Wednesday 5.15.13

A wise man once said...

A wise man once said…

Front Squat


Dave C and family made a new addition...William. Future firebreather.

Dave C and family made a new addition…William. Future firebreather.

An Update from Guro…


I hope this mail finds you all well after a beautiful mother's day!  I
wanted to share some of the latest pictures from the Guro construction
with all you guys so you can see how the project is coming along.
There have been some serious rains that have been off and on, but the
construction goes on none the less!

On another note and a little bit delayed, I truly hope you all enjoyed
your trip out to Kenya.  As we continue to try and gain support and
traction for this initiative in the CF community, it is our hope that
we will be able to continue these expeditions and continually get as
many CrossFitters on the ground in Kenya as possible.  This being
said, I hope that you are sharing your experience in Africa with all
those around you, as you all will become the spokes people for this
cause.  Thanks again for the trip and as I continue to get pics and
updates, I will continue to forward your way.



  1. How many Masters are doing the Ocean State comp on 8 June?
    If you are, please reply and we can try to organize a tailgate…. Last year’s was tremendous fun and it’s not too late to sign up!

  2. Sonia

    Congrats Dave C!!

  3. Dan T

    Congratulations Dave. This is a beautiful picture of your son. I’m thrilled for you, your wife and your family.


  4. Congrats, Dave! And congrats to CFNE on the schools. It’s been great seeing pictures come in of the crew that went over to Kenya.

  5. Patti Jeanne

    Congrats Dave.

  6. Andrew Ho

    Front Squat 3×5: 225, 245, 275×4
    Bench 3×5: 185, 205, 210

    Thanks Rich and Big Mike for letting me play with your rack…it was really neat to pull the weight off on my tippy-toes!

  7. Alison

    Congratulations Dave, he’s beautiful.

    FS – in man town with Scott W and Paul J – 95, 115, 135. Thanks for letting me hang with you.

    BP – 55, 75 (failed on rep 5), 75 (got all 5)

  8. Rich P

    FS: 185, 205, 215×2
    Bench: 135, 155, 165×3

    Technically highest recorded weights for 5 reps on both, but I’ve done quite a bit more for 3 reps on both so we’ll call it an ok day. I made it in today so how bad can it be?

  9. denise sullivan

    yay dave c! sooooo sweet

  10. Dan T

    Love weightlifting Wednesdays!
    FS 3×5: 135/155/165
    Bench 3×5: 155/185/195
    Like Rich – though I worked heavier loads for 1RM or 3 rep schemes – these were PR’s for the 3×5 scheme. Felt good.

    Great working w/ you at the rack Andy. Thanks Andrew Ho and Max for recognizing my listing right was the unbalanced bar! For some reason I was thinking that I just was not situated on the bench right…go figure.

    Great 0530 Harry – have a great day all.

    • Andy L

      Dan, fun times. I’m glad you aren’t dead. Loved the weightlifting today.

      FS 3×5: 135/155/165 (4x)
      BP 3×5: 135/145/155

    • Andrew Ho

      That was the craziest thing I’ve seen in a while…my eyes couldn’t really register what I was seeing at first. I just starting yelling “that’s not right”…”that’s not right”!!

  11. Heather O

    Happy Hump Day everyone! I’m sad that I’ve missed the 5:30am mayhem so far this week and weightlifting Weds! :( However early mornings and a few late nights in the office this week have made it tough to get to CFNE (Gotta love law firm shakeups). Look forward to getting back at it tomorrow. I have been able to get some running done though: a 10k on Sunday in 56:28 and a 5k last night in 26:41 both of which are PRs for me! :) Also getting in my daily 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 50 squats, so I suppose something is better than nothing. Hope to get some more running in tonight too. Have a great day everyone and I WILL see you tomorrow. :)

    And congrats to Dave and your family! Little William is so beautiful! :) Enjoy every second with him.

  12. Katrina

    Awesome work on the platform today. Kim p and Ali g..

    FS: 105, 115, 125
    Bench 115, 120, 125

    Yes my bench is the same as my FS….

  13. Scott W

    FS: 115, 135, 155.
    Bench: 135, 145, 155.

