Monday 5.13.13

Way to get better at double unders...Practice double unders.

Way to get better at double unders…Practice double unders.

2 Rope Climbs
4 Squat Cleans (185, 135)

Teams of 3.

Post Score to Comments.

Rope climbs take both practice and need strength and skill to perform these. Work both strength and skill.

Rope climbs take both practice & training…you need strength and skill to perform. Work both strength and skill.

Coaches Corner…with Coach Kevin

It’s Elementary…

It’s elementary my dear Watson, or should I say elemental my dear CFNE’ers! Interestingly enough the oft-quoted catchphrase is never actually uttered by Holmes in any of the sixty Holmes stories written by Conan Doyle. Not that it matters because we are going to be talking about Elements here. Not that stuff you learned about in chem class, but the foundational CrossFit stuff you learned in preparation to take classes at CFNE.

Whether you just got out of Elements, are in Elements, or Elements was something that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, it is still valuable information. Plus upon review, if you choose to, there might be a few things that were forgotten, which is easy enough to do when you are focusing on learning a few dozen movements, haha.

So without further ado let’s take a waltz down memory lane. Here is a quick 7 page PDF cheat sheet highlighting all the valuable information you should know, study, and commit to memory!   Enjoy!!

Elements Cheat Sheet

All the best,

Coach Kev 😀

P.S. You may or may not be quizzed on this stuff in class 😉


  1. Doole

    Oh my god. Yes. I love this WOD as much as any person can love a WOD. Who’s gunna knock this out with me in the 5:30?!!?!!

  2. LEARD

    If you’re talking a fine evening of climbing ropes and squat cleaning, I’ll see you there.

  3. Ben Bergeron

    Kev – great review of the info covered in Elements. Well done.

    • Agreed. This is a terrific recap of many of the key elements in CF.

      Sure could have used these notes as a study guide for the Level 1 too!

      Thanks Kevin.

    • Wow Kevin! Great work!

    • michelle

      This is so great, Kevin- thank you.

    • dennis

      Yes, thanks Kev – very helpful to have this as a reminder!

  4. sarahw

    Hearts of Palm (a tribute to Spice Night)

    Between pull ups numbers 102 and 119
    Two heart-shape tears formed; thanks, Eugene
    I might not WOD for at least a week
    Because he is such a CrossFit geek

    At least Kevin reminded me there are other things I need to work on if I can’t do the rope climb…great study guide, Kevin.

    • Eugene

      Hahahaha. Ok, I need a few day to respond. Probably about having you swipe my seat in musical med balls….

  5. Andrew Ho

    Team Andrew Ho, The Totally Real Doug B, and Amanda Rope-a-D: 12 rounds Rx


  6. Doole

    Wow! really awesome elements article Kevin!

  7. Amy B

    I overslept!!

    So, took the dogs out for an “interval” 5k. Our intervals included:
    – Animals – had to chase a cat and a rabbit, plus increase in speed when squirrels or birds were spotted.
    – Telephone poles – a few abrupt stops when the dog forgot which side of the pole to run on. BOTH managed to pull this off today when they are usually really good about it. Must have been our blazing fast pace.
    – Potty breaks – for the dogs – and yes I pick up.
    Interesting morning.

  8. Andy M

    Thomas, Braatz, Andy: 14+3 (Thomas and Braatz 155#squat cleans, Andy 135#squat cleans)

    Great working with both you guys this morning, lot of fun.

    • Braatz

      Thomas provided the blood, Andy provided the sweat and I provided the tears. Great team work!

  9. Dan T

    Team Eddie/Doug/Dan 11+1

    Thanks for the re-fresh here Kev – can’t be exposed to these fundamentals enough.

    • Dan T

      Great working w/ Eddie and Doug today!

    • Eddie

      That was fun guys. Next time I’ll wear shoes that can handle the rope (my shoes lost part of their sole today).

  10. Big Mike

    Team Krissy, Katie, John S. and moi (14 rounds)
    165# squat clean for me

    All I know is I beat Sarah up the rope on rep 1. Fast twitch muscles be damned.
    John bled for the team today.

    • sarah wilson

      See above poetry tribute. Explains any discrepancy between our climbs.

  11. sarah wilson

    Mike, Bob R, Sarah W- 14+2
    135# guys/105# then mid-wod strip down to 85# because I couldn’t handle the pressure. Nice work, guys.

