Friday 5.10.13

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Spice Night (aka Caribou Lou)
10 Rounds
12 Pullups
12 Burpees

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Another day at the bar.

Another day at the bar.

From the Members…

Taken from a post on Heather’s Naughty Nooners Blog…

Hey Nooners,

Allow me to make an analogy to drive a point on how lucky we are.

Imagine a corporate job where you managed a team of amazing young leaders and on a month that corporate HQ and the public will be watching and judging their performance – you decide to ask them to double their workload.
Corporate suicide? Not if you are a confident motivator, planner, coach that can ask for more. Great leaders in history have asked and received more from their team in scenarios like this one.

Think about it now from a CFNE standpoint. All our coaches are preparing for the regionals next week. All eyes will be on them and their performance. Yet, each are creating a unique transformatioanl program like NaughtyNooners for their class and making us all stronger and happier. At a time when I would totally understand less service to the customer – us – they are doubling down to help us transform ourselves.

I travel to other boxes and even today spoke to Rick who was back from NC. Their are thousands of other boxes out there but few that are as concerned and devoted to their members wellness as CFNE. Can’t wait to put my red shirt on and drive to Canton next week and scream with pride.




  1. It’s Bradley if you throw in 100 meter sprints before the pullups and burpees, each round. Not that I’m suggesting that…..

    • “Spice Night” ?

    • Eugene

      Dating myself, but it was called Caribou Lou first, and then changed to Spice Night. And it’s 10 rounds of 12 burpees/12 pullups.

      • Colleen (OC)

        Good call Eugene- Caribou Lou was one of my first WODs at CFNE!

  2. Bode: High five me with that computer cursor hand you just ran over me

  3. denise sullivan

    dan–very well said-we are so so lucky

  4. Lori and Eugene WINNERRR WINNERRSSS

  5. Doug Eisenstein

    19:20 Rx
    I may have finished at 17:40 but did 1 more round because I wasn’t sure.
    It was inspiring watching the B team prepare this morning too.
    Great job coaching Harry.

  6. Andrew Ho

    Eugene’s Revenge: 24:11 Rx (first time)

    Still have tons of work to do with the shoulders, but a few months ago I wouldn’t have sniffed this many burpees and pull-ups. I’ll take it.

    Also, shout out to the best head knock I’ve had in a while. Thanks Big Mike!! I would rather smack heads with no other man.

  7. Tricia D

    Spice night: 16:23 (small green bd 6 pu)

    That was def spicey. Still feel a little sick to my stomach.

    Thanks for the help with modification, Harry, and great coaching as always.

    Competitors, great job and you def motivated me to keep going – your workout made ours look easy! Looking forward to cheering you on in a couple of weeks!

  8. Andy M

    Spice Night: 16:28 (3:28 PR)
    Pull ups all straight sets but burpees killed me.

  9. Spice Night: 18:49 with blue band PU.

    Thanks for the warmup outside Harry. Love the fresh air in the morning.

    • Heather O

      Great job with the workout and that thin band girl! :) Have a great weekend!

  10. Heather V.

    Spice Night: 16:11 Rx
    Love seeing the teams get after it this morning! So pumped to cheer u on! Keep up the great work!

  11. Greg D


    5:30 AM Mayhem Shirt v 2.0 Sign-up:

    Please sign up for shirts if you are interested in them because I donโ€™t anticipate ordering extras. Iโ€™ll have the post up the rest of this week and will be ordering on Monday.

  12. Heather O

    Happy Friday everyone! Amazing job with this real spicy workout this am, everyone who did this with a thin band or Rx is a true inspiration to me!!
    Spice Night: 17:31 with 6 pull-ups per round on the thinner black band. So that’s the good news that I am down a band size, the bad news however is that they are sort of a hot mess with band kipping! Def need to work on this daily! But looks like my daily push-ups are helping with the upper body strength! :)

    Great warm up and coaching Harry! Loving this gorg weather!
    And also incredible job this am competitors! You all amaze me! Best of luck next weekend. :)
    Have a great day and weekend everyone!

    • Tricia D

      Great job today, Heather! CONGRATS on moving down on the band!!!!!!

      • Michelene

        Awesome job today guys! It felt like the WOD that wouldn’t end for me today. Great times!!

    • Heather O

      Thanks ladies! :-)

  13. Colleen (OC)

    Spice Night: 20:52 Rx.

    I tore my right hand in the 6th round. Kept going on the 7th, but before my 8th round of pullups, I asked Harry what I should do. He told me to do pull ups on my fingertips. Yeah, that’s not easy! After I took off the tape, I noticed I tore my left hand too. All burpees on my knuckles (left wrist sore lately) so not only did I tear both hands, I also have giant rips in my knuckles, even though I did burpees on a mat! The shower was fun this morning…

    MUCH faster next time!

