

  24. Colleen (OC)

    Dirty Work: 17:43 (or was it :48? Whatever it was – it was the exact same time as Heather V)

    For the first two rounds, I only used one 35# KB as there weren’t enough to go around. I managed to find two for the last round and used both. I did the strict pull ups, although my knees tend to come up a little when I do those. And I used a 10# wall ball. Strangely, the back wasn’t bothered by any of this.

  25. L.J. DiCarlo

    Dirty Work: 11:07 Rx

    Post WOD: Tabata hand stand holds

  26. Tricia D

    15:27 (35#, small green band, 10#)


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