Thursday 5.16.13

Michelle M.

Michelle M.

Row (for calories)
DB Push Press (45,30)

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The standard on the PP for the DB is the same as the barbell. Elbows, hips and knees extended at the top.

The standard on the PP for the DB is the same as the barbell. Elbows, hips and knees extended at the top.

Regional Announcements!

  • This Friday / Saturday / Sunday at Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, MA.
  • CFNE picture time! Sunday at 2:30pm at the CFNE tent.
  • Class schedule – Friday (normal) / Saturday (7,8,9) / Sunday (8,9).
  • Bring your noisemakers — Wear RED.



  1. Ken K

    Collin and Jim B.

    I need to change plans. I will be hitting the 6:30 am on Friday, dropping kids at school then heading to Canton to cheer on the team. See you there.

    Good luck to all the CFNE athletes! You have done the prep… We know you are ready. Cant wait to see the pride, effort, and commraderie! Kick ass and have fun!

  2. Elaine

    Can’t wait to see all my CFNE friends this weekend!!!!! xoxoxoxo Miss you all so much!!! Michelle, looking good BABE!!!

  3. Braatz

    Keep Calm and Bergeron: 8RFT of 10 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 squats (hotel WOD in London)

    Forgot to hit ‘start’ on the timer, but rest assured it was bloody fast.

  4. Andrew Ho

    Tabata: 238 Rx (I think the breakdown was 47, 62, 129)

    Wowza on the push presses…

    Good luck this weekend, CFNE! I’ll be traveling starting this morning through Sunday, so I can’t make it. But I’m already planting seeds all over the house to let me come support you at the Games. Kick ass!!!

  5. Andy M

    Tabata: 210 (40#DB) 120squat/45cal/45db

  6. Amy B

    Tabata: 212 (25#)
    Agree with Andrew on the presses – got three rounds of 10 and then a precipitous drop to 8 and 6’s before a final 4.
    60 (DB first), 105 (squats), 47 row

    Will be sending good vibes to Canton. Conflicts with work, hockey tournament and coaching this weekend – BOO!

  7. Douglas Eisenstein

    Tabata: 233; 40# DB

  8. Heather O

    Happy Day before Friday everyone! And great job with the workout this am! :)
    3 mile run last night
    Pre-WOD this am: 1 mile (or 1 lap) of the CFNE loop.
    Tabata: 215 with #20 db. Was happy I started with these and finished on the rower. Despite an equipment malfunction on the rower I was still able to get 50 cals (so hopefull more next time)! Feels good to be back on the rower for a WOD. I believe the db were 60-65 (real rough towards the end) and squats were 100-105 ish.

    Have a great day everyone and best of luck this weekend competitors. I wish I could come cheer you on! Ill be rooting for you all! :)

  9. Rachel E

    Tabata: 225 (25# DB) — presses were way harder than I anticipated.

    Can’t wait to be in the sea of red cheering this weekend! Here we go, CFNE!! : D

  10. Rob C.

    Off to Phoenix/Scotsdale today, bummer I will miss the Regionals!

    Best of luck to our TWO team and our Individual CFNE atheletes! I know you will represent. I will be thinking of you all!

    Home Tabatas today: Burpees, 12.5# DBs, squats: 5,11,12

    go 8:30!

  11. Big Mike

    Tabata: 207 Rx
    Went 59 cals/41 DB/107 Squats….DB were super heavy for me but couldnt resist the Rx this morning.

    Excited to have a day off tomorrow to watch both teams and Kate and Heather.

  12. Michelene

    Tabata: 206 (20#DB) I think I may have screwed up my count. I did 40 cals, 128 squats but I’m fairly certain I did more than 38 PPs. Or maybe not! Whatever, it was a good work out!

  13. Chris M.

    Tabata – 270 Rx’d (66/74/130)

    … DB pushpress got heavy fast …

    … so looking forward to this weekend – good luck CFNE!

  14. Rick W

    Tabata: 249 Rx. ditto on the dumbells
    5X8 butterfly pullups OTM
    Squat Snatch – 5 singles at 115#
    Shaved callous off my hands (rx)

  15. Sarah S.

    Tabata: 234 (20#). Did 138 squats, 38 cal. row and 58 pp. I seriously forgot to pull hard on the first several sets of the row, I just spaced out. Don’t make the same mistake.

    Looking forward to this weekend! Good luck teams, Heather and Kate!

  16. Eddie

    Tabata: 205 (35#)
    61 cals/36 PP/108 sqts

  17. Amy B

    Latest on Erica D.