  12. Greg D/Hugene/Alison

    Rope-a-Dope: 15+2 (135#/90# / Rx rope climbs/1/2 rope climbs)

    My boy Hugene wanted to go big on the squat cleans but I couldn’t hang. Great work today Eugene and Alison!

  13. Mom WOD kind of, at home. 1200/800/400 m run on hilly driveway, with 40 GHD, 40 T2B, 80 ab mat situps. Not sure on time (bug in eye situation on round 1).

  14. laura c

    team laura c, patti, denise: 85# sq cleans – rope climbs for denise and laura and ring rows for PJ. 11 rds

    nice job ladies! Not sure how I still get rope burns through pants and tape – death grip by J technique!

    1 mile post wod
    a little DU practice but mainly watched ashley F kill it in the back room!!! You go girl!

    • Denise

      Sorry I’m replying so late. Loved team wod. Almost crushed Kristen (no pun). Laura and patti, great mates. Very fun.

  15. Ashley R

    Kathy L, Annmarie,Kristin and I : Team of 4!!
    95# and rope climbs for some but pull ups for me. 12 rounds even

  16. First time doing a rope climb.

    I love rope climbs….who knew?!

  17. Melinda

    Team Sara, Rachel, me: 13 rds

    Bad news: stripped bar to 125# (from 135#) in approx Rd 2/3 (sorry Sara, I needed it). Good news: first rope climbs.

    + run 1.5 m + DU workshop with nooners

  18. Jared S

    Rope-a-Dope: (LJ,Connor,Jared) 15+3 rx and 225lbs

    Satan’s Magical 2 Minute Tricycle Tour: 2 Min airdyne(sp?) test 54 calories should call this thing the sneaky bastard for what it does to your legs 10 minutes afterwards.

    Great job today LJ and Connor

    • Jonathan

      WOW! That 54 puts you high up in the “elite” category! Oh, and 225# squat cleans is no joke either! You are a machine!

      • Jared S

        225# was all connor. Kid is half the age of LJ and I which is why we hazed him the whole time and made him do burpees after each clean…just because we could.

    • Good times today! Can’t wait to hop back on that Airdyne again later on in the week!

  19. Hey CFNE – Games tickets went on sale this morning and the Gold tickets already sold out. Silvers are still available, but might not be much longer. Gitty up if you plan to go to Carson in July.


  20. Rob C

    Rope a Dope: Jan, Karen and me. 10 rounds, Jan climbed each time, I climbed 3.5 times, Karen did pull-ups as did I in later rounds. 85# squat cleans. 75# for Jan and Karen. Great teammates! Fun day today!!!

  21. Rope-a-Dope with Deb R. and Susan Stein: 9 rounds with 95# squat cleans and Deb doing ring rows. Fun working out with you today ladies – nice work!

  22. Brian L

    Big Bri/Pete S./Brian L.- 13+1 RX

  23. Sara C

    Teamed with Molly and Krystle. K & I used a 90# bar, Molly rocked the 80#. Some partial rope climbs from me and Molly! 7 rounds plus 1.

  24. Maureen B.

    Rope-a-Dope: Team Aimee/Maureen/Liz 9+5 85#… class and warm up with Max and Geoff!

  25. Kristin B.

    Rope-a-dope: 7 or 8 rounds at 125# with 10 pullups per rope climb for Nikki and me and partial rope climbs for Jen.

    • Jen W

      That was fun – good job ladies!

      3/4 rope climbs for me – and I feel like it was 8+1.

  26. Rope-a-dope with Jamie and Matt, 11 rounds oh yeah

  27. Megan B

    Teamed up with Jen and Laura – we got 12 or 13 rounds plus 1 rope climb. 65#/125# cleans and mostly 3/4-full rope climbs for all of three of us. Wicked fun!

    • Matty Noits

      Sorry to miss the Paleo BBQ…Hope you guys had fun..

  28. LEARD

    Rope a Dope with Mike, Scott and myself 8+1 Rx’d. Team WODs are always a blast. Strong work tonight guys way to fight through it.

  29. Dan C.

    17 + 1: W/ Doole & Garv

  30. Troopie(sp?)/Sharon/Erkin

    10-ish rounds: 65# and sub 10 GBPUs/5 ring raises/5 jumping PUs for each rope climb.

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