Saturday 5.11.13

The little beast is cooking...

The little beast is cooking…

One of his first breaths...

One of his first breaths…


The strongest 6 week old baby ever...

The strongest 6 week old baby ever…

12 Rounds
11 Power Snatch (95,65)

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My mains man.

My mains man.

From the desk of Heather & Ben…

Think about it.  This kid was born exactly one year ago today, and from his very first breath of air he has been a part of our little CrossFit New England family.  Talk about starting off with an advantage over the other kids.

Just think about the lifestyle he’s grown up in.

He has been almost 100% Paleo his entire life (his grandmother snuck him a rice cake behind our backs).

Bode’s favorite Pandora stations consist of Michael Jackson, 80s Cardio, Ladies Night, Missy Elliot, Salt-N-Pepa, James Brown, Toby Keith, Young MC, and Beastie Boys.

His “toys” are barbells, resistance bands attached to pull-up rigs, a walker loaded up to his body weight, and a push-car that gets launched 50 measured meters at a time traveling over any leftover equipment on the training floor.

All of his babysitters are hot babes with over-body weight snatches and wear nothing but sports bras and booty shorts.  His best bros are dudes with 3% body fat, can do 50+ unbroken pull-ups, deadlift over 500 pounds, and have tattoos covering every inch of their skin.

It’s all preeeetty close to what’s going down with every other infant in America, but just a little bit more intensified.

The best part, by far, though is that he is loved and adored by almost five HUNDRED people that gather in one little place and work hard, eat clean, support one another, talk about how to be better people, leave no one behind, and welcome diversity on an endless number of levels.  You just can’t find that in any single house, neighborhood, play group,  school, or even place of worship.

CrossFit New England is just not like any other CrossFit in the world.  It’s better.  It’s the best.  It’s the number one place we want our family to be exposed to on a daily basis.  We love you guys, we thank you so much for sharing Bode’s first year of life with us, and could not be more grateful that our members love that little guy like he was your own.


  1. Jamie

    ok guess im doing the Bode at 10 am !
    Happy Birthday lil Dude !!

    • Ken K

      Happy 1st year Bode! And congrats to Ben and Heather…beautiful baby and beautiful community!

  2. Ashley r

    Hard to believe Bode is a year already. So fun watching him growing up at crossfit. He is such a good little guy too- never hear a peep ! Looking forward to watching him do his first Wod someday! Happy birthday from the Ranaldi’s.

  3. Susan Stein

    Happy Birthday Bode!!!

  4. Atta boy Bode…Happy Birthday little man!

    What an awesome family to be part of.

  5. Happy Birthday cute Bode!

  6. Krystle


  7. Tricia D

    LOVE everything about this post – the pictures are so beautiful!!! It’s truly incredible how much they grow and learn in one year. Happy birthday, Bode!!!!

  8. Is there an infant division at regionals?
    Happy bday from the Rocketts

  9. denise sullivan

    way cool….bode is da man

  10. Chris M.

    Happy Birthday Bode. Great post.

  11. Joe D

    Happy Birthday little man!!’

  12. Big Mike

    Happy Birthday Bode. Got cake?

  13. Deb R

    There are a ton of things I like about CFNE, but you are by far my favorite! Happy Birthday Bode!

  14. ECizzle

    “That’s Bode. They call him the Bodesattva.”

    Heather, the fact that you haven’t seen Point Break is criminal.

    Bodes – big day! Live it up.

    • ECizzle

      “Look at it, Johnny. Look at it! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, man. Just let me go out there, let me get one wave before you take me. One wave. I mean where am I gonna go, man?” — Bod[e]

    • ECizzle

      “See, fear, causes hesitation. And hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true. So it’s simple: You project strength to avoid conflict.” — Bod[e]

    • ECizzle

      “I! AM AN F. B. I. AGENT!” — Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves)

      “I know, isn’t wild!?!” — Bod[e]

      • Wow, you really got into it there, didn’t you? Ha! Not that I ever could anyway but I would never be able to take that guy seriously after that line.

    • ECizzle

      Ok, that’s enough. :)

  15. Happy birthday, Bode!!

    And (early) Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas!

  16. Happiest of happy birthdays Bode B!!

  17. Amen!!

  18. Yeah for Bode!

  19. CFNE was my happy place BUT Bode made it my happier place!
    Happy Birthday Bode!!!!!

    • michelle

      Agreed, Karen! Seeing that cute little face makes CFNE even happier- Happy Birthday, Bode!

  20. Katrina

    We love Bode. Happy 1st birthday!

  21. Heather O

    Such a beautiful post and an even more beautiful boy! :) Happy Birthday little cutie pie Bode! :) Enjoy the first of so many more birthdays to come Ben and Heather!

  22. Lisa H

    Happy Birthday Bode! He is the coolest little guy!

  23. Christian

    Happy Birthday, Bode!!

  24. Alison

    Bode is one lucky little guy. Happy birthday!

  25. Cindy

    Yay Bode! Catching a peek of his cuteness is the real reason i come to CFNE! Happy Bday!!!

  26. Andy M.

    Happy Bday Bode!

  27. Happy birthday Bode! You are one lucky kid!

  28. Melinda

    Happy birthday lucky little man… And you are the cutest on top of all that!