    Erica called from Camp IV and said that she and her Dad and the group were doing well. The plan would be for them to try to head up to summit at 2200 their time which is about 0900 our time today… so just a few hours.


  18. Tabata: 209 reps w/ 35# DB. Glad I started with the DBs, but those got spicy quickly. And wish I hadn’t flubbed the transition to the first round on the row.

    Good luck to Heather, Kate and our teams this weekend (and Mel too). Can’t wait to get loud in the sea of CFNE red.

  19. Kristin R

    Tabata: 194 (20#), but that’s probably a few short because I was so worried about transitioning from rowing to DBs that I didn’t even look at my cals. Oh well!

  20. denise sullivan

    tabata:288, 15#

  21. laura c

    tabata: 269 (15#) I wemt light b/c my shoulder is on the fritz…. breakdown (39,88,142)
    3x 15 GHDSU and BE


  22. Patti Jeanne

    tabata – 220 20#

    Good luck to all of the CFNE teams and athletes!!

  23. denise sullivan

    cfne!!!!!!! go go go…

  24. Susan Stein

    Tabata: 206, maybe 204. It’s correct on the white board. 20# dumb bells. Did first couple intervals as squat dumb bell push press. Boy did I feel dumb. Got a little easier after Kevin corrected me, but then quickly got hard again.

    Extra work: 2 minute Airdyne test. Now that was spicy!

    Best of luck to all the competitors this weekend. I’ll be cheering you on as loudly as I can, which is pretty loud!

  25. Tabata 189 35#
    Looking forward to cheering on the competitors this weekend.

  26. Ashley r

    Tabata. 225 with 25# db. Looking forward to watching regionals tomorrow! Go get ’em CFNE!

  27. Tabata: 216 with 30# db
    Did this one alone cause I thought there was an 11:30 still…..
    Harry—thanks for setting me up! the video Tabata program was awesome.
    Liked this WOD al lot, but, realized after that I had more in my tank and should have pushed a little harder on row and air squats, in particular.
    Good luck at regionals—GO CFNE!!!

  28. Krystle

    Tabata: 229 (20#)

  29. Melinda

    Tabata: 247 Rx

    Good fun

  30. Katie c

    Tabata: 223 rx

  31. Colleen (C4!)

    Tabata: 265 Rx
    sloppy on the DBs, man I was too winded to push them up right.

    mobility and a little TTB work after class.

    Heather, Kate, and Teams A & B: Tonight, I hope you relax in the same high quality way you train — resting, relaxing, and visualizing a BIG FAT WIN.

  32. 209 rx
    Good luck to everyone this weekend See you there

  33. Jared S

    Tabata: 255 rx gamed this workout too much today by trying to pace myself through the rounds instead of going after max rounds.

    OTM x10: 10 TTB

    Looking forward to playing hookie tomorrow at work and heading down to the games. Can’t wait to our teams and individuals kick some ass.

  34. Big Bri

    Tabata – 253 Rx’d

  35. michelle

    Tabata: great workout, I completely lost count.

    Good luck to all you CFNE athletes! We can’t wait to see you kill it this weekend!!!

  36. Andy M

    GO KICK SOME A** TEAMS CFNE A&B and all the individuals at the Regionals this weekend. Wish I could make it but will be cheering you all on and following as much as possible!

  37. Matty Noits

    Tabata. – 235. @35#
    Row (for calories)
    DB Push Press (35#)

  38. Alison

    Good luck CFNE!!!

  39. Annmarie

    Tabata: 191, 20#DB press

  40. Sara C

    Tabata: 213 with 20# presses. Wanted to get at least 200, so I am really happy about this.

    Go get ’em this weekend, CFNE!

  41. Wendy P

    Tabata: 195… 15#… Transition to the rower was awful- :(

  42. Thomas F

    Tabata: 259 (40# 83DB, 123SQ, 53R)

    No 45s left so went with 40s. Man they got heavy! That was good fun.

  43. Greg D

    Tabata: 269 (30#)

  44. Kristin B.

    205 RX. Push presses got heavy fast…

  45. tabata 20# db – 283, i think.

  46. Erkin

    Tabata: 211 (25#), breakdown: 53R,56DB,102SQ
    Thanks John D. for tip about sprint start on rower, I think I got additional several cals utilizing it!

  47. Katrina

    204 rx

  48. Christian


    Row for Cals – 59
    Barbell Push Press 95# (not ready for one armed stuff on the new shoulder yet) – 41
    Air Squats – 106

  49. Rich P

    Ran 3+ miles (estimated, not timed or measured)

    5 x 5 count handstand holds (roughly 5 on, 10 off)

  50. Maureen B.

    Tabata: 207 (25#)


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