Sunday 5.12.13

CFNE strong.

CFNE strong.

A Mother of a WOD
1000m Run
800m Run
40 T2B
400m Run
60 Situps

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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Sara C

    Omg, an abs workout…too funny for all the moms. Sorry I have to miss!

  2. At least there’s no jumping involved. ;)

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Joe D

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    Did not have time to WOD today but on my way home from work I decided to run the mile loop.
    Totally worth it…I did it in best time ever..huge PR!!!

    Great Day!!!

  4. Rob C

    Bravo Joe!

  5. Patrick

    5 rnds

    20 push ups
    10 strict pull ups
    25 sit ups


    • Great job Joe and Patrick. Both getting closer to distant goals with hard work and patience

    • Sarah S

      Great job, you’ll be back in no time!

      • Patrick

        Thanks guys. I’m hoping to get the boot off and be able to drive in a few weeks, which will mean being able to start coming to cfne.

  6. Rob C

    Happy Mother’s Day! Tabata trio this AM. 12,6,12 Ring rows, knee push-ups, sit-ups. Too ambitious going out on PU’s…

  7. Jen W

    Mother WOD: 22:47 (T2B attempts – close but just under the bar most times)

  8. way to go, Joe!!

  9. Tricia D

    Mother of a WOD: 19:34 (knee raises). Started ttb and failed miserably. Need to start practicing those!! Regardless, a great way to start mother’s day.

    Happy mother’s day to all of you mothers out there!

    • yup—practice. Do 5 every day and you will see how quick they come:-)

      • Michelene

        Thanks for the T2B practice tips – start practicing on new pull up bar at home is my goal for this week!!

  10. 19:01 I lost count at some point with my TTB, may have shorted a few.

  11. Mother’s WOD: 21:18 RX slowed up at T2B but proud that I got them all.
    Running is improving….
    Happy Mother’s Day to all my lady mom friends:-)

  12. Mike R

    Mother of a WOD: 16:10 Rx

  13. Ali G

    Mothers WOD: 15:50 RX
    Happy M’s Day to all the fit, beautiful, crossfit moms out there

  14. Laura c

    “I don’t want to go”… “It’s my rest day”… “It’s Mother’s Day”. “Ok, I’ll go stretch and maybe run a mile like joe”

    That was my self talk today. Next thing I knew I was running a 400 passing a med ball getting hit in the face (only once)

    Mother of a wod (slow and steady) 20:16 rx

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  15. Mother of a wod: 16:59 rx
    Happy Mothers day!!

  16. Tricia D

    Mother of a WOD: 14:54


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  17. Happy Mother’s Day, ladies…your families are blessed to have you!

  18. Kristin R

    Mother of a WOD: 20:48 with TTB attempts. First time doing GHB sit-ups in a workout. Got a few RX TTB but definitely need to practice those to try to string them together. Good way to start the day, though! Happy Mother’s Day, mamas…

  19. Mother: 26:00

    Lost my T2B after the first 20. :)

    Great to see everyone today! Thanks, Kim, for the advice re: my knee!

  20. Big Bri

    MomWOD: 16:18 Rx’d

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  21. Wishing all the CFNE Mom’s a very special day! Mom’s are awesome!

    MammaMia: 16:58 Subbed back ext for GHD sit ups, struggled through T2B and ended with 6#Wall ball squats.

    Grateful for Greg on the run – fun to pace each other. I wish I could have kept up with you on the T2B to run the last 400 full steam!

    432 ab mat sit ups yesterday – (subbed sit ups for HSPU for my shoulder then homework with Toni…) Wasn’t really thinking. Surprisingly not that sore…yet…waiting for the DOMS to set in… ;-D Glad I mixed it up a bit.

    Way to go 10am!

  22. Sarah S

    Mother of a WOD: 17:13 Rx. Thank you for the push Lori!

    Happy Mother’s Day all!

  23. michelle

    Mom Wod: 16:41 rx
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  24. Sonia

    Mother: 22:28. GHDSU not all the way back. 20 TTB thdn switched to knee raises or I will still be there. What a better Mother’s Day present than be woding at CFNE!
    See you all in Canton!

  25. dylan r

    Couldn’t make it in this morning so made up my own:
    25 DU
    50 Pushups
    25 DU
    75 Air Squats
    25 DU
    100 Situps
    25 DU


  26. Michelene

    Mother of a WOD: 18:50 Started T2B but after about 7 it was knees as high as I could get them. Happy Mother’s Day to all the smokin’ CFNE moms!!!!

  27. Liz M

    Mother of a WOD: 20:54 Rx

    I got to CFNE for the 8am class, but little did I know…there isn’t an 8am class!

    Thanks Doole for WODing with me!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  28. Mother of a WOD: 16:50 but with med balls instead of ghdsu

  29. Katrina

    Mother of a wod: 21:26rx

  30. sorry to have missed this one. yesterday bode 55#, rx hspu 18:57, today 4 miler, 100 weighted sit ups 35#. happy mother’s day to everyone!

  31. jared s

    Mother: 15:05 rx
    Happy mother’s day!

  32. Chris M.

    Happy Mother’s Day.
    15:28 Rx’d


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