  14. Brien

    Fs 135/155/165 new max
    Bp 1st time 135/155/165(4)/155 (3)
    Thanks for help enciuragement ken/lef

  15. Big Mike

    FS: 185/205/215 (best 5 rep by 40#)
    Bench: 155/165/175 (best 5 rep by 20#)

    Both benchmarks were on 5/14/12 so one year of improvement. I love tracking workouts!
    Warmed up the bar for Andrew this morning…he started where I ended.

  16. Colleen (OC)

    FS: 65/70/75 (tied PR for the 5 reps)
    Bench: 65/75/80 (15# PR for the 5 reps)

    My bench is higher than my FS! Great coaching this morning Harry!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Just kidding. 10# short of a PR on the FS and only a 5# PR on the bench. (FYI we did this last year on May 14 if you want to check your notes!)

      • Rick W

        Ooh, Thanks for pointing out. Made my day 20# PR on Front Squat!

      • Colleen (OC)

        Sam also mentioned this morning that we did this in December too, although I wasn’t there that day- so you might want to check that too!

  17. Eddie

    FS: 185/195/205×2
    Bench: 125/135/145×3

  18. Greg D

    Front Squat: 155#/175#/185#

    Bench: 135#/155#/165#(f)/160#(f)/155#(f)

    Really appreciate the analysis on the lifts today Harry.

  19. Front squat: 155, 175, 185×3 (should have got 1 more, quit on it)
    Bench: 185, 225, 235×2

    Note to self- technique, technique, technique

    Nice work 6:30!

  20. Rick W

    Front Squat: 155/170/185
    Bench: 135/155/170 (4 reps) Ty for Video Harry – never knew my bench form was wacked.

    Toes to Bar – OTM 8 sets to accumulate 60 reps unbroken kipping
    Double Unders – 5X25 unbroken OTM
    Kipping HSPU – 5X3 OTM

  21. Ali G

    FS: 115/125/135
    BP: 75/85/95

  22. Chris M.

    Front Squat – 5×205/225/245 (5# PR)
    Benchpress – 5×195/205/215(F5)

  23. Joe D

    Front Squat- 3 sets 5 reps-135
    Bench-3 sets 5 reps-225

  24. Weightlifting Wednesday:
    FS 135# across. Knee is so angry these days…staying light till we make up.
    Bench 235# across.

    Post WOD: 5k, 200 DUs

    • ECizzle


      5k and 200 DUs on an angry knee?!?! Eeek!

      If you haven’t tried this yet…. get on foam roller on your VMO and all other quad-area right above the knee ASAP. Flex and extend knee while doing it. Get on a barbell and roll that calf below the knee, too.

      • Thx EC. It started on the inside tendon above my right knee. And now is in capsul. It hurts on anything that involves a squat – even air squats. It’s probably related to bad form with knees not tracking out enough. I can run on it but all else using my legs is misery.

        I’ll follow your instructions starting tomorrow.

  25. Amy B

    Rest Day for me so hit up Bikram Yoga.
    Boy did I need it both mentally and physically.

  26. Ashley R

    Front Squat: 105# x 3
    Bench Press: 85/95 failed at 3 reps/ 85

  27. Sarah S.

    Congratulations Dave! It looks like William is “PRing” at self-soothing.

    FS: 75,85,95 – had extra time so then did 100#
    BP: 63,68,73 (I meant to do 65,70 and 75 but realized after the fact that I didn’t have the one lb. plates on either side)

    DU practice pre and post WOD. Got 5 in a row today.

  28. Craig B.

    Congratulations Dave C.!!
    FS: 245/255/270
    BP: 185/195/200×3

  29. Front Squat: 3×5 @ 135# across
    Bench: 3×5 @ 155# across

    Wow. The last time I benched outside of a WOD was in October. Time to punch the clock in the back room a few days a week.

