Tuesday 5.14.13

A few of my 930am faves.

A few of my 930am faves.

Taste Test
60 Wall Balls
50 Pullups
40 Box Jumps (30,24)
30 DB Snatch (total, alt. arms) (45,30)

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Bode's taste test.

Bode’s taste test.


  1. Laura c

    So, we can use ANY weight WB:)! Thx mdv.. I’m sure this will be fixed:(!

  2. Heather Bergeron

    I WISH wrist creases were that cute on me :)

  3. Megan B

    Erica D update: Her team is at Camp 1 right now, the first of 4 stops on their bid to summit Everest, and will be moving to Camp 2 shortly. It sounds like they overnight at Camps 2, 3, and 4, so it’ll be a couple of days before they make their summit bid (weather permitting, of course). Per reports from her mom, she’s doing well so far. She and her dad are being smart. Will keep you all posted!

    • Sarah S.

      Thanks Megan! We’re rooting for you Erica!

    • Megan B

      More info from her mom, from 5/13/13 at around midnight Boston time:

      Erica and her Dad and others in her party are now at Camp 2 and they are all doing well. The weather is good despite the concern of the cyclone over the Bay of Bengal. The plan is to go to camp 3 tomorrow by this time (i.e. Tuesday night) and then camp 4 the next day (i.e. Wednesday night) with late night climb to the summit after…. All provided weather holds…

  4. Doole

    Hi just a heads up,

    Registration for the Bay State Games weightlifting competition is now open.
    If you are interested please let me know. More info can be found here:


    I am available to coach people for private sessions leading up to the meet and of course will coach participating athletes at the event. If you’re interested please let me know!


    • Doole

      ps. You will want to register soon. They have capped this event in the past.


    • Megan B

      This is REALLY fun! Potsy, Big Mike, and I all lifted in this meet last year. It’s a great place to learn how to lift in an Oly meet. Plus singlets! Hooray for singlets! (Okay, not really. I wore mine to CFNE a few times before the meet just to get used to being in it. It was .0001% less horrifying that way.) But yeah, if you’ve wanted to compete, this is an awesome place to start. Plus, I think I’m going to do it, even though my lifts are way off of last year. Thanks a LOT, tree/shoulder/wrist.

  5. Doug Eisenstein

    11:14 (around that)
    Rx weights and movements but messed up alternating hands 1×1 for DB snatch, I did 5 on each hand.

  6. Andrew Ho

    Taste Test: 13:23 Rx

    First time I’ve ever taped my hands and it worked. Thanks, Chad.

    Off the wall balls in 2:10…which means once again spent a huge majority of my time navigating pull-ups. Baby steps to improvement…like baby baby.

    • laura c

      ill do your pull ups if u do my wall balls??

    • Chad M

      Glad it helped. That’s why I tape any time I touch the barbell, pull up rig or KB. I don’t think patients would like me touching their body with bloodied hands.

  7. Chad M

    Taste Test. 11.05Rx DB Snatch wasn’t bad, who would’ve thunk it??

  8. Andy M

    Taste Test – 13:46 Rx Lost count on wall balls so not sure if did 60 or 50, but think I did them all.

  9. Tricia D

    Taste Test: 13:54 (10#,sm green band, 20″,20#)

    WBs were not to blue every time. Need to go back to practicing these.

    • Michelene

      Great job! I hear ya on the wall balls. I asked to be in the 3rd heat because I was worried they would take me longer than 4 minutes!!

  10. Scott W

    Taste Test: 14:54 20# WB, 30DB. I swear the box got taller as time went on.

    • Andy M.

      Or you got shorter bending over to keep your lungs in your chest.

  11. Larry


  12. Amy B

    12:40 Rxish I repeated some wall balls but sure some others weren’t quite regulation height. So I don’t deserve a true RX.

    Felt real good on the Snatches, slow and steady through box jumps and pull ups. Pooey on you wall balls.

    • Megan B

      Did any hit you in the face? That, to me, is always the true barometer of a challenging wall-ball day.

  13. Colleen (OC)

    Taste Test: 14:09 with a 10# wall ball and a 15# DB.

    Just under 4 minutes to finish the wall balls, ugh. And yes, I did do the pull ups, despite tearing my hands last week. They healed nice and quick. Snatches were probably too light, but my back and my hamstrings thank me for that today. Wasn’t going to get out of bed today. Glad I did!