  29. Shannon Dre

    Bode is the cutest!!! Happy Birthday!

    My first experience at CrossFit was when Ali was showing me around the gym and we walked by a baby sleeping soundly by the door. Me: “wait.. a baby?!”. Ali: “yea its Heathers….shes the owner” and points to Heather as she walks by with her badass self. My brain couldn’t comprehend how a baby just came out of her body when my I hadn’t even felt a stomach muscle since my 2nd child. And my kids are 4 and 6.

    Thanks Heather and Ali for being an inspiration to me everyday. You guys rock.

  30. Tricia D

    Bode: 20:34 (35, box HSPU 2 mats)

    Went too light and should have done one mat so did a mile run with my loves post WOD.

  31. Andy L

    Bode: 30:00 9rds+5 (75#, 1 abmat)

    Thanks Max for the coaching on kipping HSPU and snatch form mid-wod, it really helped. Got some of my first kips and I’m looking forward to losing the last abmat. Happy Birthday Bode!

  32. Big Mike

    Bode: 26:32. HSPU’s from a box…..sad

  33. Katie C.

    Bode: 28:45 (possibly 28:20 but can’t remember…old age is kicking in). #55, 2 abmats

    HBD to Bode!

  34. Mike R.

    Happy birthday, Bode!

    Bode: 10+14 (75#) – 30 min time cap

  35. Susan S.

    Happy Birthday Bode!! Love you!!

  36. Heather V

    Happy Birthday Bode!!!

    Bode: DNF but big improvement over last year. Got thru 10 rds at 30:58, but I will say my last rd of HSPU’s were not great, prob one of the 5 were legit. All other rds for HSPU’s were good though.

  37. Braatz

    Bode: 10 + 5 Rx (30 min cap)

    Happy 1st Birthday Little Man!

  38. Dan T

    Bode: 29:47 95#, and 2 abmats (I put RX on whiteboard but forgot about the abmats) Glad to complete this south of 30. Grat 0700 Max!

    Happy Birthday Bode!

    “So be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bode Bergeron…you’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!”

    Get after it Bode and have a blast-life is what you make it bud.

  39. Bode: 23:48 with 55# and box HSPU. This was 2 minutes slower and 20# heavier than last year.

  40. Happy birthday bode

  41. 3×5 Front Squats 225
    3×3 OHS 155,160,160
    Bode Boy: 25:10

    Happy B-Day Bode Boy!

  42. Matty Noits

    Happy Birthday Bode. Thanks for sharing your birthday thoughts with Team CFNE.

    Bode is a lucky little guy for all the reasons you stated. He is also lucky to have the richest social life of anyone under 20! Think about it, this little guy is going to have a firm handshake, great eye contact and a real sense of self, hubris and community.

    I am in London still, and missed out on Bode since I was WODing at 5:00am CFNE time. I did however get to do a crushing workout, a 1 mile run and extra credit Sit-ups and Push ups for Team Geoff (go 5:30)…

    Warm Up:

    600m run
    3×5 wall squats
    3×10 air squats
    3×10 Goblet Squats (Kettle bells)
    3×10 Man-woman-Makers (Kettle bell pushup-right arm row-kettle bell pushup-left arm row-Stand for kettle bell press=one rep)

    WOD = Kelly – Did it in 29:29
    5 Rounds for time with a 30 minute cap
    400m run
    30 box jumps (24inch)
    30 Wall Balls (6 kilos)

    60 pushups
    100 situps

  43. marissa

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BODE!!! i hope all of your dreams come true.

    bode: 22:16 (55#, 2 ab mats) probably should have done 65#…..

  44. Laura c

    BODE: 28:26 (or 27:26… Ugh) 45# and rx hspu

    Last year did 35#
    And only 6 rds with rx hspu then went to 1 a mat and got cut off at 25 min with 11 1/2 rds. So I PR’ed BODE!

    Happy birthday little man:)!

  45. Lynne Mc

    Happy birthday wee guy!

    Couldn’t do Bode due to ripped hands. OTM DU practice and sit ups for 10 mins then OTM DU and 20 air squats for 10 min.

  46. Bode 27:13
    Six rounds at 1 abmat and 55#. Six rounds at Rx.

    Love the post, heather and Ben. I feel as fortunate as Bode, a little bit “reborn” and deep in the forceful current of positive lifestyle changes that keep me buoyed up. THANK YOU!

  47. Lil Tony

    Bode: 27:29

  48. Wendy P

    Happy Birthday Bode!!!!!

    Bode: 17:35. 35#, box hspu( not enough room on the wall)…. Definitely should have gone heavier but I am super sore from yesterday and 132 snatches were intimidating. Hot and muggy in the box- summer is a comin’…. Yea!

  49. Sarah S

    Happy birthday to one of the coolest wee men out there!!

    Bode: 29:08 at 55# and 2 ab mats. DU practice pre and post, got up to 9 consecutive both times. Progress!!

  50. Colleen (OC)

    Bode: 22:35 (I think… mush brain forgot…)

    I did 5 dumbbell push ups (thanks for the suggestion Heather!) and did 35# snatches. I now have a NEW open wound on my right thumb thanks to the snatches. That makes 5 for my hands!

    Every part of my body hurts today. Probably not quite as much as Heather’s did a year ago. Happy birthday Bode!!!


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