Wednesday 5.15.13

A wise man once said...

A wise man once said…

Front Squat


Dave C and family made a new addition...William. Future firebreather.

Dave C and family made a new addition…William. Future firebreather.

An Update from Guro…


I hope this mail finds you all well after a beautiful mother's day!  I
wanted to share some of the latest pictures from the Guro construction
with all you guys so you can see how the project is coming along.
There have been some serious rains that have been off and on, but the
construction goes on none the less!

On another note and a little bit delayed, I truly hope you all enjoyed
your trip out to Kenya.  As we continue to try and gain support and
traction for this initiative in the CF community, it is our hope that
we will be able to continue these expeditions and continually get as
many CrossFitters on the ground in Kenya as possible.  This being
said, I hope that you are sharing your experience in Africa with all
those around you, as you all will become the spokes people for this
cause.  Thanks again for the trip and as I continue to get pics and
updates, I will continue to forward your way.



  1. LEARD

    Front Squat: 205, 215, 225# (40# PR from this time last year)
    Bench: 155, 165, 165×3 (failed)

    Great night on the platform, Doole thanks as always.

    I signed up for the Baystate Games and so can you… Test yourself, plus you get to wear a singlet!

  2. Megan B

    Front Squat 135, 155, 175×2
    Bench Press 95, 105, 110×3

    Got a little too ambitious with the front squat today. Bummer! I was sooooo close to getting the third rep, which would have been a 3-rep PR.

    I love squatting.

  3. Christian

    Front Squat: 185#, 205#, 225#(3)
    Bench : 115#, 135#, 145#

    First time benching since September.

    Great lifting with Paul and Tony!!

  4. Front Squat: 75/85/95
    Bench: 65/75/85

    Team Tall Girls at it again! Love lifting with you Cheryl and Amanda! Thanks for the squat tips – HUGE help!

    Post WOD
    OTM 7 – 3 push ups
    Farmer carry – no drops! 😀

    • Cheryl

      I will “ditto” AK…same weights same Post WOD but I did drop the kettle bells.

      LOVE lifting with team Tall Amandas!

  5. Lil Tony

    FS: 185, 205, 205
    Bench: 185, 185, 205 only got 3 on the last set

  6. Brook R

    FS: 155, 175, 185
    Bench: 185, 195, 205 – and like Lil Tony, I only got 3 on the last set

  7. Kristen P

    FS: 105, 110, 110
    BP: 80 across
    FS: 1 rep 135# (5lb pr :)))))
    1 mile loop 7:55

    Good times lifting with Marissa and Lynne, and running with the 9:30 crew!

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