Thursday 5.9.13

Sniped 'em through the ring!

Sniped ‘em through the ring!

Pumped Up Game Changer
Deadlift (275, 205)
Box Jump (30, 24)

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We call him...Spike.

We call him…Spike.

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  1. Matty Noits

    Birmingham Radison Blu gym. UK

    Baseline. 5:15
    500m Row
    40 Squats
    30 Situps
    20 Pushups
    10 Pullups

    Added 1 mile run

  2. Greg D

    Pumped Up (permanent condition) Game Changer: 6:17 (205#)


    5:30 AM Mayhem Shirt v 2.0 Sign-up:

    Please sign up for shirts if you are interested in them because I don’t anticipate ordering extras. I’ll have the post up the rest of this week and will be ordering on Monday.

    • Dan T

      Great time there Greg

    • Heather O

      Thanks for organizing and ordering these Greg and amazing job at your comp last weekend too! :)

  3. Doug Eisenstein

    6:11 at 215#
    I think I wrote the wrong # on the whiteboard, I didn’t Rx it.

  4. pumped up/lightened up: 4:48 Did 10-8-6 strict pull ups and 21-15-9 of 24″ step ups
    Cash out: 1000 meter row moderate pace–4:30 and Tabata sit ups and Tabata push ups

  5. Dan T

    PUGC: 13:08 205#

    Great to be in the box after week on the road. Thanks for the coaching on the pull-ups Harry. There slowly coming along. Like all of our movements its neurological and reptition is key. I defintely felt the weightlssness on the return you were referencing.

    Have a great day all.

  6. Chad M

    Pumped Up Game Changer (@225) 9.40

  7. Heather V.

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 7:56 @ 175#
    Slow and steady…protecting the back.

    After Party: 3×10 t2b’s consecutive, some HSPU’s, and MU attempts.

  8. Braatz

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 7:58 (205#)

    Watch out for that first box jump… it’s a doozy (after 21 heavy dead lifts).

  9. Heather O

    Happy Day Before Friday everyone! Sad I missed the deadlifts this am as they are my favorite lifting move but I want to keep up with my running too (still have yet to figure out a good run/cf schedule that I can stick with each week, but maybe someday Ill get it). On the bright side though I was so happy to run outside in just a tshirt and shorts this morning! Feel so much lighter without so many layers on! :)
    Mobility and 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups then a 4 mile run in 36:53. :)
    I hope everyone has a great day and I look forward to seeing some of you in the morning! :)

  10. Colleen (OC)

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 7:42 with rowing for calories instead of deadlifts (back and hand issues). Attempted thrusters instead of the DLs but I had a lot of pain in my left hand when I cleaned it up, so Harry switched me to rowing. I’m a hot mess this week.

    Afterparty: Sets of 10’s and 5’s toes to bars, thanks for the tips on stringing together (or not!) the kipping t2bs Harry.

  11. Big Mike

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 5:50 (225#)

    I let Eugene down when I de-loaded my bar. Came in fully expecting to do this Rx. When I couldn’t move the 275 (my 20 rep max weight) I quickly ceded control to the practical part of my brain. Proceeded to go unbroken on the first set so there is more capacity there and perhaps next time with some warm up…Rx.
    Great job Eugene….pound for pound, inch for inch….jumping to half your body height…

    • Eugene

      Thanks for the push in the end. Although I have to say I’m a touch taller than the 60″ you reference…not by much, but hey, I need every inch I can get!

    • sarah wilson

      lots of hating on the little people this week

  12. David N

    Pumped Up Game Changer

    8:30 at 185# good to be back at 5:30am after some time away.

  13. Amy B

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 6:43 (175#)
    Good weight I think for where I’m at but maybe could have cycled a little faster on box jumps. Next time.

  14. Big Mike

    All Masters!
    Not sure who is signed up and there still might be space but the 2nd Annual Ocean State Master’s Throwdown is just around the corner. Competition season is here, and whether you realize it or not, we are doing a lot of the same work that our defending Northeast Region Crossfit Games teams are doing so YOU ARE ready to compete. This was a great event and last year we had 30+ participants. Anyone over 40 qualifies as a Master and last year CFNE took home a bunch of hardware.
    I’ve added a sign in sheet below and a link to the registration. If you are coming and can bring something go ahead and add it to the list. We will all be coming off of the nutrition challenge so save your cheat beers for after the event!
    Last year we scheduled a couple of pre-comp coaching sessions with MDV so indicate on the sheet if you would like to sign up for that and I will try to coordinate some times.

    Registration Link

  15. Rick W

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 8:25 @ 235#

    5X10 Butterflyish pullups
    5X20 Pushups

  16. michelle

    Pumped up game changer: 185#. 8:32
    Love the 8:30

  17. Chris M.

    PUGC – 7:36 Rx’d
    … nowhere to hide on this one …

  18. Patti Jeanne

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 5:37 with 135# and step ups.
    Totally different resting taking a breath at the top of the deadlift instead of the bottom!!! Wow so much easier to hold my lumbar curve. My back is so happy!! Great coaching (as always) Ben.
    3X10 push ups
    1000 meter row cool down

  19. Annmarie

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 6:18, DL 135#, 20″ box jumps

  20. Ron R

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 8:38 at 185#
    Need better form on DLs. I am learning that this all about efficiency! Very happy with box jumps considering 30″ seemed impossible a few months ago.