  30. Front Squat: 105/115/125—last time I did this movement I did a 125 1 rep max. got 5 at this weight.
    Bench Press: 125/130/135—140 is my 1 rep max, so, I am eager to repeat these movements soon at a 1 rep max to see where I am. Really liked the 5:30 am class today—Harry is a great coach(as I am sure everyone knows). His video and play back were tremendously helpfu—thanks, Harry!!
    Nice meeting you again, Sarah S. and good job, today!
    Have a great Wednesday everyone:-)

  31. Annmarie

    Front Squat 3×5 @ 105
    Bench 3×5 @ 75

  32. Squat 225 across
    Bench 205 across
    3 mile run
    Butterfly work

  33. marissa

    FS: 3×5 @ 110#
    bench: 3×5 @ 80#

    fun lifting with you kristen & lynne!

    pre-lifting one mile run – 7:55
    post -lifting one mile run – 7:47
    ……..wanna get faster!……..

  34. Ron R

    Hit the 6am at Crossfit Las Vegas. Thanks for setting me up Harry!!

    5 @ 60%- 135#
    3 @ 70%- 155#
    3×3 @ 75%- stayed at 155#

    3 Rounds
    6 Deadlifts (225/265) scaled to 135# since weight had to be same for cleans
    20 vsit ups

    Then Immediately…

    3 Rounds
    5 Squat Clean (225/165) 135#
    10 toes to bar

    Crossfit Del Mar tomorrow!

  35. rich t

    FS – 185, 135, 135
    BP – 135, 155 x 3, 145

    1 mile run (tempo, not timed)

    back got tweeked after 1st front squat, rolled out and went light for the rest

  36. Patti Jeane

    FS: 105# across
    Bench: 95, 95, 100

    Thanks for the coaching Ben and Harry. Video today was a big help. Great job Annemarie and Ashley!

  37. Deb R

    FS: 75# 95# 105#
    BP: 75# 85# 90#

    1 mile run post WOD 10:04 sloooowww….

  38. Lynne Mc

    FS 105# failed on rep 5 of first set but managed all 5 in next two
    BP 80#

    1 mile run 7:33

    I used to dread weightlifting Wednesdays and I now love ’em! Thanks for the push and the laughs team !

  39. Krystle

    FS: worked up to 105# could have gone heavier
    BP: worked up to 100# could have gone a little heavier

    Cash out: 2 x 200m 53# farmers carry. Ben and I started at the same time and when I finished he was sitting outside eating his lunch… Nbd.

    • Laura c

      That’s a heavy farmers carry. More then half your body weight! Funny about Ben:)’

  40. Melinda

    FS: 135# across
    BP: 100# across

    As always, a pleasure with you C4 and Susan.

    Pre WOD: 2 m run
    Post WOD: 400m FC + HS holds

  41. Colleen (C4!)

    FS 155/ Bench 105 across
    butterfly PU and DU work after class.

    I love WLW with my big girls Susan C and Melinda! Yeah, fun, woo! Anything can happen when Heather plays that soul train soundtrack!

  42. Jared S

    FS: 205,225,235
    BP: 185,205,225,205,195,185

    Working with LJ on the platform we got a little bit of a globo gym chest workout in hence the extra sets. Solid work today LJ on the bench.

    Met Con Extra Credit: 5 sets 4ooM row with minute rest in between: 1:25,1:25,1:24,1:24, 1:22

  43. michelle

    Congratulations, Dave C! William is beautiful!

    FS: 133
    BP: 83

  44. Chrissy

    just wanted to say it is so great to be back, but man mentally was that one of the hardest things ever…. Also wanted to say that the gym looks awesome with all the changes!

  45. Kevin G

    FS: 135, 135, 145 (5 reps/round)
    BP: 135, 135, 135 (5 reps/round)

    William is beautiful. Simply, beautiful…

  46. Kathy

    FS: 135,135,145
    BP: 85 X3
    Butterfly work

  47. Sara C

    FS: 80/80/85
    BP: 85 across

    • Sara C

      Note to self for next time: BP weight was perfect, FS was too light.

  48. Tricia D

    Fs: 75, 85, 95
    Bp: 55, 65, 75

  49. Morning….Fitness Test….20 x deadhang pullups / 100 x “situps” / 3 mi run–22:16

    Evening….FS: 185×5; 205×5; 225×3 (f4) // BP: 205×5; 225×5; 235×3 (f4)….
    Not a super lifting day but glad to have it regardless…Great efforts all around w/ Tony and Christian

  50. F.S. 80# across
    Bench: 65# across
    Extra: 53# farmer carry x400meters with 10 burpees x 7.

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