Saturday 5.11.13

The little beast is cooking...

The little beast is cooking…

One of his first breaths...

One of his first breaths…


The strongest 6 week old baby ever...

The strongest 6 week old baby ever…

12 Rounds
11 Power Snatch (95,65)

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My mains man.

My mains man.

From the desk of Heather & Ben…

Think about it.  This kid was born exactly one year ago today, and from his very first breath of air he has been a part of our little CrossFit New England family.  Talk about starting off with an advantage over the other kids.

Just think about the lifestyle he’s grown up in.

He has been almost 100% Paleo his entire life (his grandmother snuck him a rice cake behind our backs).

Bode’s favorite Pandora stations consist of Michael Jackson, 80s Cardio, Ladies Night, Missy Elliot, Salt-N-Pepa, James Brown, Toby Keith, Young MC, and Beastie Boys.

His “toys” are barbells, resistance bands attached to pull-up rigs, a walker loaded up to his body weight, and a push-car that gets launched 50 measured meters at a time traveling over any leftover equipment on the training floor.

All of his babysitters are hot babes with over-body weight snatches and wear nothing but sports bras and booty shorts.  His best bros are dudes with 3% body fat, can do 50+ unbroken pull-ups, deadlift over 500 pounds, and have tattoos covering every inch of their skin.

It’s all preeeetty close to what’s going down with every other infant in America, but just a little bit more intensified.

The best part, by far, though is that he is loved and adored by almost five HUNDRED people that gather in one little place and work hard, eat clean, support one another, talk about how to be better people, leave no one behind, and welcome diversity on an endless number of levels.  You just can’t find that in any single house, neighborhood, play group,  school, or even place of worship.

CrossFit New England is just not like any other CrossFit in the world.  It’s better.  It’s the best.  It’s the number one place we want our family to be exposed to on a daily basis.  We love you guys, we thank you so much for sharing Bode’s first year of life with us, and could not be more grateful that our members love that little guy like he was your own.


  1. Christian

    25 min DU work
    3x1000m row (slow, not for time)
    2x400m run
    Bode (12 rft: 5 Cals on air dyne, 11 power cleans 95#) – 15:08
    Shoulder mobility
    5×50 Cals on the airdyne (90 sec rest between rounds) – 21:01/6.06 miles)
    2x400m run

    I’m wired today. Could do this all again! Great WOD, wish I could’ve rx’d but I really love the mod Max gave me. And again — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BODE!!!!!

  2. dylan r

    Bode: 9rnds (75#, 1abmat+10 lb plate)

    Happy Birthday little dude!

  3. Bode: 29:40 Rx

    As I walked out of of CFNE today I told Ben this was my best week, and today might have been my best day so far. Up until the Open I had not attempted a Snatch. Today I banged out 132. Up until March I hadn’t attempted a HSPU, today I banged out 60 unbroken till the last set.

    During every rep I could hear a coach in my head helping me. Rachel and Ashley were there helping me with Snatch set up and form. MDV and Kevin reminding me to use my hips. Harry coaching me on kipping my HSPU. And Ben keeping me mentally tough. How could I not win with these guys in my corner.

    With 2 mins left I had one round to go. It was going to be close. Andy, Connor, Laura, and Cindy came over and rooted me across the finish line. There was never a doubt I was going to finish this WOD with all that support.

    Pretty excited with the recent mental and physical breakthrough. Thanks to all that have helped me along the way.

  4. Corey

    Bode: 29:37
    55# was the right call, thanks Harry
    HSPUs all rx and almost all sets unbroken

    Happy birthday you little nugget!!

  5. Katrina

    Bode 31:26 RX

  6. Bode: 28:50 RX
    Great work at the 9:00 class. Great energy today, great WOD!

  7. Ali G

    Bode: 29:16 RX

    Happy Birthday Bode!!

  8. Sonia

    Bode: 22:33 with 50# and bench inverted push ups from bench. Singing Happy Birthday to Bode and seen his excitement on his face was priceless!!

  9. Happy birthday sweet boy! Wow, one year already. Feels like yesterday I watched heather look cool and totally collected on the rower to later hear that she was having contractions!

    Bode: 26:53 Rx
    Last year Bode: 22:56 with one abmat + 10 # plate and I didn’t have weight noted, but I’d guess 55#.

  10. Ashley R

    Bode: hit the 35 minute cap with 11 rounds plus 3 hspu. 55# and kip hspu. That was tough! I guess I could have just finished the round but I pretty much crumpled to the floor on my last attempt at a hspu so I knew I was done.

  11. Brook R

    Bode: Hit the 30 minute cap – 9+5, 75# and 1 Abmat. Definitely need to work on the snatch. My form was all over the place. Thanks for the queues, Max. Definitely have to remember to reset my back with each one. When Bode turns 2 I am going to crush this!

  12. BODE:
    23:35 Rx
    HBD little dude! : )

  13. Annmarie

    Bode: 19:38, 40#snatch, hspu w/1-45#,1-mat

    Happy 1st Birthday Bode! Can’t believe how quickly the year went!

  14. Eugene

    Bode – 22:46 Rx

    Nice to see the litte guy today cheering us on…happy bday!

  15. Chad M

    Happy birthday Bode!

    Bode. 25.10. (About 6 minutes off my PR but it’s the first time I’ve been inverted in more than 5 months. I broke each set but I did them all.)

    • It was so exciting to see you do HSPUS again!!! I know you have a distance to travel to get back where you were, but you’ll get there! No doubt.

  16. Rachel E

    Bode: 16:58 with 55# snatches to start, quickly switched to 65# front squats bc of hand tears. 1-2 abmats throughout. Basically I was a hot mess today but couldn’t miss this one! Happy birthday, little Bode!! We love you! : )

  17. Maureen B.

    Bode: 25:10 50# and two abmat hspu

    Happy Birthday Bode!! You’re so adorable I can’t take it

  18. Doole

    Happy Birthday Bode!

  19. Happy birthday Bode! Honored to be part of your CFNE family!

    Bode: 22:21 (40#; hspu w/mat & 45# plate)

  20. Baby Bode: 18:28
    12 rds
    11 35# snatches
    11 sit ups

    Glad I listened to my body today and took it easy on the shoulder. Next time I will go 40 or 45# snatch. Lots of post WOD work with the crew today :-D

    HSPU are my biggest goat to date…I’m getting after you!

  21. Kevin G

    Bode: 28:45 (inverted box push ups, 65#)

  22. Greg D

    Bode: 10+3 Rx (35:00 time cap)



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