    • Heather O

      Great job today Colleen! I hope your hands and wrists get better soon!

    • Harry

      Way to plow through that Colleen! I know that wasn’t easy towards the end, but it’s great to have a full WOD time. With 24 pullups left, way to finish strong.

    • Tricia D

      Holy smokes, OC, I saw you doing burpees on your knuckles and your bloody-handed pullups. Jeeeeeezzzzus, girl, way to finish!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Colleen (OC)

        Or as Todd said, “What is wrong with you? Why did you keep going?” Um, I only had 3 rounds left!?!

    • Sarah S.

      You’re badass OC!

    • Michelene

      Way to get through it!!

    • rich t

      dedicated – mentally and physically

    • Colleen (OC)

      Thanks guys. I was just channeling my inner Mel Ockerby!

    • Rachel E

      Way to push through, OC!! I switched to fingertips too and now have blisters there — just baby calluses in the making, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Rick W

      Might try this: First let your hands heal. Next buy a bag of disposable razors. Once a week or so – shave the dead skin off your hands. It takes about 5 minutes and goes a long way to preventing tears. Good job getting through it!

    • Heather V.

      U should have wore your “choose the wrench” shirt today!

    • Andy M

      Yeah, saw the knuckle push ups too, I thought you were just trying to make it more difficult for yourself.

    • Susan Stein

      Way to persevere, great job!

    • Alison

      Ouch. Way to keep going.

  14. Big Mike

    Spice Night: 22:01
    Pucking full-ups.

    • Dan T

      I was thinking the same thing about those furpees. Check your time there Mike – either you or I may have our time wrong as there were only a few of us still at this in the post 22min range and I didn’t see you left or right of me….either way – this caribou had some fight in it.

  15. Dan T

    Spice Night: 22:01

    Great 0530 Harry. Also Harry – pasting below the link to the story of the last Doolittle Raider reunion I referenced earlier. I know there are others in the box with an interest in military history – this story is well told in Craig Nelson’s book – First Heroes. Might be an excellent add to a summer reading list for those w/ an interest.

    Have a great day all.


  16. Andy L

    Spice Night: 21:30

    This was tough but I think I psyched myself out a little. I look forward to doing this again and keeping a better pace throughout. sub 20 next time for sure! see y’all tomorrow!

  17. John G

    Spice Night – 16:32 rx

  18. Katrina

    Spice night 19:27rx

  19. Spice Night: 17:47 Rx (3:16 PR)

  20. Craig B.

    Spice Night: 11:25 ish

  21. Rick W

    Spice Night โ€“ 16:37 rx
    3X10 Ab Weeels

  22. Jen W

    Spice Night: 21:49 (5 pull ups per round)

  23. Rachel E

    Spice Night: 18:53 (6 rounds Rx, then tore hands and switched to 35# KBS)

  24. Sarah S.

    Spice Night: 17:40 Rx. First time doing this one.

    So psyched to see our competitors working out this morning. Very impressive and inspiring!

  25. John S.

    Spice Night: 13:18 (Scale 1: 6 burpees, 6 pullups)

  26. Chris M.

    Spice Night – 15:05 Rx’d

  27. Jen W

    Oh – and I called this “Spice Rack” in my WOD book.

    • Harry

      Spicey nonetheless!

    • Jen W

      I also dreamt last night that we did this WOD with the pull ups in & at the edge of a pool and the burpees on the side. I think I would. Have preferred that.

  28. laura c

    Took my alloted rest day (since I did death by burpees yesterday!) and walked the dog but then get jealous reading the posts……that is just crazy:)! Im jealous over torn hands and feeling nauseaus..

    I also did 5 sets of 10 ring rows (on my new rings on my swing set ) and 10 air squats – abs too sore from Annie yesterday and my 150 plus burpess I did!

  29. cool

  30. marissa

    spice night: 24 something… not my day … very slow and did the second half of PUs with the skinny blue band. moving on…….

    extra work: 400m prowler push (who invented this? it’s awful)

    happy weekend and happy mother’s day to all the hot mamas!

  31. Michelene

    Spice Night: 20:50 (sm. band PUs) I think I was the last one done even with my scaling! Any place else I would have felt like the fat kid who got picked last at gym but not at CFNE. I felt nothing but encouragement to get through it by my fellow 5:30am-ers, so thank you, it worked. THAT is why I love this gym!

    • Heather O

      AMAZING work today girl! You were doing so incredible on those pullups! :-)

    • Tricia D

      Great job finishing that today!! That’s so true, you really have to love this place. When is your husband joining – it’s only a matter of time :).

    • Nice job. Impressive work today!

