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Spice Night (aka Caribou Lou)
10 Rounds
12 Pullups
12 Burpees

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Another day at the bar.

Another day at the bar.

From the Members…

Taken from a post on Heather’s Naughty Nooners Blog…

Hey Nooners,

Allow me to make an analogy to drive a point on how lucky we are.

Imagine a corporate job where you managed a team of amazing young leaders and on a month that corporate HQ and the public will be watching and judging their performance – you decide to ask them to double their workload.
Corporate suicide? Not if you are a confident motivator, planner, coach that can ask for more. Great leaders in history have asked and received more from their team in scenarios like this one.

Think about it now from a CFNE standpoint. All our coaches are preparing for the regionals next week. All eyes will be on them and their performance. Yet, each are creating a unique transformatioanl program like NaughtyNooners for their class and making us all stronger and happier. At a time when I would totally understand less service to the customer – us – they are doubling down to help us transform ourselves.

I travel to other boxes and even today spoke to Rick who was back from NC. Their are thousands of other boxes out there but few that are as concerned and devoted to their members wellness as CFNE. Can’t wait to put my red shirt on and drive to Canton next week and scream with pride.