Tuesday 5.7.13

CrossFit Reebok St. Thomas.

Reebok CrossFit St. Thomas.

100om Row
50 Thrusters (45)
30 Pullups

Post Score to Comments.

Latin America regional competitor and friend of CFNE, Conor Murphy.

Latin America regional competitor and friend of CFNE, Conor Murphy. The plate is from NH, with an American Flag, and honors ‘MURF’…


  1. Sara C

    Jackie: Either 13:15 or 14:15, Rx. Either a 45 second PR, or 15 seconds off my PR.

  2. dave mc

    Jackie 7:20 Rx

  3. Jackie 8:38 – Last did this one in August 2011. First workout in 12 days back then.
    Today I chopped two 2+ minutes off that time and the idea of 12 days off seems silly to me in 2013.
    And yes I will be next going to sign up for the Ocean State throwdown in a return to my home state and the land of the big blue bug, the Ghiorse Factor, Dels Lemonade and Stuffies!

  4. Kristin R

    Jackie – 13:45. 35# thrusters. :45 slower than last time but with a much higher chin-above-bar hit rate on the pull-ups.

  5. Jackie – 10:33 (pr by 00:14)

  6. Big Bri

    “Jackie” – 6:57 Rx’d

    Snatch 3 X 1 @155#

    Clean & Jerk 3 X 1 @195#

    Front squat 3 X 1 @235#

  7. Kevin G

    Jackie: 10:12

  8. Jackie: 8:50- in Denver CO at Jo lo crossfit. All I can say us holy altitude.
    After – 3×3 front squats 135-185
    3×3 overhead press 115-135

  9. Jen W

    Jackie: 12:49 Rx

    First time doing this one. Nowhere to go but faster.

  10. Jackie: 12:42 Rx
    A much needed PR (46 seconds)….with thanks to Ali and Geoff for the push/encouragement.

  11. Kristin B.

    Jackie: 12:45. Ali suggested scaling pullups to 20 (I wanted to halve them, ha), which was a good idea, especially after my hand rip from yesterday ripped worse. Ouch. Next time, RX for sure.

    Haven’t done Jackie since 6/28/12 where I did 1/2 the thrusters and jumping PUs in 12:34. What a difference a year makes.

    8x200m runs and 75 situps before class, 50 push ups after class.

  12. Jackie: 10:22 Rx

  13. Steve D

    5/7/13 – Jackie 9:22 RX
    4/18/13 – Jackie 11:11 RX

    Big thanks to Jeff, Casey and Max for the extra motivation!

  14. LEARD

    Jackie 8:37 RX Great class tonight at 5:30 pm.

  15. Patrick

    Bench – 3×5 @170
    Push ups- 22,30,20,20,22. 2 min rest in between sets
    Strict Pull ups- 5×6

    Got the okay from surgeon to ditch the crutches. Still in boot for another 2-3 weeks, but progress.

  16. Mike R

    Jackie: 8:07 Rx (:37 PR from 4/18/13)

  17. Andrew Ho

    Jackie (first time): 8:51 Rx

    Gotsta work on them pull-ups…

  18. Corey

    Jackie: 12:20rx
    First time
    Thanks to ali for being the voice that overshadowed the negative thoughts.

  19. 5K run benchmark,24:32, Jackie 9:08 RX. 20 seconds off PR … want to try this again at the end of the month, with fresh legs.

  20. Maureen B.

    Jackie: 12:29 – Not a PR, but ran a mile before class and couple cash out workouts with some naughty 6:30pmers after 😉 Yay tank top tuesday

  21. Jackie: 9:45 RX

  22. Amanda S.

    Jackie: 9:31 Rx (1:08 PR over 4/18/13)

    Even better PR than I thought! Tried to focus on doing singles and getting right back on the bar for the pullups. That seemed to help a lot!

  23. 12:42

    Feels good to be back after being on the road to NYC shooting last week and a non-paleo overdose of craft service treats :)

  24. Jackie: 10:45 RX lost count on thrusters at one point tho, may have shorted 3-5 reps.

  25. Brian L

    Jackie- 8:12 pr

  26. Jackie: 10:21 (35#)

  27. Brian L

    Jackie-7:17 (55 sec pr)

    squat clean, front squat, jerk- 215

    3 rep front squat-215


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