  21. Eugene

    PUGC – 8:11 Rx
    Chad fixed my back 2 years ago, and it held up!

  22. PUGC: 7:31 205# 24″

  23. Justin E

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 7:12 Rx

  24. Pumped Up Game Changer: 6:28 (135#, 24″ BJ)

  25. Wendy H. (aka Mrs. Big Mike)

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 8:37 (105# and 17″)

    Happy I came and thanks to Harry for giving the c-c-c-c-ourage to go with box jumps.

    • laura c

      nice job Wendy – you can do the 20″ – next time!

  26. Susan Stein

    Pumped Up GC: 4:56 (110#, 20″ step ups) My legs are shot.

    Cash out: 400m prowler push (thanks for doing this with me John!), 100 ab mat sit-ups (not for time), pull up work

  27. Laura c

    I cheated on cfne today and went with a friend to my old gym which has recently changed over to a cf box. Crossfit union in Sudbury. Very very new and mbers wanted boot camp but my vote made em to the cf wod….

    So…. Annie (again): 1/2 DU and su rx: 8:26… But a 30 second pr from a week ago… Strung a few DU in a row for first time EVER!

    Then a 2 min rest and the coach and I started “death by burpees” (other 3 ppl still struggling with Annie)… We both got to round 16 and dnf last 2 burpees.

    Worked on butterflies with them… They were itching to help ppl who were crossfitters. Nice “kids”.. They could literally be my sons… They use to goto cfne also.

  28. Deb R

    PUGC: 5:21 120# DL, 20″ Box jumps

    Extra work: 4x300m row

  29. PUGC: 7:11 (255#). 30# increase and 30 sec PR from January.

    Post WOD:
    1. 2k row (moderate)
    2. 200 DUs – making progress
    3. Satan’s Trike – 100 calories (1 min hard, 1 min easy till I got to 100 cals)

  30. Rich P

    Ran ~3.5 miles, not timed, just faster than comfortable pace. Bunch of stretching.

    There are not enough words to thank my achilles for letting me run 3 times in the past week. There is no happier place for me than zoning out and putting one foot in front of the other. Yes, I’m weird.

  31. Pumped up modified: 5:05
    21-15-9- 14# wb to target/24’bj:

  32. Rasheed

    Pumped Up Game Changer – 5:37 Rx

  33. Krystle

    Pumped up game changer: 8:41(135# rest RX)

  34. Pam H

    PUGC: 6:13 (105#; not sure height of box jumps – all of the blue boxes were taken so I used the white and black angled-box thing instead)

    SO glad to be back!!! I was on vacation for a week (we took the kids to DC over spring break), then I started a new job right after that so it’s been a month!!! Yikes. Feels great to be back with the nooners!

  35. Kevin G

    Pumped Up Game Changer – 5:57 (185# and 24 box) Could have gone heavier on the DLs but form was a concern.

  36. Melinda

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 6:50 (195#)

    + some light rowing and HSPU with group.
    Nice to hang with the Nooners today!

  37. Susan Celli (Subie)

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 5:49 (125#)

  38. Curt V.

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 11:09 (205#)

  39. Jared s.

    Pumped Up Game Changer: 6:48 (225#) egh deadlifts
    Tabata Handstand holds
    Reverse Tabata L Sits

  40. Sara C

    PUGC: 5:28, 125#, 24″ step-ups. My time was too fast…I should have gone heavier. But it did feel nice to fly through a WOD for once! So it’s all good.

    • Sara C

      Cash out (bonus work!): 400m prowler push in the pouring rain with Rachel D. Now THAT was interesting!

  41. Pumped Up Game Changer: 11:44 (275#, 24″)

  42. Pumped Up Game Changer – 6:41 Rx

    Post WOD:
    2×10 225# DLs – felt light after the 275#
    Tabata handstand holds – 8 x 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off

  43. Rick K.

    Pumped Up Game Changer (@185 and 24” box jumps) 7:01

    Ben, great to see you.

    Heather & Matt, thanks for the pointers during the WOD. The coaching at CFNE is exactly what I miss down south!

  44. Pumped Up Game Changer: 8:25 (205#)

  45. Pumped Up Game Changer: 6:06 (115#)

  46. Big Bri

    “Pumped Up Game Changer” – 6:14 Rx’d (1:31 PR)

  47. LEARD

    Pumped Up Game Changer 9:31 RX’d

  48. Christian

    PUGC – 8:05

    Deads Rx
    Box Jumps 24″ (missed my first attempt at 30″ really badly so I flipped my box down to 24″)

    Amie was flying!!

  49. Kristen P

    PUGC: 135#, 24″ 7:59. This one was sloooow for me. DL’s felt heavy from start.

  50. PUGC 6:24 135#, 24″ box. Slow but steady – tried to really think about setting my back.


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