  14. Sarah S

    Taste Test: 12:10 Rx. First half of wb felt okay, slowed way down after that. I liked the dumb bell snatches!

  15. Sarah S

    Taste Test: 12:10 Rx. First half of wb felt okay, slowed way down after that. I liked the dumb bell snatches!

    Got to watch a few minutes of our competitors doing burpees/mu. They looked so strong and can’t wait to cheer them on this weekend!

  16. dennis

    taste test – 13:40 with 40DB

  17. Big Mike

    Taste Test: 11:07 Rx
    Might be a new favorite WOD. Lots or reps but you can keep moving. Not sure I’d survive this in 100 rep rounds though!

    Instructions for the rest of the week:

    Wednesday: start with cough and sniffles
    Thursday: forget to brush your hair and teeth
    Friday: call in sick, then get to Canton to watch our teams and individuals at Northeast Regional. Need the Red Sea to give them all home court advantage!!!

  18. Michelene

    Taste Test: 13:23 with lots of scaling – 10#WB,sm band PUs, 20″box & 20#DB

    Bringing the whole family to the games this Saturday, my belated mother’s day present:) Go CFNE!!!

  19. Chris M.

    Taste Test – 9:19 Rx’d

    … need to work on building some pull-up volume … feel like I’m breaking these up too much lately …

  20. Katrina

    Taste Test 15:53 or 23…I forget….oopps.. RX
    ran 1 loop of the 5k

  21. Rick W

    Taste Test – 11:07 Rx
    400’s 6X on the 3 minutes – each round was at 1:31 (wierd).

  22. Day off today and a treat to join the 8:30’s :) Thanks Ben and Harry!

    6#, JP, SU, 15#

  23. Craig B.

    Taste test: 8:52 rx

  24. Wendy P

    Taste test: 13:16. 10#WB, 20 pull ups, 24″BJ, first 15 db snatch at 15# ( too light) switched to 25# for the last 15

  25. Rachel E

    Taste Test: 15:31 (Rx except WBs were between 9′ and 10′ line)

    DB snatches are a new fave but pullups became singles WAY early. I don’t know where they’ve gone but I’ve declared May to be Pullup Practice Month to find them. Practice buddies welcome!

    • laura c

      me too…they seem to be getting worse??

      • Ashley R

        funny you say that because I seem to tire quickly too. We’ll see how they go today when I go at noon!

  26. John S.

    Taste Test: 16:15 (12#,20″,20#)

  27. Andy L

    Taste Test: 15:53 (first 15 DB snatches were 40#, next 15 were 45#… almost Rx)

    Blerg. I really liked this wod – but need to pick up the pace on the pullups and boxjumps. Got some sets of 4-5 DU’s before class. Progress.

  28. TT: 13:53 9′, 24″, 40#

  29. michelle

    TT: 12:11 only 43 pull ups-hand circulation thing. rest rx. I like chippers.

  30. Annmarie

    Taste Test: 11:09 10#WB, 20 pull ups, 20″ box jumps, 20# DB snatches

  31. laura c

    taste test: 14:44 10# WB, 25# DB – rest rx
    Not sure why I lost my pu early – maybe the wb have something to do with it. So, I have resigned myself to go lighter and lower and the WB and get the stimulus and string a bunch together – I am less frustrated this way – I will soon move up the weight and then the height.

    24 inch BOX JUMPS felt really good to me…strange

    I like chippers too! Def my fav type of WODS and the DB snatches got easier once harry and ben helped with form = liked them!

    • denise sullivan

      maybe i should try that w a 10 or 12 # ball….is it working?

      • Laura c

        I feel more satisfied with it. It won’t help me during opens or competitions when I need to do rx but my form is way better and my back hurts better… And ego a bit better:)!

  32. John G

    Taste Test – 11:11 rx

  33. marissa

    taste test: 14:55 Rx

    my pull ups are SO slow… but i love this wod!

    pre-work out: 1 mile run (thanks jen!)

    great day at CFNE!

  34. Love the super moms/ladies (oh, and Will) at the 8:30am class. What a bunch of hard-working, bad-asses. Need to get to that class more.

  35. Deb R

    Taste Test: 12:13 10#WB, KB in lieu of PU’s (ripped hands), 24″step up/jump down, 25# DBS (I liked these). Didn’t do one movement RX, but I had a blast!