  32. rich t

    Spice Night – 26:05 (8 rounds)

    PUs cycle time are very slow. singles most of the way. Harry swept me with two rounds to go. 96 PU and burpees are okay by me.

  33. dennis

    Spice Night 19:38, much slower than last time…..of course, the rest room break in middle didn’t help…

  34. Boogie nights 18:41
    very scary

  35. Spice night modified: 14 something. Did 12 regular push ups and 6 strict pull ups per round for 10 rounds. That was 120 push ups total and I held myself to a high standard…..tough upper body workout.

  36. michelle

    Spice night: burpees w 200 m runs 16:43

  37. Susan Stein

    Spice Night: 18:46 (green band pull ups)

    Got my first unassisted pull up before the WOD. Kevin was there to witness! Woot! Woot!

    Happy birthday Terri! So fun being a naughty nooner with you!

  38. Spice Night: 14:46 Rx
    Pull ups= Yes Burpees = No

  39. Spice Night: 13:55 12 burpees/6 pu’s per round

  40. Rich P

    Volunteer Opportunity – Fundraising Opportunity

    Next Friday and Saturday is Reach the Beach Massachusetts, a 200 mile running relay from Wachusett Mountain to Westport. The race has 36 designated legs and at the transition between each leg the race has a transition area set up. These transition areas are staffed by voluneers, usually from some non-profit group, and in exchange, the race makes a donation to that organization. This year we have come up a little short in getting organizations to volunteer so I need some help.

    I am in charge of a transition area in Southboro on Friday the 17th. We’ll be there from 3:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. or when the last team comes through. We need 4-6 adult volunteers there for the duration. People can take shifts as long as there are 4-6 there at all times. It’s easy work… basically just directing traffic, helping with scoring, and helping to give directions to runners. If CFNE could get some people together to do this, the race could make a donation to the charity of the group’s choice. Please either reply here if you think you could help or email me at baseballdad4rjp at gmail dot com. I realize this is the first day of regionals, but if people weren’t going to go there Friday and could help it would be great.


  41. Ashley R

    Spice Night: 18:18 RX Felt slow- like I still had Andrea on my back from the partner carry!! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!

    BTW- 8:30 am’ers. If you are looking for the sweet potato crinkle cut fries at Stop and Shop- I seriously just got the last bag! Thanks for the tip Maura!!

  42. Melinda

    Spice Night: 22:00 RX.

    Good to hang in there with you Deb R during this!

    + 400m prowler push
    And Marissa, we are at a whole new level in our relationship after the buddy carry..Nice job 9:30….!

    • Deb R

      I wish I could have kept going with you….you are amazing! Hope your hand heals quickly!

  43. Deb R

    Spice Night: 24:24 Rx until 7th round and had to switch to ball slams because I ripped both hands. It’s all good!

    • Deb R

      oh forgot the 400m prowler push cash out. Worst than the sound of nails on a chalkboard!

  44. Spice Night – 17:28
    I really enjoyed this WOD. Nice to bang out the pull-ups without any shoulder issues.
    I look forward to another Spice Night again soon.

    Post WOD –
    1. Nice easy 1 miler with the 8:30’ers
    2. 200 DUs – not my best day
    3. Jerk work – 10 x 5 – really working on improving form before going heavy.

  45. Eugene

    Caribou Lou – 16:48 (still hating pullups)

  46. Lynne Mc

    Spice night 22 something but only 4 full rounds then ripped hands. all the way across palm on left hand and persevered but couldn’t grip the bar. Then burpees and ball slams with 20# ball then when burpees too hard on my wee girly hands MDV suggested sit ups and ball slams for 2 more rounds so I think I may only have done 8 total. But with the partner carry and the prowler push cash out I think I’m ok with my achievements for the day. Anyhoo, my pull ups were getting good before the rips so that’s good. Phew, long post/confession today!

    • Kathy

      Your pull-ups looked awesome today!

      • Lynne Mc

        Thanks Kathu! I won’t be doing any for a while judging by the state of my hands!

  47. Sonia

    Well said Dan.
    My red shirt is not used to workout anyomore,but saving it for special occacions like May 17-19 in Canton, followed by The Home Depot Center in July. Can’t wait to watch all tear it down!

  48. Jared S

    Spice Night: 11:17 rx so damn sore right now from yesterday and today although the male childbirth stretch from the naughty nooner mobility section seemed to work wonders.

  49. sarah wilson

    Spice N: 18:50. Tore my hands and didn’t even know it because pain was equally distributed throughout the body. Without doing the math, I thought Spice Night would take about nine minutes. As I said to John of 6;30 am fame, it was like walking into Organic Chemistry when you thought you’d registered for Music 101.


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