Friday 5.17.13 the Northeast Regionals!

…at the Northeast Regionals!

Surfer on Acid
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 Burpees

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Everyone has a coach.

Everyone has a coach.

Northeast Regionals – Day One

Workout 1 – ‘Jackie’

Workout 2 – Burpee MU | OHSx3

Get Your Popcorn Ready.


  1. Sara C

    Montoya (though bubble): “Heels, Matt, heels!”

  2. Dan T

    Looking forward to my first time with the surfer.

    Be in the moment tomorrow CFNE Teams A and B. Have a blast!

    • Dan T

      SoA 10:22 — Lot of speed in the box at 0530! Have a great day all – go get’m CFNE!

  3. Myrthala Montero

    And those are mine!! And I love them!!!

  4. Tricia D

    Surfer on Acid: 11:34 rx :)

    Good luck this weekend CFNE! We are looking forward to bringing our girls down to cheer you on!!!

  5. Surfer on Acid: 9:38 subbed 15 Hand release push ups and 15 sit ups for the 21 burpees
    Great 5:30 am class!
    GO GET ‘Em CFNE at Regionals!!!!!!!

  6. Doug Eisenstein

    5:30am crew are solid runners! Nice work!

  7. Surfer on acid: 9:04

  8. Colleen (OC)

    Surfer on Acid: 11:14 (:32 second PR)

    Could not have pushed myself any harder than I did. Not without throwing up anyway.

    Good to see Chad G in the house this morning! He schooled us, as usual. Just like old times!

  9. Eddie

    Surfer on Acid: 9:13

    first time

  10. Ali G

    Surfer on Acid: 9:07 RX (17 sec PR)

  11. Katrina

    Surfer on Acid 11:48rx….I have done this before but it has been a long long time…not sure if it is a pr or not…my guess is not.

    1K Row
    tabata planks

  12. 3×3 OHS 165
    10×1 OTM Split Jerks from the Box 225
    3×5 Dlifts 315

    Surfer on Acid…………….9:21RX

  13. Megan B

    While we’re all cheering on our favorite CFNE athletes at the Regionals this weekend, let’s also cheer on Erica D, whose team had to turn around partway into their Everest summit attempt yesterday due to “a cloud cap with rime ice and gusty wind”. Sounds like they moved back down to Camp 4 and are making new plans for today. Will keep you posted on what I hear!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Come on Erica!!!

    • Harry

      Pretty badass stuff. A different kind of functional fitness for sure. Go get it Erica!

    • Sonia

      Try again Erica, you got this!!

    • Megan B

      Erica’s mom emailed – Erica made the decision to go back down the mountain and not attempt the summit again. It sounds like the conditions up there are pretty horrible on both the body and brain.

      I am soooo proud of her and know she’s felt all our support from 13.5 hours time difference and half the world away. Go Erica!!

  14. David N

    Surfer on Acid: 11:07RX

    Good luck to everyone from CFNE at the regionals

  15. marissa

    surfer on acid: 10:09

    extra work – 2 minute airdyne test: OMFG. 39 calories

    fun four person class! thanks doole!

    GO GO GO GO GO CFNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sammy B.

    Surfer on Acid: 11:57

    Not a PR, but had to really push myself to get through this one. As always, I have a lot of respect for it. Remember going at this once with Coach Ali before she was a coach. Good time :)

    Go TEAM CFNE!!! I will be there in spirit if not in body.

    • Sammy B.

      PS LOVE the photos on the site today. Way to encapsulate it, Iris and others! And the boys are looking FIT!

  17. Michelene

    Surfer on Acid: 10:43

    Good luck to all the CFNE athletes this weekend!

  18. John S.

    Surfer on Acid: 11:47 Rx

    Good luck this weekend CFNE athletes…have a blast!

  19. Big Bri

    “Surfer on Acid” – 9:01

    3 X 5 front squat – 225# across

  20. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Good luck CFNE! Wish I were able to make it this weekend and cheer you on!

  21. Eugene

    Surfer and Acid – 8:13 Rx

  22. Ken K

    Surfer on Acid: (row)

  23. Surfer on Acid: 10:04

  24. Big Mike

    Surfer on Acid: 9:07…10 seconds off PR but last time we burpeed outside. Great to see Chad Froning today. I thought he came to see all of us but it turns out-he was in it for the t-shirt.

  25. Lil Tony

    Surfer on acid: 9:01

  26. Christian

    Surfer on Acid – 8:48 rx (:06 sec PR)

    Proud of all the competitors today. You all are the best of the best and our community goes unrivaled.

    • Could not agree more about the community Christian… Thanks for the tremendous amount of support!

    • Lightening speed!

      CFNE is nrivaled, unparalleled, unbelievable, undeniable, UNSTOPPABLE!

  27. Jim B

    Surfer on Acid 8:34 Rx

  28. Matty Noits

    Surfer on Acid – 9:01 rx

  29. SoA: 9:23
    under the lights of harvard track. no better way to spend a friday night!

  30. Surfer on Acid 8:55, reverse tabata L-sits. GO CFNE – Team A, B, Heather and Kate!!

  31. Rick W


  32. Rachel E

    Surfer on Acid: 9:22

  33. Surfer on Acid: 10:15 first time

    Psyched to be headed down to Regionals tomorrow! Go Get It CFNE!


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