  36. denise sullivan

    wb 8# (should have gone 10# even though one of the last to finish, however held strict 10′ standard)
    pu’s rx
    24″ bj’s rx
    15# dumb bell (should have added wt)

  37. Jamie

    Tank Top Tuesday Taste Test ?

  38. Kristin R

    Taste Test: 15:08 (i think?). 10# WB, step ups and 20# DB. Should have gone heavier on the DB – those were not as bad as I expected!

    • Tricia D

      Great job! You can totally get on that box, just a matter of doing it and not thinking about the potential of not making it.(i know, easier said than done, but you’ve def got it!)

      • Michelene

        Great job today guys! Kristin – I’m so impressed with your Rx pull ups. I tried a couple for warm up and could barely do one. Ugh. One of these days!

      • Kristin R

        Thanks, Tricia – did a couple on a stone wall in our backyard after the workout today. Not Rx, but baby steps!

  39. Taste Test: 16# WB, 24″ Box, 35# DB

  40. Susan Stein

    Taste Test: 14:51 (8# ball, skinny green band pull ups, 20″ box, 20# dumb bell)

    Scaled everything. Should have used 10# ball and my pull ups were so slloooww, but it was oddly still very satisfying. Good day 9:30!

  41. Rich P

    Run 3.5 miles (not timed)
    2×10 pushups (planned for more, shoulder didn’t feel right)

    Still battling schedule, but sneaking in what I can when I can. Miss seeing you guys more often.

  42. They have announced the WODs for the Ocean State Throwdown on June 8. If you are 40+ and are interested, it looks like registration is still open at the Ocean State Crossfit website. If anyone wants to get together to practice these, please post here or email me at jerry_fireman@strucinfo.com.


    WOD 1:

    7 Min AMRAP

    750m Row then:
    10 Burpee Lateral Hops (over Rower)
    10 Power Clean (95/65; age 60+ 65/45)
    10 Front Squat (95/65; age 60+ 65/45)

    1 Min Rest, then…

    WOD 2

    2 Min Max Rep Squat Clean Thrusters (age 60+ – Ground to Overhead Anyway)
    Score will be # of Reps x Weight Used

    WOD 3

    10 Min AMRAP (75/45)

    300M Run
    5 Snatch Grip Deadlift
    5 Hang Power Snatch

    300M Run
    10 Snatch Grip Deadlift
    10 Hang Power Snatch

    300M Run
    15 Snatch Grip Deadlift
    15 Hang Power Snatch

    300M Run
    20 Snatch Grip Deadlift
    20 Hang Power Snatch

    Continue on same scheme, increasing reps by 5 until time expires
    Completed 300m Run = 10 Reps

    1 Min Rest, then….

    WOD 4

    2 Min AMRAP (75/45)
    1, 1; 2, 2; 3, 3….

    Shoulder to Overhead
    Sumo Deadlift High Pull


    For Time

    KB Farmer’s Carry (70 each hand/53 each hand)

    Plate Move (3 x 45lb; 3 x 25lb);

    KB Farmer’s Carry (70 each hand/53 each hand)

    Plate Move (3 x 45lb; 3 x 25lb);

    Distance is ~50 Ft each way

    • Omg, I could so do these. I am going to be away that week end.

      • As will I (be away). 5 minutes from my mother’s house too. Bummer!

  43. Ali G

    Taste Test: 13:46 RX

    • corey

      you are seriously crushing it as of late my friend. very impressive, and inspiring :-)

  44. Patti Jeane

    Taste test – 12:12 with 14/10 (half with each weight) wall balls., 20 pull ups, 40 20″ step ups and 30 lb barbell for the snatches

  45. Sammy B.

    Taste Test – 14:28 scaled

    AKA Sammy B’s GOAT WoD :( . I dreaded doing this in the barn, even scaled. But I did it. Hard to have a chipper where 3 of the 4 movements are goats.

    Determined to keep posting so I keep myself honest AND keep track of CFNE goings on. I miss you guys!

  46. Taste Test: 9:38
    24′ step ups for box jumps

  47. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Taste Test: 15:22 not RX

  48. Taste Test: 9:57 Rx

  49. Ashley R

    Taste Test: with the “Nooners” 12:00 RX

  50. Colleen (C4!)

    Taste Test 11:11 Rx
    I <3 this WOD!


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